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Ready to learn more about how you can avoid chargebacks with Chargeback Gurus? Schedule a demo with us here: Venmo debuted in 2009 as an app to facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) payments and surpassed 40 million people. It works by allowing users to fund their Venmo accounts with a bank account, debit card, or credit card, so that they can then transfer money with other Venmo users. Venmo payment recipients can transfer funds from their Venmo account to their bank account. As Venmo has grown in popularity in recent years, some merchants have decided to start accepting it as a payment method. Unfortunately, Venmo transactions can turn into chargebacks. Additionally, it is against Venmo’s Terms of Service for merchants to accept payments for goods and services under Venmo’s normal P2P system. Due to demand, integration with Paypal or Braintree allows merchants to accept payments directly from Venmo users. Unfortunately, wherever there are new ways to pay, scammers struggle to develop new ways to take advantage of these new systems. For Venmo, the most common type of fraud merchants could face would be a scammer using stolen payment information to open a Venmo account. It could also lead to chargebacks, which merchants should always guard against. For merchants, a general rule of thumb is to never accept customer payments through Venmo’s P2P payment system. Not only is this against Venmo’s Terms of Service, but there is no fraud protection for merchants in this system. The merchant portal also includes features such as CVV and AVS verification that merchants should use to protect themselves against fraud and chargebacks. Merchants experiencing a high volume of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions may choose to outsource chargeback management to a company like Chargeback Gurus, who can ensure lost revenue is avoided with expert knowledge and care. To see how Chargeback Gurus can help you, schedule a demo with us here: Read the article: ©Chargeback Gurus 2021 Producer: Emily Woodward Narration: Phil Claffey

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FAQ: Venmo Chargebacks
FAQ: Venmo Chargebacks

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FAQ: Venmo Chargebacks.

can you see who views your venmo profile.

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