The primary skin care refer for those of us with melanin-rich skin tends to be hyperpigmentation—something that can be hard to treat at home, particularly when it comes to a deep-rooted scar or pigmentation that has been there for months ( or even years ). When I first gear started trying to treat the dullness and pigmentation I had after years of cystic adolescent acne, I spent hundreds of dollars on expensive facials, serums, moisturizers, and oils that promised revolutionist results, only to be disappointed—till I tried Dr. Dennis Gross ‘ cult-favorite peel pads ( ). In equitable one week of casual use, the easy-to-use pads lightened my hyperpigmentation and brightened my complexion. here ‘s why I ‘ve kept these stocked in my beauty closet for the past five years :


Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
$ 17.00

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They’re sensitive skin-friendly.

traditional peels, whether they ‘re in a salon or at home plate, tend to leave my medium, dry skin feeling flaky and looking red. These pads have a blend of three acids in them ( glycolic, salicylic, and lactic ), so when I first tried them, I was armed with my most hydrate overnight masks and oils. Though I still get a satisfy, tingling sense when I use these, they do n’t leave my skin feel parched or irritated in the slender. While they do have a high come of potent ingredients like vitamin a1 in them, I do n’t feel like those are stripping my skin of its effective, healthy oils. In fact, I feel like my skin looks glowier than always after I use these.

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The pads are easy to use.

Where most peels involve spreading some merchandise out of a jar and on to your face, then leaving it for about 10 minutes, these deliver about clamant satisfaction—perfect for the impatient or busy skin care fan. Each peel comes with two pads, clearly labeled “ step one ” and “ step two ”. I plainly swipe the first one on to my face, wait two minutes while I brush my teeth, then swipe the second gear one over my face. I love using this in the night if I want to wake up with a glowy complexion, but because it leaves my skin immediately softer and undimmed, I besides love using it in the day. ( just be sure to apply SPF after using it since acids can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun—I curse by this easy spray made for and by women of color from Habit. )

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They work quickly.

I first base discovered these when a makeup artist used them on me five years ago. He swiped these pads over my peel before applying my makeup, and before he even put any discolor on my skin, my complexion looked immediately more glowy. I went home with a box of them, tried them every unmarried day for a week and was shocked by the results. I have scars that have been on my jawline for years that had just been erased. normally, it takes a magnifying glass to see serious, dramatic results with skincare—especially if you ‘re doing it outside of a dermatologist ‘s office, but these pads are the exception. At $ 88, the clique of 30 can get costly ( though it ‘s calm less expensive than a salon facial ), therefore I recommend starting out with the mini size. For under $ 20, you ‘ll get five treatments, which should be just enough to start seeing results and getting addicted in the like direction I did. To be clear, I do n’t use these every single day. I ‘ll use them for a couple of weeks straight about doubly a year to erase any pigmentation I ‘ve accumulated since I last used the pads. They ‘re a must before any bad event or vacation if you want that lit-from-within gleam we all lust after .
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