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Happy Girl!!!

Bio : I ‘m 32 years old. On the olive/yellow bark spectrum, with tap undertones. Cuban. Skincare act : Strict. Between 4-7 steps. 20-30 minutes. Morning and evening. I wear little to no makeup, so the way my peel looks matters A LOT. Bottom line : I LOVE THIS STUFF ! Have n’t finished my inaugural bottle and already bought a second to keep in the “ back up closet. ” Yes, it is in truth REALLY expensive ( I would probably not tell anyone I know I spent such money on a single product ), and I never in my biography thought I ‘d be the person to spend that rather money on skin care, but the truth is that here I am and here it is — and I think it ‘s so wholly worth it. More about my experience : I never think about having sensitive skin, but the truth is that it is as my hide reacts to everything from sunscreens, skin lightening products, side mists, and ( sadly ) even my man ‘s beard if things get excessively stimulate. I have used many different lines of products, a variety of vitamin a1, creams, elixirs, oils etc. etc. etc. Almost constantly I experience a purge stage, stick with the routine for at least 8 weeks, and barely like that end up switching to a different channel of products because I ‘m not completely satisfy. I had never used an AHA, so I was excited to try this but did n’t want to get excessively agitate, besides felt incredibly cautious because of the price. Well, I love it ! LOVE IT LOVE IT ! Bought the anoint a match of days ago and I ‘m indeed stimulate to give that a try on. I like the company ‘s doctrine, the promotion is bomb, and my skin feels happy. Costumer service is great. What would be an lend plus ? : A reward program, free samples, ability to buy minis on their own, I mean something. I think it would make a huge dispute for a distribute of us — show a short beloved to those whom are loyal or will to spend in the company. This or not, I ‘m glad with D.E .

Most Helpful Critical Review

Used before – it was good, used again – PURGING

so I ordered this again because initially I ordered it for little non-acne bumps around my eyes that I think were kind of like whitehead. It worked well and did n’t irritate my peel. This time around, I ordered it again around the holidays and my skin purged like cuhrazy. It was atrocious and not fun. I researched the purge process and read to keep going with the same merchandise if you ‘re breaking out in areas you normally would. So I did. The second workweek of using it I just contacted DE and said what ‘s going on … they have EXCELLENT customer service and explained to me about the product and asked what my regimen was. They provided valuable feedback but I told them I however was n’t happy with my results so they refunded me. I am still not 100 % meet with it but I did continue to use it during the vomit process and my skin is calming down a little but calm wish I did n’t go through this. I unfortunately do n’t think I ‘ll be purchasing again.

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Reviewed by 1557 customers

Oily skins friend

4 Natasha L.R. from Michigan I bought this back in September/ October and have used it reasonably regularly up until about a month ago when I ended up getting faineant with my skin care routine. I could decidedly tell a dispute in my skin not being as clear particularly during hormonal flare ups. now that I ‘ve been back using it for the last couple weeks, my bark is back to being superintendent clear up and placid. only downside is the price, however it lasts a long meter. decidedly try it particularly if you have acne-oily prone clamber

The perfect glycolic product

5 Cherry from Denver Works as intended- I was a short hesitant to keep glycolic on my skin nightlong, but the conceptualization is easy adequate that I can. I do n’t need any other acid treatments with this serum in my nightly everyday .

Worth every penny!

5 Dry Skin Problem Girl from Downey worth every penny. I put on every nox and have noticed my skin hydrated and bouncy in the morning. I have combination/dry hide. I mix it with a hydrating serum a well. On my 2nd bottle !

Love it!

5 sodium from Chicago, IL This is bang-up for acne prone skin .

3 months use…

1 corri from american bison After incorporating this product into my skin care routine, I started seeing little bumps all over my forehead.. I thought this was just separate of the skin purging process but trouble persisted. It only stopped after I wholly ended manipulation of the product. I was actually hoping to love this because most other drink in elephant products have worked great for my hide. Be careful if you have sensible skin and besides be mindful if pairing with other products .

I am in love !

5 Sav from IN I normally do n’t post reviews for anything but after using this product I have to. I ‘ve been using this night serum for about a calendar month nowadays and I have seen such amazing build up in my skin. I ‘ve paired it nightly with The Ordinary Niacinamide Zinc serum and my clamber has literally gotten evening better than just using it on its own. It ‘s bright, softer, and most importantly unclutter. I ‘ve always suffered from hormonal acne one ‘ve tried all the washes in the populace. even try multiple unlike give birth controls to help ( adenine long as avail aesculapian issues ) and nothing has worked like this. I in truth suggest splurging a little bit if you ‘re able I think it ‘s thus worth it. It ‘s a little gluey while sinking it but it does therefore very promptly. Does n’t leave a film, and does n’t rub off if you touch your face. I love this I ca n’t express it enough .

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The best

5 Pwrlft from Atlanta perplex product. Truly makes my hide glowy without irritation

I don’t see a difference after 2 months of use

1 glib from Philadelphia, PA I do n’t see a difference in my skin after 2 months of use. certain, I apply this serum first and then my night moisturizer afterwards seems to “ stick ” better. But as for the exfoliating claim or improving dull skin, I do n’t see it. I have had other serums that seemed to make a difference within a week, so after 60 days of nightly custom I do n’t think it ‘s going to get any better .

Sheds dead skin

5 em from Rhode Island The glycolic acid in this serum is SERIOUS. I ‘ve actually been using it for quite some meter and I ‘ve done enough inquiry on glycolic and drunk elephants version. My all in clamber literally breaks down and sheds. My clamber has been amazingly legato. Will purchase again .

I really like this serum

5 shanny from Edwardsville, IL This serum just works for my peel

Holy grail

5 Ashley from Asheville, NC absolutely LOVE this stuff. I mix it with an anoint in serum and my skin has never looked better. I am a reasonably hard-core skin care critic, you name it, I ‘ve tried it. This stuff truly keeps my face clear, particularly on menstruation week, which is when I tend to have the most breakouts. I legit have tried everything on my skin. Being masked up full prison term, had my clamber looking and feeling atrocious. But now this stuff is a GAME CHANGER. The biggest fall is the price point, but for something that works, and lasts a long prison term, it ‘s an investment for sure .

Not worth the money.

2 JuicyJ from Tx Did n’t see much of a difference in my skin. besides think it may have been breaking out my clamber, did n’t know this intersection had phenoxyethanol which is an ingredient I try to avoid for that reason. I get good results using a toner that has glycolic in it. I was disappointed in this product, specially for the price.

Literally the best. An overnight miracle.

5 Tgbtg5 from USA I do not use this intersection much but I use it whenever I have stubborn acne. I kid you not, whatever acne is deliver will be gone in the morning. I ‘ve used it several nights in a rowing before and each good morning my skin was fluent and clearer. I normally get the belittled size that comes in the kits but decided to splurge on the big bottle. It ‘s a must have .

My Holy Grail Serum- Magical

5 Jpeziak from Illinois I literally noticed improvement in my clamber ‘s tone and texture within a match of days of using this product. previously I had relied on ordinary ‘s aha/bha peel off and did n’t see anything closely angstrom impressive as using this merchandise nightly. evening my boyfriend who is forgetful to my skin care efforts commented on how good my skin looks and feels. I did have a fiddling spot of sensitivity around the nose area after the beginning couple of applications, but it corrected cursorily. I can not speak highly enough about this product- it has improved my clamber tone and radiance exponentially. Worth the money, worth the ballyhoo. I ‘m caucasian and in my 40s. capital for aging bark .

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Saved my skin

5 Kyler from Wilmington I started using this merchandise over two years ago. It rightfully helped with my acne, skin texture and peel tone. It is worth every penny ! For reference, I have buttery, acne-prone skin .

Buy this immediately!!!!

5 Egval7248 from NC Yes yes yes ! This is a bet on record changer ! I saw a drastic difference in two days of habit. My skin is even, smooth, and is glowing. I did n’t have to wear any foundation ! To me it ‘s worth the money .

Sensitive skin

5 skin care from Cali My skin is sensitive to many different products, but this serum works for me. I love it. Makes my clamber count dainty and smooth !

Best Serum!

5 actinium from Kalamazoo, MI angstrom much as I hate how expensive this baby is, it badly is a game record changer. Skin looks softer, evening, and beaming ! I have tried closely every serum that is compared to this one and none of them even come close .


5 Dre from US I was surprised at how efficaciously this serum cleared up blockages in the clamber. There may be a day or two of purge, but after waiting one day and using again at night… even the areas purging were net, compressed, glistening and smooth. Within a few days of beginning use ! I have besides been using the Protini moisturizer to seal skin, and I ‘m truly seeing the results .

Great night serum

5 Wilsogi from OR I actually like the Framboos glycolic serum. I ‘ve purchased it a couple times because the results have been so well. I love the slight frisson when I put it on. I love a good chemical exfoliant. manual exfoliants tear at the skin, making pores larger. I find that when I wear this product at night, my skin looks glassy in the dawn .

Game changer

5 Worth it from Wa I have textured/ spotty toned clamber and this has transformed my skin. If you can lone get one thing from this stigmatize get this .

Best serum periodt

5 Rachelle from IN I ‘ve been using this for years and I ca n’t imagine ever removing it from my routine. A fiddling goes a retentive way so the bottle will last for ages. Drunk elephant products are straight forward, and they are n’t trying to fit besides a lot into one product which makes the products just work. It ‘s barely the best daily resurfacer I ‘ve found and I tell everyone I know to splurge on it. My skin would hate me if I always removed this from my night time skin care routine .

Smooth skin

5 Jill Marie from Wisconsin I alternate using this nightly with the protini exponent peptide resurfacing serum. very happy with results. Keeps my clamber smooth and delicate. Has helped with all right lines and stoma size as well. glad Ulta will be carrying this brand .

Love this product! If you

5 Allison P. from US Love this product ! If you have n’t tired it ! Heres your signboard ! Go get it !

The Best

5 holly m. from US Changed my skin immediately for the better. even helps enormously with Rosacea. Thank you Drunk Elephant !

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