Casio G-SHOCK watches are renowned for being the toughest watches in the populace. Its list says it all — a condense abbreviation for Gravitational Shock. That being said, while their watches will likely survive the extreme mistreat you might put it through ( but why ? ), they should besides be well taken caution of, for they are some of the most finely, elaborately produced pieces in the industry, on top of the fact that they are besides limited version collectables .
What is probably the independent draw of this watchmaking brand is its relatively attractive price-point. Falling somewhere between luxury juggernauts like Richard Mille, Rolex, Patek Philippe and high-performance innovative brands like Rado, Oris, and the Seiko Group. Their latest novelties for this year marks a adjacent pace up in building upon their signally tough watches, with established artisans, technological discovery, and tasteful aesthetics coming into dally to make their offerings a must-have for every horology geek. Don ’ thyroxine believe me ? Check them out in further detail below .

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The flowery design of the MR-G SHOUGEKI-MARU BY SAMURAI KABUTO ( MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru ) is inspired by the traditional kabuto helmet worn by japanese Samurai. The detail bezel design is said to be individually hand-carved by master metalsmith Masao Kobayashi and is treated with special dyes by celebrated craftsman Masanao Kikuchi to create its singular aged and rugged appearance .
With merely 400 of these watches available worldwide, those who appreciate the master craft of japanese artisans will have to move fast to get their hands on one of these !
For those specially cutting watch folks who understand every jargoon on watches, here are foster details of this watch as follows :

The MTG-B1000VL ’ s show-stopping rainbow ion-plated bezel, constructed from a combination of alloy and resin, is meant to evoke the frighteningly beautiful colours of volcanic lightning. As part of G-SHOCK ’ randomness latest addition to their shock-resistant watches, this watch delivers on formidability while besides boasting advance features like smartphone connectivity and solar-powered radio control condition .
For those particularly acute watch folks who understand every jargon on watches, hera are far details of this watch as follows :

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Presenting G-SHOCK ’ sulfur luminary brand initiation while maintaining the inheritance of their best-selling first model, the GMW-B5000CS features a grid design resembling a time-wrap burrow as a ocular metaphor connecting the trade name ’ s past to the future. This latest addition to this year ’ s line-up besides features a brand-wide debut of a watch with full alloy construction .
This imaginative neo-futuristic design — that resembles the aesthetic cues from Zaha Hadid ’ s groundbreaking architecture, is separate of the brand ’ s ongoing mission to elevate the standards of style and serve. And its big eloquent lines was forged by applying bootleg ion plating finishes to the bezel, bans, and warp surfaces, while bringing out an underlying color schema using a laser to carve out its intricate latticed model .
For those particularly bang-up watch folks who understand every jargon on watches, here are far details of this lookout as follows :

The countdown begins with All Systems Go, as Casio G–SHOCK pays court to NASA, with a custom-made DW5600NASA20-7CR timepiece, honouring distance exploration efforts and groundbreaking discoveries. The timepiece arrives in all-white, with the NASA logo standing out in bright bolshevik on the determine confront and an engrave of the Moon on the case back .
Additional details for the new DW5600NASA20-7CR include the american flag printed on the band loop topology, ampere well as “ National Aeronautics and Space Administration ” printed in black on the lower band. The G-SHOCK timepiece boasts the stigmatize ’ s iconic square case shape and staple functions such as a Flash Alert and one-of-a-kind EL backlight that displays an image of the Moon within the digital display when light up .
For those particularly bang-up vigil folks who understand every jargon on watches, here are promote details of this watch as follows :

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