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Affordable Brightening Products: Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner, $14 Contains: Niacinamide, Arbutin, Licorice Root At Ulta: Good Molecules Overnight Exfoliating Treatment, $6 Contains: Lactic, Glycolic, and Salicylic Acids At Ulta: Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10%+HA, $8 Contains Mandelic Acid, great for exfoliating and even skin tone In Ulta: Facetheory Exaglow Serum, $24 Contains: Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide, Licorice Root In FT: Geek & Gorgeous C Glow Serum, $10 Contains 15% L-Acid -ascorbic At G&G: INKEY List Tranexamic Acid Hyperpigmentation Treatment, $15 contains tranexamic acid, Acai Berry At Sephora: Touch Skincare Bright & Clear Cream, $23 contains: azelaic acid, niacinamide, kojic acid, tranexamic acid Touch (link not affiliate): my second channel, for random stuff that doesn’t fit here. ******* Podcast Links Apple – Google – Amazon – Spotify – RSS – ******** Sephora – Ulta – Geek and Gorgeous – Amazon – Yes Style – Style Korean – Drmtlgy – These are affiliate links yes buy anything in any of these stores using this link. No BS Beauty will make you a small commission for what you buy. ******** ******* My Patreon – ******* PayPal Tip Jar – If you want to tip… Thank you! *****

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Frugal Friday - Affordable Brightening Products
Frugal Friday – Affordable Brightening Products

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Frugal Friday – Affordable Brightening Products.

touch bright and clear cream.

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  1. Firkant 2 says:

    Unfortunately tranaxamic acid has not proven effective in a gel formula, suggesting oil is a necessary vehicle. I’m not sure how the inkeylist qualifies, since it does contain some squalane, but just something to keep in mind. Tranexamic acid seems to be effective in treating melasma in 2-5% concentration, in some emulsion and cream vehicles.

  2. Danika says:

    I did some investigating! From Sarah’s Patreon on April 18th:

    Hi guys – this is Cameraman writing, Sarah wanted me to update all of you on why no new videos have come out in a few days. That is because we caught covid. Sarah is a good 4 days into it and is dealing well except she's had migraines daily. We'll keep you posted but are hoping to be back to normal by next week.

  3. michel c says:

    If someone knows her personally, please let us know what happened.. i feel kind of worried! We miss and love u Sarah!

  4. Julia Angelina says:

    Hey lady, hope you’re ok! And if you aren’t, hope it gets better! You’re a down to earth, comforting voice in my day and I appreciate you!

  5. R Lim says:

    Thinking of you Sarah, Cameraman and pooches. 🥰🌹You mean so much to us. Wishing you well 🙏❤️

  6. Patricia Bonifaz says:

    Hi Sarah!! Looove your videos!! Please tell us what you though about the dr Cereucle vegan kombucha moisturizer… would loove to know what you think!

  7. Debbie R says:

    I agree! Hopefully you're just enjoying some well earned time off with family🙏Please, if anything is wrong, don't hurry back for us. Take the time you need. We WILL ALL be here when you're back🤗💗😘

  8. swineinny1 says:

    Hope all is well, Sarah. Hopefully, you just needed to take a brief break from us & nothing is wrong. You’ve become such an essential part of YouTube for me. You are very much missed!

  9. me says:

    i’ve used the inkey list tranexamic acid and the facetheory exaglow and just purchased the good molecules tranexamic acid. hoping the good molecules one works well or better than the others.

  10. BDet313 says:

    Ive used the exaglow serum and the Touch bright & clear cream. Both are great, but I like the Touch cream a little more 👍🏾

  11. Elias Zakharia says:

    Hi Sarah, is everything okay!?
    You haven't posted in nearly 2 days, I'm getting a little bit concerned
    R u ok? Is camera man ok? Lincoln and Ike?
    Or have you been busy with Easter!
    Please let us know 🥺❤️

  12. Diane Dynon says:

    Hi, thanks for all your informative video’s, wondering if you’ve ever heard of a newer product called One Skin, looks promising, but so does a lot of other product claims, another u tube influencer recommended it and I was wondering if you could check it out and tell us your thoughts, love your video’s!

  13. Leon Yu says:

    Would you try the APC 5% Cysteamine cream as a dupe for the expensive Cyspera cream? Cysteamine is proven to be as effective as hydroquinone but much safer.
    Just not sure if the dupe is well-formulated to be stable.

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