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This Metaverse meme video is about Doomer trying to explain the Metaverse to his boomer father. Doomer is a successful virtual real estate broker after making a lot of money from the Decentraland altcoin. He invests his money in packages in the metaverse but his boomer father doesn’t understand how it works. Donations: 🔸Bitcoin/BTC: bc1qc30sew8h6llkvwku8kdgh95mp7ym5xrv39gw3u 🔸Ethereum/ETH: 0x7924D9A86042d6CFf721194e93D0a8F2BA89FCbe 🔸Cardano/ADA: addr1q955z6jp6tg0560sv4dnypvsur98qktjds0p46d3qkmlx8tfg94yr5kslf5lqe2mxgzepcx2wpvhymq7rt5mzpdh7vwsuhjt8x Make sure to message me when you donate to me so I can thank you personally. I greatly appreciate your donation and will use it in the crypto battle against the Bogdanoffs. All comments on my videos are welcome in the comments! I’m a new kid on the block who loves to create doomer, boomer, zoomer etc memes and it would be epic if I could one day be as awesome as Bizonacci, Dustin O’daffer or MillenniaThinker. Your feedback really helps me improve my meme animations. Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit: Music used: GRAF – Silver Audionautix – BrookersBlues Audionautix – Sneaky Snooper

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Explaining the Metaverse to a boomer
Explaining the Metaverse to a boomer

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Explaining the Metaverse to a boomer.

baby boomer nft.

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48 thoughts on “Explaining the Metaverse to a boomer | Summary of documents related to baby boomer nft most detailed

  1. mark38699 says:

    Metaverse is stupid. Charging for land? just stupid, I'll stick with my old school offline games thank you. They don't charge for anything

  2. Evan Perrine says:

    "Digital land"

    I think we already have something for that. What's it called? My… mine… mine…craft? If I remember right you can have all the digital land you could want in that game, without having to spend thousands of real dollars…

  3. Beater Bike Channel MFGA says:

    And you think meta won't use light spectrums that damage your retinas unless you pay for premium?

  4. Jesse Gelatnis says:

    You will eat bugs and live in pods plugged into the MetaVerse. You will own nothing. And you will be happy.


    To all Crypto Investor:
    Axie Infinity(Defi Game) is gonna pump in the next few months because of their upcoming update.Invest now. God Bless us all investors.

  6. Danny Benhur says:

    I never used to maintain physical cash, everything is in accounts and i pay money through payment apps, in 2015 a massive flood happened in my city, first power went out, internet stopped because massive clouds covered the city and all cell towers are down, phone traffic increased all phone lines were busy and there was still time to escape, but all ATM were drowned and all Banks were closed. So there's no way of having money, I couldn't pay money online because no internet. And since it was a crisis, after the rain stopped but city was still flooded with water, the price of milk increased 20 times, price of drinking water increased 15 times. But I didn't have money physically but had lot of money in accounts so i struggled a lot. My parents had some cash left with them and my father was like, u need to have at least some money in cash as it is more real, but having it in banks is real but still is a virtual number, and can't be accessible without internet. From then I started maintaining some cash with me.
    It's gonna be a hard time explaining to him about Bitcoin, NFTs and the meta verse.

  7. Malacai Vatheros says:

    Yeah, I can't help but agree with the boomer, this whole metaverse bs just seems like another second life or evo online but more corporate and disgusting.

  8. George Fan says:

    Imo this virtual land thing is only good for taking other idiot’s money when you buy it and sell it for double

  9. afohealt gechev says:

    I'm a millenial and I had almost the exact same talk with a zoomer few days ago. He was speaking exactly like this doomer but even more ridiculous to the point where he believed humans will start being born into VR. In reality this will be a failed glorified Second Life project.

  10. Kailey Hudspeth says:

    I'm curious to see what the next 10 years will be like. I don't have Facebook and barely touch my Instagram and Snapchat so, needless to say I'm not going to ever join the metaverse. I'm 28 and middle class so I'm probably one of their target demographics, but this shit legit terrifies me and also annoys me because of the arrogance it takes to assume the whole world really WANTS a zucc owned meta world.

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