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Hi All, I know I ’ ve been MIA awhile ! Its because I found a caper – and sadly neglected my blog 😦 But its all right ! I will get back to updating my blog and writing more regularly. ever since having an income, I ’ ve been more bequeath to spend on skincare/beauty products. All products shown ( except the sponge and clay mask ) have been purchased during the month of August/October .
From Left to right :
1. Calypso natural make-up remover sponge : Have been using this whenever I wash my face together with Physiogel Face Wash. I feel it removes scandal and oil and left over constitution very well. I got it from Guardian, can ’ thyroxine remember how much for a compact of 4.

2. DHC cleacnea AC supplement: It is specifically for acne care. I have gone through 1 packet containing 60 tabs already. The envisioned one is my second package. I find that while on this supplement the acne that comes out is less aggressive. I have a farseeing battle with acne. still fighting. This does not stop acne but I feel my acne situation is not as bad. It retails for $ 29.90 at Watsons .
3. Daiso Natural Pack : Removes blackheads and dead skin very well. I spread it thickly indeed that it is more ‘ herculean ’ when I peel it off my skin. $ 2 only~
4. Freeman Beautiful Facial Clay Mask Avocado and Oatmeal : This is identical good deep pore facial mask. When I feel that my skin is very greasy. I will use this mask. I find it to be tied better than Lemon version, which leaves my skin spirit very dry. This leaves my skin feel piano and not as dry. This is less than $ 8 at Guardian .
5. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++:  This product is indeed dear for anoint control. Before using this product, whenever I come home from workplace, my bro/sis/mum will say that my skin is so oily, and it can fry an testis. Well I agreed, and I remembered I previously used this product. But strayed to try other similar product for sunday protection/primer that does not work a well. nowadays when I use back this product, I find that its sol good I can get sunday auspices + oil manipulate + makeup base. All in 1 intersection. How convenient is that !

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6. Clean & Clear essentials oil-free moisturizer : This is a very lightweight gel type moisturizer, it contains a small amount of salicylic acid to fight blackheads. well I think its excessively little share to make much dispute. But I like that it is anoint free and I ’ m able to use it before my constitution base, and it is not greasy and would not cause my makeup to move .
7. Klairs Gentle Moist BHA Gel : This product is a clean gel type treatment, it requires you to leave it on your bark for 15 mins or so and wash it off. After which your skin will feel soft. This intersection is good for skin prone to pimples/acne. The remainder can be seen the following day where skin is bright, and original rough outbreaks about to form or any existing blemishes will not proceed to worsen. I feel that is provides antibacterial action to the skin .
And the headliner product for the month is : Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil!
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I have been seeing a draw of advertisements for this merchandise on the newspaper and have remembered checking out this intersection in BHG and it being expensive. But then BHG had 30 percentage off for all products, and I wanted to get an oil type serum for my hair. Debated between this and Loreal extraordinary anoint. And I thought, hey this can be used for body and front, is more multi-purpose, and the olfactory property is OMG AMAZING. so I got this. It was originally $ 40 and I got it for $ 28. So I thought it was a good deal. Have been using it everyday ever since after my showers when my hair is wet. Such a deluxe here and now whenever I use this. The aroma is then good. And it is not greasy ! I use 3 drop and run it through besotted hair, and my hand is never greasy after that. I will blow dry my haircloth and next day my hair is fluent and bright ! I never had my hair then bright before, and casual when I wash my hair I do not feel there is excess product to wash off…. It is love… even my bro likes it. And he keeps stealing it to use it on his hair 🙂 It is decent to use on the body arsenic well. But I like it best for the haircloth 🙂
approve ! Thats all for immediately. And I ’ meter crave for this ice cream NOW. COFFEE FLAVOR, but therefore expensive !
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