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In this video I use alsa easy chrome spray paint. This is probably the best chrome I have ever seen in paint form. It is versatile and easy to use. Available here Australian links Links for contacts outside of Australia Check out the artist pages!

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Easy Chrome Brush or Spray on Chrome
Easy Chrome Brush or Spray on Chrome

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Easy Chrome Brush or Spray on Chrome.

krom color one.

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37 thoughts on “Easy Chrome Brush or Spray on Chrome | Summary of the content about krom color one the most detailed

  1. MrHillfolk says:

    First thing I thought of was restoring reflective coatings inside of taillights and other lenses when I saw the title.

  2. Andy Van Herwynen says:

    Paint or chrome, the finish of the surface before paint or chrome matters more. That's why chrome plating is expensive, so much prep is applied to create a near polished surface before the copper and chrome are applied. I'd like to see the chrome paint results on surfaces unpolished and polished.

  3. FULLTILTBOOGIE!!!! says:

    Hey Dave… I know this is an older video.. I have watched it a thousand times… I have a question for ya.. I have a gloss black 2011 corvette… would the alas easy chrome have any issues on top of that?
    I have had a vision of a complete candy over chrome paint job on my vette..
    I wet sanded 1500, 2000, 3000g and buffed back to gloss mirror finish.. any issue with easy chrome over that?
    Keep the awesome videos coming!
    Thank you

  4. Thunder Bug Creative says:

    I'm not even a fan of chrome but as god as my witness i'm going to paint everything in sight with this stuff! I wonder if the "chrome" can be buffed to create a mirror? Multiple layers first perhaps?

  5. Enermax Stephens says:

    I dunno man… the time and cost of this, vs just sending it off to be chrome plated. Not sure if it's worth it. What is the price difference? And how long does it take? To some of us time is money.

  6. Oracladeus says:

    I use 3m polish for some stuff and it makes paint and (in my case) varnish silky smooth to the touch and very shiny. I wonder if this would look even better after using that on it, because it does have an ever so slight haze to it.

  7. Håkan Niemi says:

    What about UV resistant? I wan't to spray my TV-parabol antenna with this, is it gonna last for years and years? Where can I buy this near Sweden?

  8. Earth Elder says:

    Looks good but doesn't have as much clarity as chrome or durability but great product and has it's place!

  9. Antonio Gonzales says:

    What if it allready has a chrome finish, do you still need to paint it black first. And do you need to sand anything before painting anything else

  10. Silver Back says:

    I removed some tank stickers on a chrome tank with heat gun and plastic spatula. They sctrached the chrome at the factory to get more adhesion to the chrome. How would you apply this to a chrome tank?

  11. scrapplepig says:

    Looks good but not as good as the real chrome. I would use it where the piece isn't a focal point.

  12. Seemsayin says:

    Really impressed with this product. Thank you for a well-done demo.
    One question though… If you've cleared the helmet, won't touch-up look odd, with spot-spraying the chrome over the clear?
    While I certainly couldn't shine your shoes when it comes to spray painting… wouldn't it be advisable to just spray the entire thing, then clear again?

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