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Defined Beard Co Review!

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Defined Beard Co Review!.

pure beard co.

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50 thoughts on “Defined Beard Co Review! | Summary of knowledge about pure beard co most complete

  1. Alex Minassian says:

    Couldn't agree more that the feel is better than the scent. Oddly, I liked the same scent (distinguished caballero) more in the butter than in the oil. Though, scent isn't a major factor for me: I got their unscented (au natural) as well and simply enjoy the feel

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    I bought some. It’s on the way. I went with Sam and ordered the phyco billy. Gotta have an Oud.

  3. JasmyUS says:

    Dan you need to try the Lemon Delight. My goodness it is seriously an amazing scent, like bundt cake with a sweet lemon glaze. Great nighttime scent as well for the butter. I would absolutely buy this scent in a wash and cowash if Defined ever introduced that. I hope this scent sticks around, otherwise will need to stock up!

  4. longbeards chop shop says:

    Just looked at their site. Saw that you can get the oil with choice of delivery method, dropper or restricter cap. That’s cool, I see a lot of guys hating on one or the other. Seems trivial, but shows Defined is really putting in the time to make a product people want!

  5. Leo Sigman says:

    I liked your description of feel in beard and the butter. I'd like a citrus and spice scent, and a Bay Rum scent. I see they offer dispensing by dropper top or orifice reducer with, it seems, no price difference. That is a nice touch. Also a lot to the Psychobilly music genre. Fascinating!

  6. fecaltimebomb says:

    I found your channel about 2 weeks ago. I've had a beard for most of my adult like but didn't get into the grooming lifestyle until recently.
    Your channel has been a game changer. I love your positive energy and depth of information available on this channel. Thanks!

  7. Matt says:

    Awesome video !!! Great info on this company!!! I definitely like the labels on them and the carrier blend !! I would definitely like a nice citrus scent can’t go wrong with that !! And maybe something with vanilla always love that

  8. Rocco Noble says:

    Great review as always Dan.Seems to me the consistency of the butter is comparable to Live Bearded butter.I would like to hear your comment on that comparison.Thanks in advance brother !!!

  9. Blazing Beard Products says:

    Love the no logo bottle. Scent wise, I think as a new company they should come out with a mass appeal type scent with their own twist. Sandalwood Bourbon or Tobacco Vanilla are good jump off scents.

  10. Michael Ramage says:

    I think they need to make a woodsy Smokey marshmallow cent with a hint of vanilla and saddle wood

  11. Mick_ Man says:

    I really love the labels and the product itself so for me it would just b scent. That being said I would reccomend either a tobacco based scent or moderately simple earthy citrus scent. To be specific I would live to see something w grapefruit mahogany n maybe just a splash of vanilla or amber or both

  12. Mick_ Man says:

    Dan I think the sides of your beard are widening it’s actually looking like it’s getting competition ready

  13. Mick_ Man says:

    Ok so idk y but I’m scared to try eucalyptus for some reason. I’ve never tried it n a beard product

  14. Master0fNone says:

    Completely unrelated, yet related. Will you do a review of the new Gun Slinger scent from Live Bearded? I got the notification of the go live date today

  15. Ben Jammin Reviews says:

    Great video Dan. I too love the clean look of Defineds products. Very classy, very professional. Scent profile: I know it’s not your favorite Dan but something like a tobacco, cedar, amber would be amazing. I prefer deep rich long lasting scents that smell very manly. Although lately I’ve found a new love of fruity type profiles. Still my go to is what I call savory scents.

  16. Beard Talk with Kyle & Joe says:

    Nicely done Dan! Seems like a solid company for sure. Totally agree about citrus and even think mixing in some lavendar with that citrus would be $$$

  17. K.C. House says:

    Nice to see a great review of another great beard company. I’m getting quite a long wish list. I’m thinking of maybe a go fund me page for beard products! Lol.

  18. Dirty Hairy says:

    I too love those B&W labels and oil carrier base. I always enjoy when you do videos explaining the purpose and benefits of each product. Scent wise, my pick would be some kind of Tobacco blend with anything but cherry or vanilla, (there are dozens of those already out there). As always, another great video, good sir. Thank you, Teacher!

  19. Bill Murakami Jr. says:

    Another great review Dan.
    Thank you for all your hard work!
    I would be willing to try them if they had more scents.
    I would like to see a leather, tobacco and vanilla scent.

  20. Defined Beard Co. says:

    Thank you Dan! We'd love to hear feedback from your subscribers on scents they'd like to see us release in the future.

  21. Jack Leard says:

    Another great video. I received my Teacher and Grower oil and balm from Fable while I was away on business this week. Can't wait to get home and try them.

  22. MagashiSaizen says:

    I was browsing through Etsy the other day and noticed that there is quite a lot of Beard products in there, are there any companies in the affordable realms that you or anyone reading this would recommend in there?

  23. Lenny beardedbeastdad says:

    Awesome vid as always Dan C. Id like to try a Sandalwood vanilla scent. Really liking the oil bottles. God Bless you and your wonderful family brother.

  24. *BEARDED_VATO* says:

    You know what i can't wait for? 2 things, one the stone mason from beard brand, 2 broke a$$ beard co to come out with a butter!

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