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Enhance length retention and moisture retention all winter long with this creamy fenugreek hair cream. ✨ OSLOVE 2021 Thanksgiving Giveaway CLOSED! 🎉 ➡️ OSLOVE ORGANICS SHOP: PRIZE: Three winners will win (1) Fenugreek Hair Butter This herbal hair butter was made with pure, raw butters and organic oils from OSLOVE ORGANICS. OSLOVE ORGANICS KEY INGREDIENTS: ✨Unrefined Shea Butter ✨Pure Raw Mango Butter ✨Pure Kukui Nut Oil ✨Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil ✨Winners announced November 30, 2021 on Instagram and via Facebook! from the Community tab on Youtube! ——————————– ➡️ Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:43 Formula: Hair Butter Fenugreek Infused Oil 00:54 Making Fenugreek Infused Oil 02:36 Making Fenugreek Hair Butter 04:55 Packaging/Final Product ✨Vitamin E Oil: ➡️ NOTE: The formulas in this video were created and formulated by YAYA. Credit and tag if she uses this formula or modifies it. Thanks 😊 Inspiration/Idea Credit to the creators: ➡️ CRYSTAL MADUKA – ➡️ Ro MustLive – *All rights reserved. I do not allow any duplication, editing or use of any of my videos for common, commercial or profit purposes. You may share them and credit my work, but you may not impersonate me or put my videos on a separate channel for profit or monetization without my consent. Let’s all create freely and fairly. I am not a professional. I do this for fun and with my own research. Please be careful and do not withhold any of my advice, words or images in lieu of a healthcare provider. Ask your doctor for medical advice. I will not be responsible for any information given or taken. I will always strive to provide the safest and most accurate information I can provide. Let’s stay safe. #FENUGREEK #DIY #GIVEAWAY #osloveorganics #hairbutter #naturalharicare #ayurvedic #hierbas #naturalhair #bodybutter #whippedsheabutter #herbalhairbutter #herbalinfusedbutter #diyfenugreekoil #lengthretention #growhairfast #antidandruff #yayadiycreations #mangohairbutter #hairbutterdiy #hairbutterforcurlyhair:hairAYADIAYREYCUTATIONS: PayPal: paypal. me/yayadiycreations FOLLOW ME ➖Instagram – *FTC: sponsored by OSLOVE ORGANICS. Some links may include affiliate links. This means that I can receive compensation from the link. I will always be honest and provide the best knowledge possible. Not all links are to the exact ingredients I use.

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DIY FENUGREEK HAIR BUTTER | How to make Fenugreek infused oil
DIY FENUGREEK HAIR BUTTER | How to make Fenugreek infused oil

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DIY FENUGREEK HAIR BUTTER | How to make Fenugreek infused oil.

fenugreek and shea butter.

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  2. Kay Jam says:

    Very nice thank you, whats the substitute for KUKUI oil? which is the other lighter oil that the scalp absorbs better ,thank you.🙏

  3. BethanieBaexo says:

    I absolutely enjoyed this! I woke up wanting to make one for myself! Glad I came across your video! Very informative! The Gem: “You must have plant butters and carrier oils.”

    Research is everything y’all. Well wishes to you all on your journeys!✨🤍

  4. Nafsika Tim says:

    Hello there!! Does anyone know how many grams this recipe come out with these proportions?
    BTW you are amazing!!! Thank you very much for sharing !!!!!!!

  5. AJ Easmon says:

    Thanks for this method as I've been wanting to make a hair butter for ages. I have a cheese cloth so I might try which is a great method.
    May I ask what the preservative is like glycerin or vitamin E? (I know nothing about preservatives lol I've just heard them come up a lot as natural options)

  6. Amina Sadou says:

    Thanks for your video, I would like to know if your hair butter keeps the same consistency as the time goes by or it changes with time?

  7. linda walker says:

    I love the benefits of fenugreek on my hair and in my hair butters. I will have to try your recipe

  8. Hiba Ahmed says:

    I also have a suggestion, when I make my turmeric butter or I want to infuse some powders to my oils or butter, I use the coffee filter and tied it up and then just do what u did and then throw it away. Just for those who Don't have the muslin bag:)

  9. Hiba Ahmed says:

    Hey Yaya how r you, Thankyou for ur amazing videos It is very informative and helpful. Just wanted to ask about the size of the pipping nozzle It is so hard for me to find it

  10. Orehia Jackson says:

    I would love for you to make a moringa & fenegreek hair butter..or just moringa by itself. It has wonderful health benefits. Thanks for another great video.🤗👌

  11. Orehia Jackson says:

    I'm so glad I ran across your chanel.. I love your videos .Hoping to be a winner on one of your great hair butters.🤗

  12. Kurly Yaya says:

    I see in the beginning of your video you show the percentages but I didnt see you use 1% of a preservative. did you actually incorporate one in the butter or was that an error? I love your videos by the way. I always learn something new from your videos.

  13. DesignsbyKellyCruz says:

    Love your videos. Do you think glass jars are better than the plastic ones? Does it matter depending on what product it is?

  14. 🍒Tiffie BaeBee🍒 says:

    You did it again sis!
    I made this on NYE & I am in love. Fenugreek is my new fav ingredient! I'm giving a jar to my mother & sister.

  15. Viva Habbit Van Assen says:

    Ya Ya, I wanted to thank you for your Fenugreek hair butter recipe it’s great I made it and I will say I’ve been using it for a week and my gray hair is so happy and looks and feels great. This is my new mid week butter excellent combo on oils and butter. Again thank you. Have a great New Year and stay safe and healthy.

  16. Feroza Kakuzai says:

    Thank you for information, I just found your channel today and there are very good video. Actually I was looking for If I can mix kojic acid and n acetylglucosamine so I found your diy channel. Please Can you tell me if kojic acid and n acetylglucosamine can be mixed together in cream base?

  17. n says:

    Hi. I made a body butter but it keeps solidifying. How do I stop this from happening? I want it to be creamy. I have tried whisking it more but it didn’t help

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