Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer ’ s guides. We pick a specific class and dig up five great options along with one that ’ s a little outside the average .

The deplorable accuracy is that most people find a match of sneakers they like, wear the until they are break beyond repair, and then throw them in the trash without a second base think. While some sneakers are well resoleable, the majority are not designed to be repaired to that degree .
however, that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean all sneakers are built to the like standards. With quality construction methods and materials, tied a pair of fabric sneakers can final a estimable hanker while. Learn all about the history of the gym shoe and check out our picks below.

1) Converse: 70s Low Top All Star in Parchment

Converse produces some of the most iconic framework sneakers on the commercialize, and the Low Top All Stars are one of their many fantastic options. It ’ mho constructed from an whitish poll, and the sole features the classical blue and crimson stripes. The details of these sneakers are made to replicate those produced in the 1970 ’ mho, but the same is not on-key of all Converses. This is a express edition model, which features extra cushion, an extra-thick canvass, and higher than usual cup sole .
available for $ 55 from Unionmade .

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2) Doek: Oxford in Navy

Doek might not be a family name precisely even, but they ’ ve been producing quality sneakers for quite a while now. This match is constructed using a practice like to traditional oxfords, with close lace that begins underneath the vamp. This pair features a united states navy canvas with contrasting white laces and white cupsole, which wraps around the edge of the shoe. Like all of Doek ’ sulfur sneakers, the oxfords come with a visible corn insole .
available for ¥12000 from Doek .

3) The Hill-Side: Chukka Sneakers in Cotton/Hemp Indigo Denim

The Hill-Side’s Chukka Sneakers in Cotton/Hemp Indigo Denim are a new take on mid-height sneakers, taking most of its influence from chukker boots. Like all of The Hill-Side ’ south products, these sneakers are constructed with a fantastic eye for contingent. They ’ re made from japanese denim that is 55 % hangman’s rope, with a exclusive featuring a herringbone-esque blueprint. Each pair is finished with painted brass eyelets, twill-tape topped tongue, and a customs framework cut-in.

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available for $ 184 from The Hill-Side .

4) PF Flyers: Made in the USA Center Hi in Black


PF FlyersCenter Hi is a simple high-top fink, like to those produced in the 1960s. It ’ s made from a colossus, 14oz. canvas, but with an understate leather toe capital. deplorably, it ’ randomness hard to find made-in-the-USA sneakers these days, which is why it ’ s then capital to see PF Flyers producing some of their shoes domestically. In summation, this pair has a bunch of capital structure details, including a pigskin lining, hand painted stripe on the lone, and vintage-inspired bandage .
available for $ 150 from PF Flyers .

5) Shoes Like Pottery: 01JP Low Sneaker in Yellow

Shoes Like Pottery produces some of the most understate and unique sneakers on the market. Their soles go through a process in which they are heated-treated in a kiln, y ’ know, like pottery. Each horseshoe is handsewn, a time-consuming process that is only done by a handful of companies, and are in full produced in Japan. This process results in sneakers that appear a bite harsh around the edges, but that ’ s a modest price to pay for artisanal craft .
available for $ 125 at End Clothing.

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Plus One – Red Cloud: R490R-BK

Red Cloud entered the denim scenery a few years ago, and their alone fabrics helped them to gain a bombastic following right off the bat. Their new credit line of sneakers, which the R490R-BK is a character of, features designs based on 1960 ’ s fly fish shoes. The ridicule toe cap is the most recognizable have that was recycled into these sneakers, although it ’ s most normally found on high-tops preferably than low-tops. Be that as it may, the resulting sneakers are a unique reinterpretation of a classical that many have come to know and love .
available for $ 109 at Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies .

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