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Hi guys! Use this fenugreek and moringa hair butter to speed up hair growth and moisture retention. I hope you enjoy this DIY. Fenugreek and Moringa have been used for centuries to combat many health problems. Incorporating these herbs into your hair growth regimen will help strengthen and nourish your hair, stimulate your scalp for hair growth, and repair hair loss. THANKS FOR WATCHING G. DON’T FORGET ☑️ LIKE 🔊 SHARE AND 🔔 SUBSCRIBE I’d love to welcome all my new subscribers! Welcome! Welcome! 😀 And thanks for the continued support of My Oldie But Goodies. Introduction 00:00 – 00:27 Mix ingredients 00:28 – 02:37 Add heat 00:29 – 04:12 Filter 04:13 – 05:37 Whisk 05:38 – 07:40 Bowl 07:44 – 08:46 Butter Application 08:45 – 11:11 Other 11:12 – 11:35 🛒Products used: Fenugreek: Moringa: Shea Butter: Avocado and Grapeseed Oil: DIY Aloe Vera Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Black Seed Oil: Jamaican Black Castro Oil: **I don’t own any rights to this music** Island by MBB Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download/Stream: Music powered by Audio Library for reduce belly fat FAST? 🛍Shop Now: ➡ USE CODE 1STORDER AT CHECKOUT TO RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR PURCHASE OR 🛍Shop With Us At ➡ For all your human hair extensions needs, USE CODE LAINA20 TO GET 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE *****(These links are ways you can help me and my channel. I am so grateful for helping me grow as a content creator THANK YOU!) **** ➡ Background: ……. ……. ………………………….. ……….. ……. ………………………….. .. ……… ……. .. For business inquiries Email: PO Box 15151 Plantation Fl, 33318 Follow me on social media Instagram @mzdami @mzdamiboutique @lainashair: #diyfenugreekandmoringahairbutter #fenugreekforhairgrowth #moringaforhairgrowth fenugreek and moringa butter for faster hair growth, diy hair growth butter, fenugreek for hair loss i want, shea butter for cr hair growth, fast hair growth, fenugreek hair butter for hair growth, extreme hair growth, aloe vera for hair growth, fenugreek infused hair butter for extreme hair growth, do this for extreme 4c hair growth fast, extreme 4c hair growth, moringa powder for hair growth, fenugreek powder for hair growth FTC Disclosure: MzDami is part of the Amazon Associates Program and may receive a commission for purchases made through the links in this video.

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32 thoughts on “DIY FENUGREEK & MORINGA HAIR BUTTER FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH! | Overview of documents about fenugreek and shea butter the most detailed

  1. Shelia Songa says:

    if you would have refrigerate the mixture you wouldn't have to blend it so much. hope this helps

  2. DQ Turman says:

    Mine still had a chalk feeling to it even after I filtered it twice. Did I need to let it sit over the boiling water longer?

  3. JD Entertainment BlOG says:

    I really enjoyed the video
    1. What preservative do we use?
    2. How many times should it be used?
    3. What are the functions of this butter?
    3. Is it for all hair types? Like dreads, transistioning hair, and natural hair?

  4. House of Organic Beauty says:

    Let it sit in the refrigerator first for at least 20 mins, than whip it. It doesn't matter if its raw or not it's all the same when it's a butter.. just one is refined and one is unrefined (which is preferred but not recommended).

  5. Jessica Dessus says:

    Wow I love this tutorial and at the end showing how you use it on your daughters hair LOVED IT!!!! THANKS IM DOING THIS TODAY…..

  6. D Harmon says:

    You have to refrigerate it first for 30-45 minutes, and then stir again with the mixer to make it solidify quicker

  7. Andromeda Harry says:

    A better way was to have chilled the melted oils for 5-20 minutes before whipping…but good job all the same. Nice to meet you darling.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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