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Due to the increasing demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments to combat the effects of aging, the number and quality of “non-surgical” solutions have recently increased dramatically. ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION TO INVASIVE MEDICAL SURGERY SLIM-FACE-LIFT is the ideal solution for men and women who want to combat the signs of facial aging, without resorting to invasive surgery, preferring a natural alternative. Our professional technique is specially adapted to the treatment of fatty volumes that migrate through the face, flaccidity of the cheeks and jowls. This treatment is inspired by two well-known anti-aging aesthetic medicine techniques. • “Liposuction”, thanks to the “suction cup technique”, associated with “molecular modeling”, a true trap against two harmful polyamines, which facilitate the breakdown of fat. • “Lifting of focal adhesions”, inspired by the aesthetic surgery of “threads and hooks”, stimulating the fixation of the anchor points of the membrane proteins, in order to obtain a better resistance of the elastic fibers of the skin. . : In just 4 weeks, our SLIM-FACE-LIFT treatment will aim to…. • Refine skin tissues where fat has accumulated • Reshape facial contours and heavy pads due to fat migration in the lower part of the face Efficacy tests that have been carried out have shown… Significant reduction of double chin in 26 volunteers over the age of 45 with sagging cheeks and chin WIRE AND HOOK REPLACEMENT SURGERY Efficacy studies show convincing results: Increased firmness (+9.5%) Increased elasticity (+16%) Increased integrity of the dermis (+39%) )

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Ericson Laboratoire SLIM-FACE-LIFT Facial
Ericson Laboratoire SLIM-FACE-LIFT Facial

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Ericson Laboratoire SLIM-FACE-LIFT Facial.

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