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We review beard products Defined Beard co. Defined Beard co: **DANC15 = 15% Affiliate Discount Code Command’s Corner – The Bearded Community FB Group ⏬️ Dan & Sam’s Esty shop for Shirts, Decals, and more made by Sam: Contact: IG=Email=dan_command@ yahoo .com – ———————————————- – — ——- My Gear: Camera = Canon M50 – Microphone = Lighting = #Beard #Beards #BeardProducts Timestamps: 0:00 = Intro 0:54 = Discount 1:37 = Hemp Seed Oil hemp 2:20 = Conditioner 2:53 = Butter 3:38 = Soap 4:55 = Sam C & Scents 16:21 = Conclusion

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Defined Beard Co 2021 Update – New Scents & Products!

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Defined Beard Co 2021 Update – New Scents & Products!.

pure beard co.

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48 thoughts on “Defined Beard Co 2021 Update – New Scents & Products! | All the most detailed documents pure beard co

  1. Mark Brown 8888 says:

    I’m a soap to man too. I love a defined. Beautiful golden oil, great carrier blend. Love the butter. Amorist is my favorite scent and Deep Pickets is a very very close number 2. Absolutely enjoy Defined. It’s January of 2022, Amorist is my 2021 scent of year. Appreciate you Sam and Dan.

  2. Str8-Bearded says:

    I just got Deep Pockets in yesterday and I absolutely love it. Darn near had an emotional response to how much I'm drawn to this scent. I'm gonna be wearing this one for a long time.

  3. Ronly_Driver says:

    Got my bottle of King's Bounty yesterday and I want to live in the bottle.
    Showed it to a female coworker of mine and she made me give her some to put in her hair.
    Such a great scent!

  4. E. M. says:

    Suede seems like a "gentler" leather scent. Very different from the leather in something like Ruddy's "Ringside". (Which I also love)

  5. E. M. says:

    How strong is the birch scent in the "King's Bounty"? Growing up, all of my Grandma's church friends wore HEAVY birch perfumes, so I just can't do anything with that scent in it. LOL

  6. john jauregui says:

    I might be out on the loop, but Lemon Delight is a home run. I think the scent is just outside the box of other scents. It is such a unique scent. That is my go to fun scent. The scent smells good but don't expect your beard to be all lemony, it smoothly blends in and is not overpowering. That being said, I haven't ordered others from Defined Beard other than the collaboration with Bearded Mack (which was a "grand slam"). I am looking forward to purchasing the other scents from Defined Beard.

  7. nick_c_88 says:

    I absolutely love the beard bar from Kerry. Not to mention the oil and butter is phenomenal. The labeling and over all look is killer too

  8. WesWy Beard Co. says:

    Awesome review. I really hope to try Defined soon. We’re all in this community together; reviewers, companies, Beardsmen. Beard on!

  9. Chris Rhodes says:

    If you like the tobacco/spiced/vanilla type scents….you should try Badass Beard Care – The Outlaw
    It's such a good scent. That , The Ladies Man, and Pirate are my 3 favorite scents. BadassBeardCare also has 100% amazing customer service. I had a couple issues with leaking juice, and I ordered a shirt and it ended up being to small, they told me to keep it and shipped more priority to get to me quick. I've had nothing but great experience with them! I definitely stand by
    behind their products and company!

  10. Brian B says:

    Defined Beard Co is a great company with great scents. My wife loves the food scents. I love the cologne woods scents. I have had Lemon Delight and Amorist. Might have to get the King's Bounty and Beard bar.

    DanC, your voice sounded great.

  11. Josh Steinwand says:

    Psychobilly is still one of my all time favorite barbershop scents. Definitely need to try the others.

  12. Big Duke says:

    Great video Dan! Defined is absolutely awesome. 1626 is my personal favorite and their butter is super solid. Also, soap bar directly to body, no doubt.

  13. Ben Jammin Reviews says:

    Kerry is a great guy also. Distinguished Cabellero was my go to until After Party Came out. I’m behind on my Defined scents. lol.

  14. The Unofficial Ken says:

    Soap to skin. My soap has exfoliating grit in it, so I don't know how a wash cloth would work. Defined needs to make samples. Not a fan of taking a plunge on a full size bottle and hating the scent. These guys and Ruddy need samples, plenty of scents

  15. Ginger D says:

    Great company! This oil always makes my beard feel amazing. This company made me realize how much using high quality ingredients make a difference (compared to using the cheapest oils possible). They don’t use any crazy exotic carrier oils, just really great quality oils that create an amazing feeling oil.

    Also love their soaps and conditioner, definitely going to have to pick up some Kings Bounty, that’s one I haven’t tried yet. I really like Amorist, After Party, 1626 and Psychobilly.

  16. Donald Long says:

    I am with you Dan – bar soap directly to skin! I have just started using Defined Beard Co. I have Amorist oil and Kings Bounty oil & butter based on your previous recommendations. Great feel in beard and that Kings Bounty is awesome. Kerry is a great owner and has really nailed these scents. I was waiting on this review for Deep Pockets to see how you and Sam reacted. I guess I will be getting Deep Pockets to add to my collection. Great update!

  17. Joshua Voies says:

    Soap to skin for life. Looks like defined just got put on my list of must try beard products. Great banter between Dan and Sam. Quality content. Good luck to you and your team.

  18. Phil_thebeardsomm says:

    I am 💯 a bar soap strait on skin man! But I still use a scrubbing sponge to exfoliate certain areas

  19. Bud The Bearded says:

    Awesome video Sam and Dan . Defined has been on my list can’t wait to try them out . Thank you

  20. Jeff says:

    let me get a hit LOL! I love you Dan that had me rolling. I will order some Kings Bounty and Deep pockets!

  21. Kyle Sands says:

    Great video, Dan C! Love me some Defined! Their butter is definitely in my top 3 and it may be my #1…

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