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Get Your Jeff Show Approved Fitish CBD Facial Mist: Get Your Jeff Show Approved Angry King Trucker Hat: (Embroidered in the USA by A-Line Apparel!) ► SUBSCRIBE ► ——– ———- The Jeff Show: Product Reviews: Daily Monday through Friday. Host: Jeff Galfer Co-Host: Pete Larney Music: “Good Friends” by Benson Ward misuse). *FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS! * OUR INSTAGRAM (@angrykingproductions) ► OUR TWITTER (@AngryKingProd) ► OUR FACEBOOK ► JEFF ► INSTA (@jeffgalfer) ► PETE ► INSTA (@peter_larney) ► JEFF IMDB ► PETE IMDB ► Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to The Jeff Show 1:28 Critical Analysis of The Jeff Show and Why the Ratings Are Bad 3:00 Pete Suggests Bringing a Model 3:52 Introducing Anna the Model 6:23 Jeff’s Modeling Story 7:23 Fitish Review CBD 9:08 Fitish CBD Spray Review 11:00 Self-congratulations

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Fitish CBD Facial Mist Review - The Jeff Show
Fitish CBD Facial Mist Review – The Jeff Show

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Fitish CBD Facial Mist Review – The Jeff Show.

cbd facial mist.

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13 thoughts on “Fitish CBD Facial Mist Review – The Jeff Show | Covered the most detailed cbd facial mist content

  1. Jim Paul says:

    Wow. Not only did I learn about a new product Fitish, I learned how charming models from other cultures can be! Don't listen to the haters. Hats off to you Jeff and all your team! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Jaysin P. Becker says:

    I've been on YouTube forever I rarely subscribe. Boom! This is the best thing on youtube. I was blown away by the Quilted Northern toilet paper review. I wanna be on your couch. I'm 47. On the autism spectrum. Fat. 330 lbs. I hate everything. EXCEPT YOU GUYS! So….. Let me know how you feel, or if you like me. That would be sweeeeeet! Kisses.

  3. Alec D says:

    Job well done Jeff! Another masterpiece of a review has been created by you. But I can't help but notice that your dog looks cold, I too have a dog and she too is cold. Could you please review some type of dog apparel or sweater so that I can know what to buy. I trust only your review Jeff.

  4. james kruse says:

    I really loved this week's episode of The Anna Show. Looks like it's Anna as host and Pete as co-host from now on.

  5. Drake D says:

    Wow. I was so distracted by the hot blonde lady this week that I totally didn't register a thing you said. She should be a model.

  6. AlexanderB says:

    I subbed even before this video/model, your advertisement worked in my opinion! Oh, also there was wayyyyy more nudity in her insta than I thought there would be.

  7. Burks Travel Videos says:

    Anna should be on every week! Forget bringing on Billie Eilish and keep Anna. Her dedication to giving the audience a realistic review of the products is how it should be done. None of those fake reviews like on Amazon. You can tell the product really works and fast. Order now! More episodes with Anna that is. LOL

  8. Levi Harbison says:

    Jeff once again you have reviewed another product flawlessly. But tell me something what is it like to wake up every morning and realize Pete will never truly be yours so long he is married to his wife. Crazy right?

  9. Ubette says:

    Another great review! (^-^)/ Anna should come on the show more, made Pete look alive for once lol. Keep up the great content Jeff!

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