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Embroidering on thick fabrics like karate belts, dog collars, or horse blankets can be a challenge for any embroiderer. Watch a recorded live session as Melco’s embroidery experts show you how to get the job done!

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Embroidering Thick Materials

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Embroidering Thick Materials.

dog collars that don’t cause matting.

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18 thoughts on “Embroidering Thick Materials | Summary of the most complete dog collars that don’t cause matting knowledge

  1. jks2327 says:

    So on a karate belt you wouldn't use any backing? This person wants the name vertically on the karate belt. How would I do center out when it sews?

  2. Karen Oleman says:

    I just watched this video and I fully understand the math but not how to apply it to the machine itself.

  3. Lorena Ocampo says:

    The thickness of my material is 4m? What would be the speed feed? I don’t understand your formula

  4. Nancy Caballero says:

    I'm having trouble working on some hats. My needle keeps breaking not sure what I'm doing wrong, it breaks at the seam. I have watched multiple videos and have changed some settings but nothing seems to help. Any advice, or direct me?

  5. Alexander Pavlin says:

    Colleagues, good day! Could you tell me how to embroider an extremely voluminous embroidery 5-6 millimeters high with the use of Eva foam (puffy). Is this possible on melco amaya xt? And tell me what should be the settings for feeding the thread with such a thick material. Thanks!

  6. Trina Frederickson says:

    Thank you so much for this training. I think my business will benefit greatly from all the information.

  7. Angela Sandall says:

    Thank you for the explanation on thicknesses on material. I want to ask which design software you are using please as I have PED 10.

  8. texasrose14 says:

    I embroider for a lot of motorcycle clubs and their logos are at times pretty heavy as far as stitches are concerned (approximately 100,000 stitches or more). My question is this, I mostly embroider on vinyl and at times the vinyl will much backing should I be using to avoid the waving and some bunching? I am using heavy cutaway, but I'm still running into problems. I've even increased to two pieces of cutaway, but still having problems. Can you help?

  9. Keith M. says:

    Thanks for this video on sewing thick materials. Do you recommend the KK needles for leather as well (guitar straps)? Any other tips for leather? Tear away backing? Thanks, see you in Atlantic City!

  10. Stitch Kwik says:

    Great Information! Thank you. Can you do a video explaining the Activ- Feed a bit more, I'm seeing that everyone has their own formula (Number) I run mine in Standard Mode #5 on all flats, Seems to work good, But is that correct? Anymore info on Acti-feed settings would be helpful.

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