My experience during this stay was outstanding. The property is new, clean, comfortable and kept in an excellent condition. The staff were impeccable and totally working together across different departments. You never had to repeat your request twice and each staff had a basic understanding of English you didn’t have to struggle to explain yourself.

Food at the different restaurants were also good, as with the massage. You literally do not need to leave the hotel if you are here for a short weekend.

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Places for improvement – it would be nice to have seating areas at the ground floor of each hotel block with a phone service to wait for the buggy or wait for house cleaning to be done. It would also good to have cozy shaded seating areas throughout the estate as well instead just at the reception block or beach side.

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The property is split between mountain side and beach side with a tunnel connecting the section, this broke up the seamlessness of the property. I think they attempt to be as wheelchair friendly as possible and offering buggy service for those who cannot walk much or climb stairs. However, the strange thing is that though there are handles and steps into the pool, there are steps without handles before getting into the pool area (with the beach side pool only offering a step free access).

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I totally enjoyed my stay and would recommend anyone to stay at this property.