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Hello everyone, here I am reviewing the Eternal Muse Maximum Curl Zero Heat set and I love it!!! My hair is absolutely gorgeous!! What I didn’t mention in the video is that the beautiful face behind Eternal Muse, handcrafts each game, it takes 45 minutes for each one. She not only does this, but also works hard at his day job. I am a die-hard fan of small businesses and this one really touched my heart. Here are the social details: Instagram: TikTok: @eternalmuse Website: DISCOUNT CODE: HELLONEW10 *GIVEAWAY* Visit my Instagram (@absolutelycharlotte) for a chance to win your very own Maximum Curls Zero Heat game at the color of your choice and a bottle of TillyTan in the color of your choice (glove included) head over to our Instagram pages Be sure to follow both @TillyTanx and @eternalmusehair Tag 1 friend you think would like this ❤️ We’re so sorry For our friends around the world we can only offer this to UK and Europe tickets only due to shipping costs. The winner will be drawn on Sunday April 4, 2021 at 6 pm

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8 thoughts on “ETERNAL MUSE MAXIMUM CURL ZERO HEAT | Covered the most complete muse hair products content

  1. Angelie Abellana says:

    Hi charlotte! Thanks much for this video. 💕 I'm sooo excited to try this!!
    By the way, I sleep on my side. Is this still comfy to wear while asleep and still holds the hair in place? Thanks mucho 🙏

  2. Melissa Littlewood says:

    Your hair looks fab! Can I check what size you used? Was it the original or midi…my hair is a similar length to yours and I’m trying to decide which to go for. Thank you x

  3. Ruth Wright says:

    I've received mine today! Just came on here to see how to use it, looks easy enough! Hoping it's easy for me who's rubbish at hair stuff 🤣

  4. Eliza savage says:

    I’m addicted to all ur tan vids im seriously obsessed so excited for you to make some more xx

  5. Imy Stratton says:

    Omg the results are actually amazing! I love how bouncy it’s gone! Suits you so much🤎🤎

  6. Stacey Lesley says:

    Here she is! 🙌🏻 hello Charlotte 😁 nice to see your back and I can’t wait to see what you think of these! 😁 looking beautiful as ever 💖 xx

  7. Nurseyjojo says:

    Hey Charlotte. Was your hair completely dry or did you dampen it first? Love the video and the curls. My hair is in a shocking state so I think if I could get curls like that without the risk of heat damage that would be amazing. X x

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