Finding your way to youthful skin begins with understanding the skill behind what keeps it tauten, beaming and supple… enter the power of peptides .

Pep Talk
Peptides are chains of amino acids naturally present in our skin, and in turn produce proteins like collagen and elastin. Another way to think of peptides is as the binding agent that keeps your skin firm while renewing damaged hide cells. But over clock, the effects of enviromental damage roll up and the collagen in our skin breaks down, forming wrinkles and a personnel casualty of elasticity. Since peptides are necessity for maintaining beaming, youthful-looking skin, their brawny presence in skin care is invaluable.

The Secret Ingredient…
The ageless complexions of japanese women remain coveted around the world, but as any japanese womanhood would tell you, the clandestine lies in the ancient sustainable rice plant. It ’ sulfur well known rice is a staple food in japanese diets, but what few understand is how rice water system and rice bran are used as key ingredients to achieve youthful, healthy hide. The little grain is packed with an abundance of plant-based peptides that, when applied locally, penetrate into the clamber to stimulate the output of new collagen. The collagen, in bend, fills in the fine lines and wrinkles with newfangled skin cells to promote firm, bright, smoother-looking bark. Before you turn to rice water for a drink in from the spring of youthful skin, DHC ’ s modern Urumai products tap the office of rice in the most potent, effective way to achieve soft, limber, gorgeous skin .
Meet Urumai
The word Urumai comes from “ Urumi, ” meaning moisture and “ Mai ” Japanese for rice. DHC ’ south patented japanese rice peptide convention is created when rice protein is broken into two smaller chains of peptides- Rice peptide type 1 and Rice Peptide type 2. Type 1 helps promote the creation of new clamber cells, lento removing dullness to make way for radiance. Type 2 takes wish of removing damaged peel cells while protecting skin from future free-radical price such as environmental stress. The two peptides work together to reverse cellular telephone damage, revealing beaming, healthy-looking clamber .
Peptide Prep Routine
Although the Urumai regimen works efficaciously for all ages, it ’ mho constantly best to take early on hindrance steps to reduce skin wrong and establish habits with long-range rewards. Your 20 ’ s are the best time to adapt skin care routines as a part of your healthy smasher life style. Each Urumai intersection is formulated with DHC ’ s powerful rice peptide complex along with a host of botanical ingredients that target different bark concerns such as dullness, dry skin and environmental damage .

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here ’ s how you can build a skin care regimen for a life of healthy, beautiful skin
Step 1: Oil Cleanse with Deep Cleansing Oil
Remove impurities like constitution, sunscreen and sebum oil with DHC ’ mho signature Deep Cleansing Oil. Using an oil-based cleasner is the first base substantive dance step of the traditional japanese double cleanse skin care ritual. It ’ mho built on the scientific premise that “ like attracts like. ”
Step 2: Foaming Cleanse with Urumai Soap
The second step involves using a water-based cleansing agent to remove any remaining dirt and debris. This high lathering facial cleasner features four rice-derived ingredients to keep hide hydrated while promoting a smooth, revitalized complexion .
Step 3: Tone with Urumai Lotion
many of us skip this step and question straight for the moisturizer. But for japanese women, this gradation is never passed over. Unlike their western earth equivalents, japanese tone lotions are not astringent at all, but more water-like in consistency. Urumai Lotion is alchohol-free and won ’ metric ton strip your bark. think of it as a premoisturizing footfall acting as a magnet to retain skin moisture, making the moisturizer that follows even more effective. One omnipresent japanese ingredient to highlight is sake ( yup, cheers to glowing clamber ), as it helps clear up skin .
Step 3: Moisturize with Urumai Cream
This light-textured hydrate cream is power-packed with rice ingredients, like DHC ’ randomness rice peptide building complex, along with rice bran extract and rice callosity culture excerpt to provide victor skin-conditioning and moisturization. Botanical oils protect from environmental damage, leaving skin nourished and bedewed. bonus : it can be used day or night .

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