today ’ sulfur review is not only my first skin care product revue, but besides my first review as separate of Etude House ’ mho Pink Bird program ! I got asked to participate in this program last calendar month after receiving praise for my web log from Amore Pacific staff while working as a Beautizen. The program lasts 6 months, with one patronize review per month, indeed expect to see some divers stuff from me ! ( picture heavy )
nowadays I ’ ll be reviewing Etude House ’ s modern clamber worry line – Toning White C ! Etude House isn ’ t particularly known for its skin care and is more celebrated for their makeup products, but it seems they ’ re trying to fight their way to the circus tent with the free of several newfangled skin care lines in the past few months !

I was honestly leery to try this merchandise as in the past I have had many of Etude ’ randomness peel care products break me out…Approved by the KFDA ( this is the first time I ’ ve seen this in a product description by Etude House so I assume it ’ s the first fourth dimension ? ), this line claims that it will deeply moisturize and brighten your skin with the exponent of vitamin C and minerals .
As person who is already equally blank as a haunt, I didn ’ thymine expect much for “ whitening ” but was rather concerned in this merchandise for brighten and evening out the uneven and sallow parts of my skin .
As you can see on the promotion, this line uses vitamin C extracted from berries. Etude House besides suggests that you pair these products with their other new argumentation, “ Berry AHA ! Bright Peel. ”
I received the whole channel minus the “ Tone Up Cream. ” I ’ ve been using the products by themselves doubly a day ( sleeping throng only at night ) for around 3 weeks immediately, and will be showing before and after photos of any skin changes I ’ ve had in this short time !
The box is white and violet, and feels very uncompromising and high quality ! There is some information about each product on the backs, but I ’ ve include pictures of the boxes below. I couldn ’ triiodothyronine remember which order to use the essence/emulsion in so I wrote numbers on the bottom…just realized you can see them in the photo( ̄□ ̄;)
•○ Clear Toner ○•
I will be reviewing the products in club that they are used ! First up is the toner .
This product comes with 180mL for 18,000 KRW. After 3 weeks of using it twice day by day, I still haven ’ thymine seen a decrease in charge, so I feel like this product goes quite far ! I find a little goes a long way as it is quite reeking .
The opening looks like this, which you can turn top down and apply to a cotton pad or do what I do and shake it into your hand .
It ’ s a little unvoiced to see, but this product is semi-transparent. I generally shake it onto my bridge player, rub them together, and pat it onto my grimace .
It absorbs very well into the bark, and like the back of the box claims, does not leave a awkward palpate on the skin, nor does it dry me out like some toners do ! I decidedly prefer this a hundred times over my Wonder Pore toner that I was using previously. I can smell a very faint flowery odorize when bringing it to my nose, but comparing to my Wonder Pore toner which has an madly strong alcohol olfactory property, this toner is relatively scentless !
•○ Active Essence  ○•
adjacent up is the active Essence. kernel is the one merchandise that I was missing from my bark routine, and as I ’ ve hear that they ’ re one of the most significant parts, I ’ m glad I was able to get this !
The perfume retails for 22,000 KRW for 80mL of intersection, which is very costly coming from Etude House !
once again, water is at the top of the component list and bouquet is listed at the penetrate. Like the toner, there is a quickly-fading faint smell of flowers when applying the cream to your grimace .
Both the essence and emulsion come with a uncompromising pump lead which makes it very slowly to apply a specific come of merchandise. It moves identical well so you never find yourself getting more than you need !
As you can see from the above photograph, the perfume is rather watery and spreads identical easily over your skin. I find that the above total is enough to do most of my side .
Like the toner, I do not feel sticky after applying this to my skin. It sinks in cursorily, leaving my skin feeling quite soft. As I used all 4 products at once, I ’ m not sure which of the 4 had the most effect, but judging on the eminent price of this one, I would like to think that it had some kind of higher effect over the others…
•○ Active Essence  ○•
The third part of the line, the emulsion, is the same as the toner at 180mL for 18,000 KRW .
The emulsion seems to act as the most humidify and refreshing separate of the line for day by day consumption .

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This product is the thick of the 3, and takes the longest to absorb into the clamber. After applying all 3 of these products and waiting for them to sink in, I can honestly say that my peel feels extremely easy and humidify !
This photograph was taken immediately after applying, and as you can see, it “ sits on the skin ” more than the former products. I find this one to be the most humidify at inaugural glance, but naturally using all 3 together produced the best effect .
•○ Double Effect Sleeping Pack ○•
The Double Effect Sleeping Pack claims to both inject moisture and brighten your peel throughout the night. It retails for 15,000 KRW for 100mL .
The masquerade comes with a small double ended spatula, which as you can see above, has a spoon end on the impart and a “ spreading ” butterknife-type shape on the right. As I make sure to wash my hands before doing my expression everyday, I haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate found myself using this and alternatively just apply directly from the jar, but I can see how this could be utilitarian for some !
ampere far as the claims on the box, I found that while this cream is not sticky, it goes on the skin quite densely, so I always wake up covered in dust and fuzzies ( ・_・ヾ
It ’ s a little hard to see in this photograph, but the cream is a semi-transparent type with bantam balls of what I would assume are the “ moisture capsules ” that are talked about in the description .
The “ moisture capsules ” are impossible to tell apart from the regular cream when applying this to your grimace ! As this merchandise is quite dense, a small goes a long way, and I find myself just dabbing my finger in it and getting adequate product to cover my wholly face with. As for how I feel about this product – I LOVE IT(* ’ ∀ ’ 人)♥ I find myself waking up in the dawn with such soft peel that I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate diaphragm touching it ! As this wasn ’ t something I experienced with my previous skin care act, I ’ m actually felicitous about this one .
•○ Ampoule Hyrdrogel Mask ○•
For a bonus, I besides decided to add in the grimace mask that ’ s separate of this pipeline ! There is presently a forwarding going on at Etude House Korea where you get a dislodge sail mask if you buy any one product from the Toning White C line 🙂
I have a love/hate relationship with sheet masks as I can never find any that fit my face properly ( ⌣_⌣ ” )
I honestly didn ’ metric ton look at the second before applying the mask ( smart, I know ), so I was quite surprise when opening it and seeing it comes in two pieces !
The mask is a gelatin type, and is sandwiched between two flimsy pieces of fictile to protect it from the packaging .
After taking off your face constitution ( I swear I cleansed my confront ! Wanted to keep my eye constitution on for my evening plans ㅡㅅㅡ ; you should credibly not follow my case and take that off too… ) you apply the mask to the top half of your confront. It fit quite comfortably, but would decidedly fit the nozzle area better of person with less of a big nose, as I couldn ’ thymine get it to stick down ( ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣ ) Felt like I was going to a masquerade with only the top half on !
After applying the second half you will feel like Hannibal Lecter .
I found the bottom half of the mask to be besides big vertically and excessively small horizontally, but otherwise it fit comfortably and didn ’ t fall off my confront even though I vigorously cleaned my board while wearing it ! It has been 3 hours since applying the mask and I can say my skin hush feels rather moisturized…
•○ Before vs After ○•
( You can click the above photograph for larger versions – my lips are stained from a lip shade in the second photograph, blue ! ) honestly I am extremely glad with this product line and have been gushing about it to my friends non-stop ! I haven ’ t seen any “ whitening ” happen per southeast ( not that I wanted any ), but my hide feels a distribute more evening and undimmed in tone. I have actually felt more confident with my makeup-less face as, despite still having problems with sallowness around my mouth, my pores have shrunken very visibly and my hide feels less muffle !
I ’ m not surely which is more effective between the effect and emulsion, as I can not tell them apart effect-wise, but I actually like the toner as it ’ s the first I ’ ve used that felt moisturizing rather of dry, and love how damp the sleep gang makes my skin feel when I wake up in the good morning. I have gotten only 1 pimple in the past 3 weeks since using this product, which is bang-up considering I thought it was going to break me out dreadfully ( *•̀ᴗ•́* ) و ̑̑ I ’ m hop that over meter this product will help improve the yellow around my mouth, as that ’ s one of my biggest insecurities when it comes to my bare face. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this, I ’ five hundred love to hear them 😦
following week ’ sulfur review will be on an adorable cafe I found in Busan ! Until following time ! ( ๑•̀ㅂ•́ ) و✧

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