2014-08-22-17-09-16_deco I last got around to putting this post together ! With everything that has been going on in my personal animation, typing up web log posts unfortunately doesn ’ t take priority. Well, This post is all about comparing the BB Creams in Etude House ‘ s precious Mineral occupation. This includes the Perfect Fit, Bright Fit, Cotton Fit, Blooming Fit, and Lock ’ N Summer all in the tad N02. Let me tell you, all the shades that are called N02 are different–and it ’ s frustrating. I ’ ve broken down the comparisons based on certain points and will summarize them by intersection at the end of the post .
For box, they ’ re all the same ( except for the cushion-type ). I ’ ve always been a fan of the pump containers–it makes intersection access very easy and hygienic. What I ’ ve noticed is that Etude House has redone the packaging so they all look alike to the Perfect Fit ( last pump BB Cream in the visualize below ). As for the cushion-type BB Cream, these are bang-up to throw in a udder for touch-ups or overnight stays .
This is where it gets…annoying. I ’ ve been buying the shade N02 for more than a few years and the shade is different every. Single. TIME. I remember the erstwhile All-Day Strong  being similar in shade to the Bright Fit BB Cream in terms of shade ( plausible since it was replaced by BF ). All the BB Creams were swatched on white composition in the image below. It is obtrusive that Bright Fit is the dark of the lot, having a little pink-beige undertone. Cotton Fit is the most pink-toned with Blooming Fit coming in a close second. Lock ’ N Summer is the lightest of the bunch when applied.

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Reading: [Comparison] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Creams

All of the BB creams differ for opacity and finishes. Bright Fit is the absolute of the bunch together ( preceptor ’ metric ton be deceived by the image below–it ’ sulfur way besides dark for me ) with Blooming Fit ( not pictured ) coming in a close second. Perfect Fit, with its “ double layer formula ” has the highest opacity of the bunch together. Cotton Fit has medium coverage landing it slap in the center of the opacity scale for the tube BB Creams. The Lock ’ N Summer any shock absorber has light-medium coverage. As for finishes, Cotton Fit is a liquid-to-powder formula that sets felt. Bright Fit, Perfect Fit, and Blooming Fit all stay slightly dewy but are well mattified with powderize. The Lock ’ N Summer any cushion, which is rainproof, retains a bedewed count even when powdered. It besides tends to settle into lines.
Oil Test
When testing the BB Creams on white newspaper, merely Blooming Fit ( left ) and Perfect Fit ( right ) gave off obtrusive vegetable oil fire after about an hour. As I have slightly buttery skin, I did not notice a deviation in the sum of oil on my face when wearing this merchandise. Granted, I tend to set my BB Creams with powder, but I didn ’ t have any strange issues ascribable to oil .

Individual Products

note : all tubed Etude House BB Creams contain SPF 30/PA++, Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening properties along with drop extracts for clear up .
Bright FitBright Fit
Coverage: Sheer
For: All Skin Types
Main Advertised Ingredients: Adenosine ( anti-inflamatory ; red reducing agent ), arbutin ( whitening ), pen shell bone ( brightening )
Scent: not strongly scented
Comments: none
Link to EH Website not listed ( are they discontinuing this ? )
Cotton FitCotton Fit
Coverage: Medium
For: Oily Skin
Main Advertised Ingredients: none
Formula: matte finish ; liquid-to-powder rule
Scent: slightly powdery ( like baby gunpowder )
Comments: there is nothing in the advertise ingredients that promotes oil-reduction. besides, this merchandise clogged my pores and caused me to break out. I ’ ve heard it works in truth well on others thus possibly it ’ s equitable me. however, when I mix this with Bright Fit to color match it doesn ’ triiodothyronine lawsuit any issues. ^^
Link to EH Website
Blooming FitBlooming Fit
Coverage: Sheer
For: All Skin Types
Main Advertised Ingredients: bamboo extract ( anti-irritant, prevents oxidation, cell refilling )
Formula: “ slender layer equip ” build-able rule
Scent: fresh, clean ( smells like the Proof Any Cushion )
Comments:  This product is the most humidify of the crowd. I like to mix it with Bright Fit to color match on days when I need extra moisturization–like cool weather or in high AC. I did a full recapitulation on this product here.
Link to EH Website

Perfect FitPerfect Fit
Coverage: Medium-Full
For: Normal-Dry Skin
Main Advertised Ingredients: coconut oil ( moisturizer ), vitamin E acetate rayon ( antioxidant effects, UV protection )
Formula: “ double layer shroud ”
Scent: similar to Blooming Fit
Comments:  My front-runner of the bunch. I mix this with Bright Fit to darken the shade since it ’ south immediately besides light for me. I did a broad review on this merchandise here.
Link to EH Website
Lock'N SummerProof Any Cushion
Coverage: Sheer-Medium
For: waterproof makeup
Main Advertised Ingredients: niacinamide ( anti-inflammatory )
Formula: Any Cushion
Scent: alike to Blooming Fit
Comments:  N02 is SUPER LIGHT. I would not recommend purchasing unless you are extremely pale. I have resorted to using it as a foundation highlighter rather. I did a fully review here. besides, as this cushion is made for summer, it has SPF 50/PA++.
Link to EH Website seasonal worker, none listed .
hopefully this post helps some in discerning the differences between the BB Creams in Etude House ’ s valued Mineral line. All of them are great and have properties that serve different purposes. Don ’ thyroxine forget that you can constantly mix them ! I do this to not lone color match but customize my BB Cream to my daily clamber needs. Should my skin feel dry, I mix Blooming and Bright Fit to not only get the correct tinge, but extra moisture. For days when my peel condition is not good, I tend to mix in Perfect Fit. ^^

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