At the party Becoming Popular ( The Pony Everypony Should Know ) well, yes, but we ‘ll improvise that. I think we just better leave.

“ Ah ever tell you ’bout the clock Keith and I … ” The ponies look on, to the scene unfold. Ah ! Where did he come from ! ? I ‘m just hanging about. Rarity knows something bad is going to happen. “ Oh, it ‘s fair something I … ” “ This old thing ? ” “ Where did you get that merely marvelous hat ? ” Pardon for the pause of drinking your tea. nothing, merely wiping this away. About to drink the tea. A long neck, just like Sweetie Belle ‘s. That ‘s quite a gorgeous dress she has. Rarity think of what to make for Twilight. Despite being a crabbed guy, Opal is adorable. curio and Opal having tea. The lovely city of Canterlot. That ‘s quite a set Rarity. Oh, why did I bring this ? One footstep closer to becoming Spiderpony. curio seems to be in a good climate today. Nopony always thanked Princess that a lot before. Anything for the Princess. “ I ‘ll leave you to get settled. ” A little help oneself, please. What a potent pony you are, Snails ‘ brother. This look very looks good on Princess Celestia. “ THANK YOU ! ” “ … but, Thank you, Thank you ! ” I merely do n’t know what to say. It ‘s everything ! “ You ‘re identical welcome. ” Opal makes herself right at home plate. A glorious bedroom in the castle ! Princess Celestia is a delirious as Rarity. Enter the princess, fashionista, and the fashionista ‘s caterpillar. opinion of Rarity and Princess Celestia from a outdistance. Fleur Dis Lee being excessively busy with being appealing. … And again. Fleur Dis Lee being very close with Fancy Pants … “ Her birthday is in a few days. ” Oh, I would love to, but I ‘m a bit busy ! The aura around the bulge transitions from Fleur ‘s to Rarity ‘s color. Fleur Dis Lee being appealing beside Fancy Pants. “ Hmm, a pony with expensive tastes, I see ? ” And immediately he is picking it up Both of them looking away … … now you do n’t ! … now you see it … fondness Pants … the most interesting stallion in the worldly concern No, this angle is better. This angle looks good. What did I get myself into ? ! Um .. well what can I say ? Why ca n’t I resist those faces ? apparently Being Melodaramatic is separate of Canterlot ‘s culture …. No, you simply must come to mine ! not identical glad about the sudden pause. You know how much this means to me ? It ‘ll be a catastrophe if you do n’t come .. Ah, where did you come from ? I do n’t know ; I ‘m identical interfering. Rarity surely is enjoying the compliments. rarity telling a fib to the fondness ponies They bought it. Making sure she is n’t sweating Rarity has a drop of effort as she is about to lie. Lying is not easy rarity, getting crowded by Fancy Pants and the early ponies. Ooh, is that so ? “ She says what Fleetfoot lacks in size, she makes up for in speed. ” “ My friend Rainbow Dash talks about her all the time. … ” Rarity leaps for rejoice as Fleetfoot wins And it ‘s Fleetfoot by a nose ! and to the properly To the leave … The Wonderbolts ready to race … Wait. Is this earth Pony stand on a overcast ? The flag ‘s about to drop … race is about to start. … and the murmur. Woah ! Those are the Canterlot Elite ? The bowler hat is about to start Our populace is crumbling ! Please come on in, Rarity. not sure if serious .. That ‘s right ! She ‘s in the V.I.P. box and you ‘re not rarity has the best designs. I do n’t know, should I … ? Get to work ! Is that the R101 ? ! It ‘s the dress from her Gala fantasy Walking down the isle, ohio look there ‘s Blueblood. Can you spot Derpy Rarity among early Canterlot ponies. On a Fancy yacht, well it is Fancy ‘s yacht. The gala dress came bet on and it is repaired ! Mm, do you see what I see ? The many sides of beautiful Rarity. All bets are on. Those bright eyes could only mean she had spotted something very valuable. Auctioning for this very historic Vase then Rarity IS french ! A paint that combines elements of Salvador Dalí paintings. Of course, the elite would attend the most sophisticated of art galleries—modern. curio with the most amazing hairdo yet ! Taking off to the worldly concern of the Canterlot elite component of Harmony crown with a gloomy jewel ? The castle ballroom is decked out for the birthday party. “ To hear you say that ! ” “ How beaming I am. ” twilight wants to hug us ! yay ! “ It ‘s the perfect dress for my birthday party ! ” She does n’t like it ! Oooooh, will she like it. “ Is that … ” Why is opal looking at me like that ? You are then dead … You wo n’t believe what I ‘ve been through this week ! “ Poor pamper. She looks amazing. “ She ‘s resting on the bed. ” … ohio my … Had to. You ‘re not very going to do that, right rarity … ? .. Wait, why is there magic surrounding me ? Opal, getting fix for a sleep. .. Oh, and where this poor people dearly ? “ Cheers her right up ! ” “ I always put on something. ” Everypony search right ! “ How about you start by saying what you ‘re doing in that fancy outfit ? ” “ I do n’t know what to say, Twilight. ” “ Balloons are ace easy to pack. ” “ so you would n’t have to miss it ! ” “ Move my birthday party here. ” thus .. I asked Pinkie if it was wholly properly to move everything here. “ What are you all doing here ? ” “ What I mean to say is … ” What are you all doing here ? Rarity is not please that her friends made her faint. Who would n’t want to wake up to this ? ! Welcome back from your fainting spell ! … and then dim. Warning : may lead to death by prettiness. “ Garden party here I come ! ” “ You ‘re right, excessively little. ” “ What do you think, besides much ? ” I think I ‘m going to explode from Rarity ‘s beyond extremely prettiness. “ I will need some unpacking them. ” Wait a minute. Is that shot glass Snails ‘ cousin ? “ I do hope you understand. ” All of Rarity ‘s stuff along with Opal. Ahh ! thus much work to do ! so much stress ! “ Its equitable besides crucial ! ” Ooh, how will I ever decide ? “ might be ruined ! ” “ My fresh repute in Canterlot as a very authoritative shot glass. ” “ But if I do n’t go … ” “ But if I go I ‘ll miss Twilight ‘s birthday. ” …. she hugs poor porter. Signs of Generosity at its best. : ) rarity is so felicitous that ….. The seam mistress can not contain herself ! Rarity is equitable so felicitous … she can see us ! “ Yours, Jet Set and Upper Crust. ” “ For me ! ? ” “ With enough time to finish Twilight ‘s ensemble. ” “ I must get back to Ponyville. ” At the partyPinkie PiePieS2E9 “ Is n’t it fancy pants ? ”Rarity hide by Rainbow Dash S2E9 Hiding behind Rainbow Dash, after hearing Pinkie say Fancy Pants .Rarity where did S2E9 “ I mean, where did you find the clock time to put up all these decorations ? ”Rarity don't find out S2E9 Please do n’t find out .Pinkie Pie ready to fire her party cannon S2E9 A canonize cannon !

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Rarity confetti S2E9 Ah confetti !Rarity on dress S2E9 And it ‘s on my dress … !Rarity oh! S2E9 Oh little finger ! !Rarity catching ear S2E9 Rarity focusing on Twilight .Rarity hide! S2E9 Got tantalum hide !Rarity don't see S2E9 Hope they did n’t see me !Rarity I should S2E9 I should be there .Rarity I sense S2E9 I sense something … a felicitous presence .Pinkie Pie Forced to make a funky font .Main 6 at Twilight's birthday party S2E9 Throwing Twilight up in the air .Main Cast eating cake S2E9 The patty is not a lie anymore .Applejack & Fluttershy covered in cake S2E9 Fluttershy and Applejack with cake on their faces .Cake throwdown S2E9 But, Pinkie, you ‘re the one who said that the only thing that should be rubbed in anyone ‘s front is chocolate cake !Rainbow Dash can we talk S2E9 C’mon now can we talk … ?Rarity witness cake horror S2E9 That cake … !Rarity frosting S2E9 great … Rarity got frosting on her preen and hat .Rarity been worse S2E9 Oh well, it could have been worse .Main cast laughing S2E9 After throwing patty, they sit and laugh .Rainbow Dash's cutie mark over her wing S2E9 Follow the drawing card, ponies .Rarity & Rainbow Dash having fun S2E9 Rarity and Rainbow Dash having a blast .Rarity no reason S2E9 “ No reason I ca n’t at least make an appearance. ”Pony train S2E09 Rarity slips outRarity off she goes S2E9 Off she goes to the garden party .Octavia playing the Cello S2E9 We all know who this amazing pony is .Musical ensemble Canterlot garden party S2E09 The band on stage .Fancy Rarity S2E9 She ‘s got flowers in her S2E9 You … ! You did n’t like me at beginning .Rarity sees Fancypants S2E9 Rarity glad to see fancy Pants .Rarity missed this S2E9 “ I would n’t have missed this for the earth ! ”Fancypants Sniffing S2E9 I smell something .Rarity cuteness supernova! S2E9 somewhere in distance a supernova is occurring because Rarity is being excessively cute .Rarity dab alittle S2E9 “ A small frost. ”Rarity well all this S2E9 “ well, all this speak about patty has made me hungry. ”Rarity excuse me S2E9 “ If you excuse me ! ”Rarity slow and cuddly S2E9 Slow and cuddlesome, Rarity .Rarity now go! S2E9 nowadays go !Twilight swinging & missing S2E9 Twilight swing and miss .Rarity sneaking out S2E9 Sneaking out .Rarity play cool S2E9 Play cool .Rarity won't notice S2E9 And they wo n’t notice me going back and forth .Rainbow Dash playing with the chocolate bowl S2E9 Liquid chocolate bowl good !Rainbow Dash adorable S2E9 Rainbow Dash being adorable for a change .Rarity act smile S2E9 rarity hoping her friends do n’t notice her .Chocolate face Pinkie S02E09 Uh .. I ‘m surely they wo n’t notice I ‘m gone for a moment .Rarity chewing S2E9 curio chewing her whacked out illusion nosh .Rarity cross-eyed S02E09 Rarity “ Derping ” due to not liking the taste of an hors d’oeuvre dipped in chocolate .Rarity look over there S2E9 Hey look over there !Rarity think bathwater S2E9 “ I think I left the bathwater running in my suite. ”Rarity I'm back S2E9 Hey I ‘m back .Twilight and Rainbow having fun S2E09 It ‘s arduous to be at two places at once .Rarity "Is that Princess Celestia?" S02E09 Is that Princess Celestia ?Rarity I need S2E9 “ I need to … ”Rarity little fillies room S2E9 “ Use the little fillies ‘ room ! ”Rarity more punch S2E9 “ Can I get anypony more punch ? ”Rarity "I have to go to do the" S02E09 “ I have to go to th … ”Rarity thing with S2E9 “ Thing with the. ”Rarity the stuff S2E9 “ stuff … you know … ? ”Why the croquet mallet S2E9 “ Uh, what ‘s with the croquet mallet ? ”Rarity with croquet mallet in mouth S2E09 “ Wha cwokay mauwet ? ”Rainbow Dash rolling eyes S2E9 Rainbow Dash rolling her eyes at Rarity .The group staring at Rarity S2E09 “ Duh ! The one in your MOUTH ? ”Rarity notices croquet mallet S2E09 Oh, well would you look at that …Rarity oh that S2E9 “ Ooh, that croquet mallet. ”Rarity I... S2E9 “ I, well I. ”Rarity truth is S2E9 “ The truth is … the truth is … ”Rarity finding words S2E9 Trying to find words .Rarity let me explain S2E9 “ Twilight let me explain ! ”Twilight savvy businesspony S2E9 “ you were such a grok businesspony !Rarity must understand S2E9 “ You must understand ! ”Twilight all those S2E9 “ All of those ponies look then classy. ”Golden Harvest outside in garden S2E9 Looking out at the party going on .Twilight buy dresses S2E9 “ I bet you could totally get some of them to buy your dresses. ”Rarity being rude S2E9 “ I was being ill-bred. ”Rarity the reason S2E9 “ thus that ‘s precisely the reason I did n’t tell you. ”Group party S2E9 well girls ..Twilight Sparkle Smiling S2E9 “ You should wholly go over there and mix ! ”Rarity quick thoughts S2E9 Some agile thoughts going through Rarity ‘s head .Rarity cute reaction S2E9 Awww, does n’t Rarity look cunning .Rarity replying to Twilight S2E9 2 Rarity replying to Twilight Sparkle .Rarity ask for S2E9 “ You very are the best ally a pony could ever ask for. ”Rarity and Twilight hug awww S2E9 rarity and Twilight hugs .Rarity standing S2E9 Rarity stands fabulously .Rainbow Dash following Rarity S2E9 Dashie follows Rarity everywhere anyhow .Rainbow Dash excited S2E9 aroused Dashie is excited .Rarity & Rainbow Dash won't mind S2E9 “ I ‘m indisputable they wo n’t mind ”Rainbow Dash check out S2E9 “ If we check out the party besides ! ”Rainbow Dash c'mon you guys S2E9 “ C’mon you guys ! ”Rainbow Dash show them S2E9 “ Let ‘s show them how to party ! ”Rainbow Dash "how to party Ponyville style" S2E09 “ Ponyville style ! ” Rainbow is not lying when she says that .Rainbow Dash Ponyville style S2E9 “ Party Ponyville dash ! ”Rarity not good!! S2E9 not adept ! !Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon S2E9 Party Cannon !Rarity arriving S2E9 Arriving to the rabies .Rarity bearing witness S2E9 Bearing witness to a Ponyville style party .5 main ponies partying S02E09 Every estimable party requires a conga course .Rainbow Dash playing croquet S2E09 Um, Dashie, this is n’t golf — !Rainbow Dash cross-eyed S2E09 A derped Dash .Lyrica chatting S02E09 Uh oh …Lyrica bald S02E09 Holy Hays ? !Rarity she's doing S2E9 What is Fluttershy doing ! ?Rarity not that S2E9 not that !Pinkie Pie cake frosting smile S2E9 Hey … why are you just standing around ?Pinkie Pie cake frosting "what"? S2E9 What ? Do n’t you want some cake, besides ?Applejack pulling a weed S02E09 Weeding is important .Applejack in mud S2E9 Gardening at a Garden party ?Twilight dancing S2E9 A dork able Twilight dancesTwilight keeping it real S2E9 Party hard Twilight Sparkle .Twilight's awkward dance S2E9 While everypony backs away very slowly .Rarity come here S2E9 Come here cup of punch !Rarity drinking punch S2E9 Oh Punch, you ‘re the entirely one that understands me !Rarity huh what S2E9 Huh what .Rarity wearing what S2E9 I do n’t believe it .Twilight dancing with crowd S2E9 note : Growing up somewhere does n’t mean that you ‘re aware of all its customs .Rarity forced laughter S2E9 Hahaha … why am I laughing ?Rarity made thinking S2E9 Rarity wondering- “I made that dress.”Crazy dancing Twilight S02E09 I think she ‘s partying besides hard and is now perilously conclude to straining something .Twilight dancing S2E09 Twilight is not lying when she ‘s sticks her tongue out .Fancypants inspecting ensemble S2E9 fancy Pants inspecting Twilight ‘s ensemble .Rarity weather eye S2E9 Rarity keeping a weather center on Twilight .Rarity spitting out drink S2E9 barely call me llama .Jet Set & Upper Crust soaked S2E9 Soaked by the punch Rarity applaud out .Twilight do say S2E9 “ I do say. ”Twilight name is S2E9 “ Her list is. ”Fancypants and Twilight speaking S2E9 Rarity, interrupting Twilight and Fancy Pants ‘ conversation .Rarity show you S2E9 “ Come with me ! I ‘d like to show you. ”Rarity over there S2E9 “ That ‘s over there. ”Rarity other side S2E9 “ On the other side of the room. ”Rarity not moment S2E9 No, not in a moment how about right now .Rarity looking tense S2E9 Rarity looks tense .Rarity she'll talk S2E9 rarity knows Twilight will talk .Rarity they're gathering S2E9 Everypony is gathering about .Rarity oh boy! S2E9 rarity does n’t like where this is going .Rarity she speaks! S2E9 AH ! Twilight speaks !Rarity cornered again S2E9 curio cornered again .Rarity they all know S2E9 now they all know .Twilight think so S2E9 “ We all think so ! ”Rarity biting lip S2E9 curio biting her lower lip .Rarity asked question S2E9 Rarity being asked a question .Fancypants these ponies S2E9 “ You know these ponies ? ”Rarity they're thinking S2E9 rarity can hear what they ‘re thinking .Rarity now what S2E9 now what am I going to do ! !Twilight smiling S2E9 Twilight smiling at Rarity, in the most adorable direction of course .Twilight she doubting S2E9 Is Rarity doubting us ?Rarity feeling S2E9 rarity can feel her friend ‘s feelings .Rarity walking S2E9 Rarity walking to the early side .Twilight questioning wonder S2E9 Twilight is wondering why Rarity is walking to the other side .Rarity here we go S2E9 here we go .Rarity yes I do S2E9 “ Yes, I do ! ”Rarity but they are S2E9 “ But they are my … ”Rarity without a doubt S2E9 “ Without a doubt. ”Rainbow Dash & rest happy S2E9 Rainbow Dash is glad !Golden Harvest huh S2E9 Jet Set looks wyrd .Rainbow Dash forget them S2E9 Forget them !Fancypants compliments the crew S2E09 These ponies are all right .Fancypants compliments Twilight's dress S02E09 twilight smiling up at Fancy Pants .Rarity infinite cuteness S2E9 good exploded from this prettiness !Fancypants dare say S2E9 “ Mmhm, I dare say every mare in Canterlot will be wanting one. ”Rarity overjoyed S2E9 Rarity overjoyed at Fancy Pants ‘s acceptance, while the dandy with the top hat looks surprised .Rarity in my space S2E9 Uh, you ‘re in my outer space and I do n’t like that .Rarity you're scaring me S2E9 Ok, immediately you ‘re just scaring me .Rarity huh you too S2E9 Huh ! ? You besides ?Rarity as if! S2E9 As if !Rarity you were saying S2E9 now as you were saying !Rarity introduce S2E9 “ How about you introduce me to your friends ? ”Rarity Celestia approaching S2E9 Do n’t look now Rarity but think who ‘s behind you .Rarity hears Princess Celestia S2E9 Princess Celestia startled Rarity .Princess Celestia to hear S2E9 “ I would like to hear. ”Rarity I learned S2E9 “ I learned that. ”Rarity where you go S2E9 “ No topic where you go in biography. ”Ponyville shining beacon S2E9 Ponyville shines bright as a radio beacon of hope as Rarity explains what she ‘s learned.

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Rarity listening to Celestia S02E09 Oh, Rarity is n’t lying .Heavy Load S2E09 avail anypony ?Rarity and Princess Celestia smiling S02E9 possibly we should help …

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