lonely Planet recommends Fujioto as a good initiation to the ryokan experience, because they speak good English and make the experience quite accessible for foreign tourists. I would agree. Although, the experience is still very japanese, their english is very good and all the other guests on the day of our visit were westerly. They tied change the bathe policy for Westerners and have you use the two big shared bathrooms by family, alternatively of by sex. This makes the process a bit slower but we were still able to wash up and have a immediate soak before dinner .

Our room was smaller than normal, in fact they gave us a 1000 ache discount per person. After filling out the registration card we were given a tour of the hotel. The two bathe rooms are located on first base deck but there are toilets on both floors .

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The large din board where they serve both dinner and breakfast is just across from a pretty garden. There is besides a smaller garden out presence .

The room is basic japanese – tatami mats, a humble shelve whole for the bantam television receiver and water boiler, clothes hanger in the corner and minor table with two chairs, not much else.

We were shown our yukata, the japanese dressing gown and encouraged to wear it to the bathtub and to dinner, which everyone did. It was curious to see a bunch of westerners all wearing jammies at a epicure dinner .

Kaiseki Dinner

The kaiseki dinner served promptly at 6PM is an 8 path matter, all finely prepared and presented .

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The appetizers were already laid out upon our arrival. The benignant master of ceremonies explains the items in well English. The spread included a local barbecued pisces and baby wasp, about the size and consistency of brown rice, flavored in a reasonably angelic sauce .

Next was very bracing sashimi, the menu said salmon but the stewardess explained that this was a farm fish, a cross between a rainbow and brown trout .

little dishes included local pickles, seasonal worker vegetables, tempura and a luminosity chicken broth.

The independent event, cooked at your table, was a Hoba-miso Shinshu gripe steak. cover girl, the beef flavorful and very crank .

To end the meal they serve a local favored, gohei-mochi – a awkward rice cake on a stay with a reasonably sweetly balmy sauce .

And for dessert a fleeceable tea mooch cake served with ice skim and very bracing apple slices. Everything was made with high choice flavorful ingredients and was one of the best kaiseki experiences of our tripper .

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breakfast was besides well executed and beautifully presented. The outspread is waiting for you at your choice of breakfast times : 7:30 or 8:00. Grilled local salmon /trout, sweetly japanese testis, pickled vegies, two kinds of mushroom, etc. and green tea. We didn ’ t ask about coffee as we brought our own moment to drink in the room, which I highly suggest doing if you are a coffee drinker .
September 24, 2017

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