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DIP NAILS WITH TIPS | DO’S AND DON’TS OF COLOR BLOCKING + CONTEST | FRENCH SIDE DIP POWDER NAILS Hey guys, in today’s video I’m going to show you different color blocking powder methods as well as the dos and don’ts of color blocking. This video details the different color-locking dip powder methods. This video is for nail enthusiasts and anyone who loves nail art. I will also be doing my second giveaway so good luck giveaway rules will be below. #COLORBLOCKING #DIPPOWDERNAILS #SIDEFRENCHDIPNAILS Totally Dipp’d 15% Off: Coupon Code: SYMONE15 ================================ == ===================== CONTEST CLOSED!! GIVEAWAY RULES: 1. Like this video 2. Subscribe to my channel and turn on the post notification bell 3. Follow me on Instagram 4. Comment below and make sure to include your IG OR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can get in touch with you. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN IN THE UNITED STATES AND INTERNATIONALLY. The good luck drawing begins on Saturday, August 14 at 5 pm EST. Contest Closing: Tuesday, August 17 at 12 pm EST. ==================================================== MORE VIDEOS TO WATCH Dip Nails 101 Dip Powder Tips Color Block Nails Using Dip Powder ================================ ===================== PRODUCTS USED: Totally Dipp’d I’m Bossy & Fighter Dip Powders Coupon Code: SYMONE15 Stiletto Nail Tips (Clear) Shameless Nail Dipping Powders Nail Art Foil Gold Strass ProDip Prep ProDip Base ProDip Activator ProDip Finish Gel Cuticle Pusher False Nail Clippers Portable E-File Ceramic Drill Bits Portable E-File (cheaper alternative) 100/180 Grit Nail File ProDip Dip Trays O Modelones Gel Glue Modelones Gel Topcoat ~. ~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~ .~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~ .~.~.~ .~ ~.~ CONTACT ME! SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see more COME SAY HELLO! Instagram Inquiries ONLY If you have a product you would like me to review, please feel free to contact me at: ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~ .~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~. MUSIC CREDIT: YouTube Audio Library ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~ .~. ~ ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~ COUPON & DISCOUNT CODES: πŸ’Έ Makartt 15% Off: Discount Code: CHERAEL_SYMONE πŸ’Έ Nail Addict LA 45% Off: Discount Code: Cherael (can be applied by a minimum of 2 gel polishes and please note this will not work when we have automatic sales on the website) 15% Off: Coupon Code: SYMONE15 πŸ’Έ Angel Rose Dips 15% Off: Coupon Code: CheraelSymone15 πŸ’Έ Revel Nail Dip Powders To get 10% off your first Revel Nail purchase Use the link πŸ’Έ Alldashing Press-on nails: Coupon Code: Cherael50 (buy one, get one 50% off) πŸ’ΈMadam Glam 30% off discount: Discount Code: CHERAELSYMONE30 πŸ’ΈBorn Pretty 20% Discount: Discount Code: Cherael20 πŸ’Έ UNIBOUTI 10% Discount: Discount Code: 10Symone DISCLAIMER: Links in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product using the links I provide, I may receive a small commission. There are no additional costs for you! Please support my channel so I can continue to bring you free content every week!

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46 thoughts on “DIP NAILS WITH TIPS | DO's & DON'Ts OF COLOR BLOCKING + GIVEAWAY | SIDE FRENCH DIP POWDER NAILS | Summary of the most detailed 7 star nail dip powder colors knowledge

  1. GoodGirl_ GoneGlam says:

    This is beautiful! I’m going to recreate this tomorrow but instead of the hot pink I’m gonna use Cocoa Coral by Kiara Sky.

  2. Was Lost says:

    I like your video very nice! I like to push back my cuticles clean up OK call area, wipe my nails down with alcohol. I don’t suffer the surface of my natural now, instead I paint on a matte base coat. That helps everything else stick to it without actually have to apply everything to my natural nail!😊

  3. Tamica Sherie says:

    One day I will be brave enough to put my own tips on lol. I’m so inspired by your videos you always deliver hunty! @TamicaSherie

  4. BNAILED says:

    #sherylsimone I think you explained the process fine and I have learnt so much from your website and your really give me the confidence to try different things with my dipping powders

  5. BubbleGumNails says:

    Congratulations whoop whoop You just do gorgeous dip nails girl I love ur videos you have taught me so much from ur videos. IG @bubblegumnails007

  6. Rubii Franco says:

    Love the color-blocking 😍. Please de a video on filling. Your nails always look beautiful after filling them. That is what I struggle with the most. Ig Rubifranco_

  7. Hope2.0 says:

    Beautiful design! Love your tips on color blocking!! TFS! ❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯


    I love these colors together and the design so pretty .. My email is brittanycat1980@gmail

  9. She's Lawnie says:

    I am in love with these, I just started getting into doing my own nails, and dipping seems like the way to goooo!!!!

    My IG: lawni.e

  10. Danielle MacDuff says:

    Like I have said, you ALWAYS pull it all together in the end, such a gorgeous set, I still haven't got the guts to color block or use gems on my nails yet lol, my insta is @Dandelion1964

  11. alana richardson says:

    Yaaaassssss!! Congrats on the 10k! Whenever anyone asks how I learned to do my nails, i always say Cherael and send them the link to your YouTube. @llama_lana92

  12. Ally Xhristi says:

    Definitely absolutely love this set. I did a similar set for a wedding I had to go to but instead of the gold foil I used chunky glitter. Definitely gonna try to color block again! Love love love πŸ’• @al_ly_c :IG.

  13. TaJuanna Lee says:

    Love it! I’m @naturallyteejay on IG. Can’t wait to try some of the new things you have taught me girl

  14. ChanelAthena says:

    Waaah if it wasn't 4AM I'd totally go try to do this to my nails right now lol! Your videos are too addicting, these are gorgeous! @chanelmwah

  15. Regina Clepper says:

    Beautiful set! I would love to see your filing afterwards. I can listen to you all night!

  16. Lore’s nail corner says:

    Gorgeous mani 😍😍😍 thanks for showing the different methods of colourblocking πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  17. π‘‚π‘šπ‘›π‘’π‘¦π‘Ž'𝑠 π‘ŠπΌπ‘†π» says:

    YAY! So happy you did this! have trouble attaching them straight ( the tips I mean). OMG LOL. The gold foil is very helpful to hide tiny imperfections. I do see the "depth" difference on the ring but if you didn't say anything, I wouldn't be looking so hard. Thanks for doing this video

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