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Detox Foot Pads claim to visibly detoxify your body while you sleep. The patches are placed under the feet at bedtime. In the morning, depending on how toxic your body is, you may see black ooze covering these once white patches. So Glam Lab understands: are they really sane or just a hoax? —- See more eyewitness news – OUR SOCIAL MEDIA – FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SNAP: abc7ny PODCASTS: NEW HERE? – Hello! We’re abc7NY, aka Channel 7 on TV, home of Eyewitness News, New York’s #1 newscast. We hope you like us both on YouTube and on TV! NEW TIPS: Online: Phone: 917-260-7700 Email:

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Foot Detox Pads: Health or Hoax?
Foot Detox Pads: Health or Hoax?

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Foot Detox Pads: Health or Hoax?.

why do blondes wear shoulder pads.

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32 thoughts on “Foot Detox Pads: Health or Hoax? | Cover the information related to why do blondes wear shoulder pads the most complete

  1. Sava D. says:

    This is even worse than commercials itself. When people stop doing these things, we will live in a much better world. So you proved us that they work with this, right?

  2. Kathy Green says:

    I read somewhere that a red onion will draw the toxins out of the body if you use them on the bottom of your foot. Haven't tried it yet.

  3. Val Z says:

    you stupid b…. promoting hoax and scams that steal money from vulnerable people…. if you were just a bit, just a small itsy bitsy bit smarter and not that stupid,
    just a bit little educated you would use your youtube power for good cause….. too bad you r stupid or just ignorant evil who takes a bite from those people's pockets.

  4. maría c says:

    I remember trying these back in 2017. It never occured to me that the dark colour was due to toxins. I just thought they helped in general, and maybe (maaayybe) something extra would get out in the urine after wearing them at night. I never got to a conclusion, I just stopped using them because they do cost some money after all. But I still want to try them again some day.

  5. Anna Inspain says:

    She didn't show the pad before she put it on. Lots of things can turn black when exposed to air, body heat and sweat. My question is, what did it look like when freshly out of the package?

  6. Robert Talada says:

    This is irresponsible. Where is the journalism? Can we please speak to a doctor or a scientist or someone of repute?

  7. MA says:

    If you add water you will get the same results.. fyi your friend has a different foot shape to you and didn’t sweat on that part of the pad – the same happened to me.. but i then worked out a way to make it cover properly so my foot touched all the surface of the pad during the night. It all went black then. Pretty sure it’s just a chemical reaction to sweat, hence why water will do the same. Scam.

  8. Pleun Masselink says:

    Okay, if you guys read the description. It says that because of your feet sweating with the herbs in the patches you sweat out the toxins. The black colour is to see if you sweat a lot. So no those aren't toxins and your cousin maybe isn't a big sweater on her feat or she didn't put the patches on correctly. So yes if you put the patches under the water they will turn black, THOSE ARE NOT TOXINS

  9. Manilyn Landicho says:


  10. Charles Burns says:

    Yeah right. Never have I had a doctor mention these. Wouldn't toxins in your body show up in your yearly physical? They draw blood and test urine. Seems like they would catch something. Wonder if you put it on your face woulld you get the same results?😁

  11. Bendrago says:

    … Except it is medically and scientifically impossible that these pads, or similar products, would work … do educate yourself people.

  12. Phurpa Thongso says:

    I think people who used it just to check it out should comment honestly. Otherwise people who think they are smarter and ponder their views without any scientific lab test please keep silence.

  13. Rare Day says:

    Its not about the color change. The color may change due to moisture, but it does not mean the detox isn’t working

  14. grahvis says:

    Absolute bollocks, people who believe this sort of nonsense, would do better to learn how their body functions. That way they might stop being gullible suckers.

  15. Taylor Holden says:

    It's just moisture that turns it dark. Everyone has different levels of foot moisture so it's not that your cousin is healthier it's just that her feet didn't sweat as much as yours. This is a placebo effect only

  16. Grant Matiaha says:

    once they on the feet, your feet sweet and the moisture just makes whatever in the patch
    turn black.

  17. phroz says:

    First of all, these are the biggest scams this side of ear candling. Second of all, WHAT? You’re like 110 lbs. … ugh. Eyeroll. You’re fine. And these prove nothing.

  18. Dean Rojas says:

    Remember to put your health first I know we all do make mistake that’s why no one is perfect but thanks to Dr Oseghale Sunday Herbal Home because He freed me from the torment of HSV 1 /2, I was diagnosed for about 16years and when I got His herbal medicine I was cured after fourteen days.!

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