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“Mrs. Parker” from the 1995 film Friday played by Kathleen JoAnn Bradley.

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Friday - Ms Parker (1080p)
Friday – Ms Parker (1080p)

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Friday – Ms Parker (1080p).

kathleen bradley feet.

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26 thoughts on “Friday – Ms Parker (1080p) | Overview of the relevant contents kathleen bradley feet the most detailed

  1. yes yes says:

    damn whoever remastered this footage makes it look like it could have been shot today, removed the orange LA tint very well and added color to the scene

  2. tHE HECk says:

    I'll never forget that scene and Chris Tucker's so funny…
    To quote: "Daaaaaaamn! Miss Parker's finer than a muthafogger. I'll knock the dust off that possey".

  3. Sahara Coleman says:

    Lmfao there’s always that one person that’s gonna talk ish about you then smile in your face “Hey Girl!” 🤣😂

  4. Who Cares says:

    Funny thing is not only does Ms Parker not have grass but if you look you can see she also has a sprinkler system.

  5. Johnny Pereira says:

    Damn! The last time I seen a pair of jugs that big, two hillbillies were blowin on em! Haha

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