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season Title English title Directed by Written by Original release date [2] 33 1 “Yo lo maté” “I Killed Him” Dani de la Orden Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( ) At a party, a video is projected of Phillipe’s victim playing his voicemail confession and condemning him. Back at school, Benjamin implements strict rules while Phillipe faces scrutiny and threats from classmates. Patrick sets his sights on new student Iván, who claims to be heterosexual, while Mencía avoids Rebe to try and stay in Benjamin’s good graces. Samu finally visits Ari who forgives him for not seeing her in the hospital, and the two become a couple before Ari returns to school. New student Isadora pressures Caye while Omar struggles without Ander. The police investigate Armando’s disappearance, unaware of his murder, and Mencía confesses her relationship with him. Caye releases a video encouraging Phillipe to stay at Las Encinas and redeem himself rather than flee the country. In a flash forward, the police question Samu who says, “I killed him.” 34 2 “Todo vale” “Anything Goes” Dani de la Orden and Ginesta Guindal David Lorenzo 8 April 2022 ( ) The students are enraged when Benjamin begins tracking them through their student apps, and Patrick decides to throw a party in rebellion where “anything goes” and everyone is free to experiment. Caye takes Phillipe to counseling where the counselor convinces him to stop drinking, but Isadora gets into his head. Ari begins acting rebelliously, and after catching her and Samu being intimate at school, Benjamin asks Samu to start controlling her. Omar hires a young homeless man, Bilal, at the restaurant, but catches him trying to steal money. Rebe gives Mencía a final chance to win her back by coming to the party. When Mencía does not show, Rebe kisses Iván, much to Patrick’s dismay. Samu gives in and starts doing what Ari wants only to be seen by Benjamin when he tracks the students to the party. In a flash forward, Samu drags a body along a beach, while in another the police ask Rebe what she knows. 35 3 “Átame” “Tie Me Up” Lino Escalera Jessica Pires and Lluís Mosquera 8 April 2022 ( ) The day after the party, Benjamin gives the students a drug test and threatens expulsion to anyone who tests positive. When they refuse, he announces they will all vote to expel one student on everyone else’s behalf. Samu and Omar continue bickering while Omar invites Bilal to stay with them after learning he is being threatened by gangsters. Iván gets Patrick tickets to a drive-in film festival to apologize but invites everyone as a friendly outing. He later kisses Ari while they get ready and she tells him to stay away from her and Patrick. Mencía invites Rebe, who tries to keep things friendly, but the two end up hooking up. However, Rebe breaks things off when Mencía is still unable to commit. Isadora continues to bully Caye while encouraging Phillipe’s poor habits. Iván tells Patrick they need distance because Patrick keeps getting hurt. Knowing Benjamin will not actually expel him, Omar casts his tie-breaking vote for Samu. Samu is expelled for three days and angrily kicks Omar out of his house. In a flash forward, Ari asks Samu why he did it and if her father drove him crazy. 36 4 “El cuerpo” “The Body” Lino Escalera Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( )

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In a flashback, Armando threatens Benjamin. At a school fundraiser at the restaurant, Benjamin convinces Samu to quit his job after Omar continues hounding him. Omar and Bilal discover Armando’s body in the lake after it floats to the top. A drunk Ari, feeling neglected by Samu, hooks up with Iván, unaware that Patrick witnesses it. After being drugged by Isadora, Phillipe tells Caye they should go separate ways. Patrick turns to Iván’s father, Cruz, after an argument with Benjamin, and the two kiss. Rebe’s new fling, Jess, threatens Mencía. Unable to drag Armando back into the lake, Samu and Rebe call the police after Omar insists. Mencía discovers a SIM card in the case of the phone Armando gave her and finds that its last call was to a secret second phone of Benjamin’s. In a flash forward, Samu floats injured in a pool. 37 5 “Por favor, di la verdad” “Please, Tell the Truth” Ginesta Guindal Almudena Ocaña and Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( )

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The police launch an investigation. Ari and Cruz tell Iván and Patrick respectively to leave them be, leading Iván and Patrick to rekindle their friendship. The police confiscate Benjamin’s phone, which he claims is his only one, before Benjamin gives Mencía his second one to hide. However, the lieutenant witnesses this on a school security camera. Caye bumps into Fillipe and Phillipe makes them eat dinner with him and Isadora. Iván admits he is attracted to Patrick but does not want to hurt him. He eventually gives in and the two have sex. Caye brings a drunk Isadora home and confronts her about her drug addiction. The lieutenant finds Benjamin’s second phone, but as he questions Mencía, Samu confesses to the murder under Benjamin’s promise that he will get him the best lawyers and he will be set financially for life. Samu is arrested and Mencía overhears Rebe and Omar talk about their involvement with Armando’s death. 38 6 “No puedes comprar mi amor” “Can’t Buy My Love” Ginesta Guindal David Lorenzo and Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( ) Benjamin and his attorney tell Samu to retract his confession and claim insanity. Benjamin claims it would be suspicious if he bailed Samu out; Ari, Patrick, Mencía and Phillipe’s accounts are frozen in order to prevent them from withdrawing the funds. Mencía gives Benjamin the SIM card but holds on to a copy she made. Isadora tries to quit drugs. Iván offers to give Ari the bail money before telling his father about his feelings for Patrick and Ari; Cruz reacts poorly and belittles him. Iván throws a date auction party to raise funds, but Cruz outbids Iván for Patrick so that Iván wins Ari. Ari and Iván spend one last night together while Patrick tells Cruz he is done chasing Iván. Iván later witnesses Patrick and Cruz kiss. Rebe wins a date with Mencía and promises to claim her prize soon. Samu is released and heartbroken to learn Benjamin was not the one to bail him out. A flash forward shows Mencía and Ari finding a blood-stained Patrick chasing after a weakened Samu. 39 7 “Tóxicos” “Toxic” Eduardo Chapero-Jackson Jessica Pires, Lluís Mosquera and Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( ) The police recruit Samu to find evidence to implicate Benjamin, leading Samu to forgive Ari so he can search for the SIM card at Benjamin’s house while Rebe asks Cayetana to search Benjamin’s office. Iván confronts Cruz and tells Patrick to stay out of their lives. Phillipe starts to ghost Isadora before condemning her for her drug addiction. Wanting to get away, Iván and Isadora travel with three students to Ibiza, but Phillipe follows them. Samu and Rebe are invited to Benjamin’s for dinner, but a heartbroken Mencía finds Rebe looking for the SIM card before giving it to her. Benjamin is notified that Cayetana was caught in his office. A drunk and high Iván accidentally sends a voice memo confessing his feelings for Patrick to Ari while Patrick and Cruz hook up again. Isadora falls unconscious while partying in her suite and the three students start filming and undressing her. 40 8 “Tu lado del mundo y el mío” “Your Side of the World and Mine” Eduardo Chapero-Jackson Jessica Pires and Jaime Vaca 8 April 2022 ( ) Ari asks Samu not to release the SIM card but promises she’ll accept whatever he chooses. Back at school, Phillipe and Iván try to recount what happened in Ibiza. Ari plays Patrick Iván’s voice memo but Patrick doesn’t believe Iván meant to say his name. Cayetana is fired for sneaking into Benjamin’s office and tries to offer support to Isadora before returning to Fillipe. Samu agrees to talk to Benjamin before seeing the police. Iván and Phillipe find out from the three students’ video that they had tried to stop Isadora’s assault but fell unconscious themselves. Phillipe later convinces Isadora to report her assault to the cops. Benjamin tries to take the card from Samu, causing Samu to slip near the pool and crack his head open. Cruz and Iván make up and Iván plans to confess his love for Patrick, but Iván finds Patrick has left the restaurant. Patrick returns home but Benjamin stops him from calling the police. He instead calls Mencía, Rebe, Omar and Ari who all turn on Benjamin. The police arrive and arrest Benjamin while Iván comforts Patrick and Rebe and Omar watch in horror.
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