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Superb Lipstick

I purchased this lipstick on a notion and I ‘m so glad I did. I got color # 2 it ” s a bare with a touch of red. I Love it. I ” megabyte culture medium to fair complexion and this lipstick looks Amazing on me. I will be purchasing more. All day wear. Non drying lipstick .

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Too orange

The shades shown on-line ( both my laptop and telephone ) are not accurate depictions of what you will receive. I selected shade Happy, a medium rose hued shadow. What arrived is dark and far excessively orange to be anywhere near the region of rose. still, I tried it on as sometimes lipsticks can look different once on. I found the texture to be very decent, it ‘s creamy and goes on well. I did not find the formulation dry. The shade on is blue and far excessively orange for my fair, cool tone skin. Hence, lipstick shades in rose and blue-reds are what I gravitate to. I chose to try this bargain product because I have tried the Essence mascaras and very like them. I have been floored at how well those perform, when compared to prestige brands I ‘ve tried.

Reviewed by 164 customers

Very pigmented

5 Alexis from Ocala, Fl I love these lipsticks. They ‘re creamy and the paint is capital. I am finical about lip products but these are bang-up and I would compare them to the more esteemed brands

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1 Eli from AL Shade Legendary is brown. Shade glad is not pinko either .

Looks very PINK

2 bssavino from Richmond, VA I thought this was going to be a bare but it ‘s a bright tap on me. not what I was looking for at all .

Pigmented and creamy!

5 DCM from Las Vegas Love this lipstick. especial is my front-runner little finger nude. Perfect shade !

No thanks

2 Kp from Raleigh I bought this not actually reading any reviews and wish I had. It ‘s getting returned I ‘m not a fan. The texture is n’t polish or creamy when applying. The paint is pretty but did n’t end long. It did not feel hydrating in anyhow .

Prettiest lipsticks

5 Savi from Tempe The lipsticks that are n’t semitrailer matte are sol hydrate and I ‘m completely obsessed, please make more shades 💗

New Fav!!!!

5 P.Kisses from Alabama I love this lipstick ! I went back and bought the stay of this color ! ! ! !

Lovely nude lip

5 Jenna from Bowling green kentucky Great color and lipstick for the price

bright coral-orange-pink

4 Linda from klamath falls wonderfully smooth, creamy formula. personally love the color, thankfully, as it does NOT match the lable. This is quite a bright, orange lean, pink coral .

Loved this!

5 Bridgett from florida This was gorgeous, and did n’t dry out my lips .


5 Violethue1974 from HSV Al Purchased on a notion – these are my shades and I swear I buy every color by unlike manufacturers. This was a delight- easy to apply and is a gorgeous color. absolutely recommend

Not nude

1 Jill from Suwanee GA The color does not match the label. It is coral and not nude at all. It is a atrocious color.

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Not as pictured, it’s BETTER!

4 Skincare Obsessed Kitty from MN I recommend looking up swatches because ULTA ‘s pics are not good. Free is a gorgeous brick orange brown the demand nuance I wore long ago in a discontinued high end brand. This is even better. Smooth, lavish, not drying and flattering as all get out. Def buying a back up .

Save your money

1 Wrong color & break product from Fl product arrived dissolve, broken, & besides fell out of the tube immediately. The picture shows a rosewood, dark discolor, , Butttttt…. the product arrived bubblegum pink .


5 Jen from Palm Coast, Florida I ‘ve constantly used shimmering lipstick and I ‘ve last discovered that felt is the way to go. I ‘m a blond with fair clamber and this color looks phenomenal. Goes on very fluent and no disgusting smell. You always take a prospect when you buy lipstick on-line but I think this is a keeper .

Love, love, love it!

5 BookReader from Birmingham, AL I truly love how smoothly this lipstick goes out ! And they are even more amazing because of the price. It is n’t smudge-proof, and I tend to have a little on the inside of my mask at the end of the day, but it is still a in truth amazing intersection ! Highly recommend. I ‘m going to get more color ! ( P.S : The color that I ordered looked different in person than it did on the web site, but I guess that ‘s to be expected )

Warmer and darker than photo

1 Monica from Florida I have dozens of lipsticks that look cooler and lighter in the photograph and then turn out to be the lapp warm colored semblance that I always get tricked into buy and I ‘m pale and tire of it .


4 artist on the block from ur ma I have to say these are some of my front-runner lip sticks ever ! and trust me i can say this because I bought all 20 shades ! I have them all in my collection and one ‘m obsessed. VERY similar shade image to mac lipsticks so think one would compare them with my macintosh ones. macintosh lipsticks are more flat and the effect ones are a bunch more fluent but over all the lipsticks are gorgeous. the alone weird thing is that when one first got them they had some moisture on them from god knows what so iodine wholly sanitized all of them but other than that gorgeous !

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5 Mandi from TX never tried kernel before this lipstick was my first purchase.. I love it. The price point is perplex and it ‘s vegan and cruelty free which is something I strive for when hunting for make up items. I besides got a blush and was amazed by the color wages .


2 Nims from Mason The movie shows far bright shades in comparison to original. way different !

Great Lipstick

5 Barb from Winchester, VA I bought this lipstick and fortunately chose a well color for me. It is indeed long permanent and humidify. I chose Powerful and liked it sol much I bought two more tubes. Hope this agate line does not get discontinued .

I would buy this product again, but I need a darker shade.

3 Sis from Nitro, WV I liked the lipstick, good not dark enough

so good

5 Zoya from Kirkland The lipstick is so full and politic. price is besides good .

Bang for the Bucks

4 Liezl from Alhambra Nice pigmentation just didnt like the tinge one had as its is a morsel army for the liberation of rwanda from the photos


4 Lana from NC not matte which is bang-up for me since one have chapped lips. Color was a bite lighter than one expected but one love the way it goes on and it ‘s not dry at all. beautiful lipstick !

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