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What is the science behind the reports that apple cider vinegar is good for digestion, skin, and hair?

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Debunking the health myths surrounding apple cider vinegar
Debunking the health myths surrounding apple cider vinegar

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Debunking the health myths surrounding apple cider vinegar.

apple cider vinegar great value.

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30 thoughts on “Debunking the health myths surrounding apple cider vinegar | All knowledge related to apple cider vinegar great value most complete

  1. Zona Eastham says:

    I have no doctor to do this so I do this on my own and it helps me tremendously I've had cancer now for almost 10 years and I'm still living. Also garlic and honey is good you have to let it sit for about 4 to 6 months. And then you can make salad dressings and stuff out of them I'm going to start doing that again

  2. Zona Eastham says:

    I normally do this every morning and replace a coffee and it does me very well and it helps me stay healthy and get healthier fighting cancer right now. Stage 4 bladder kidney

  3. Qcrctga varcesxrfab says:

    How do you drink it? It’s unbearable whenI just dilute it in water. Is it okay if I mix it with a probiotic drink like Yakult? That’s the only way I can take it while pinching my nose. Is it counter productive that way?

  4. Wayne says:

    You're right, it's not a "Magical Elixir." We aren't looking for "Magic." We are looking for something, "Healthy" instead of Pharma's version of "Health."

  5. juan pena says:


  6. juan pena says:

    Keep promoting coke cola and high fructose corn syrup. Why anyone would listen to ABC for health advice is beyond me

  7. JJ JJJ says:

    To be honest, the doctor prescribes some powder in a gel capsule with the words…… take this and see how are you going to feel, come see me after two weeks 🤣🤣🤣 obviously the doctor is not sure, he is guessing, basically trust God and be kind to others 🙂

  8. Linda O says:

    The doctors can't recommend it because there aren't any specific studies. My question is, why aren't there any specific studies??? There are some people that can be harmed by ACV and people recommending treatment with ACV (people on youtube specifically) should preface that fact before recommending it, but they don't.

  9. Andrew Tolan says:

    Apple cider vinegar helps my diabetes digestion leaves me feeling fuller and with a healthy intake of proper food my stomach has toned up. I personally love it for myself. Yes the taste is odd but I think kombucha tastes good and that's an odd flavored beverage on its own

  10. pablo pedro says:

    Why would they spend money to study the positive effects of vinegar when they won’t make money off of it? No wonder they haven’t studied.

  11. Gilbert Hurtado-Miller says:

    All I've heard was all the good things it could help you since I was a kid. Now it's a "health fad" lmfao get bent, these quaks.

  12. GSC 76 says:

    I don’t know about all the health benefits they claim, but I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks for acid reflux and after a few days my reflux was totally gone. I went from taking weeks courses of Prilosec a year and tums and Pepcid in between. Since I started taking the ACV I haven’t taken one antacid pill or chew.

  13. Kozak Outdoors says:

    LOL “it’s really acidic” so therefore take our pills and vaccines for your health instead

  14. Sherwin Dean says:

    Anytime the pockets of their big money hogs in politics and in the pharmaceutical industry feels threatened or interrupted, they then send out the little trickle-down penny grabbers in droves to try and debunk the positive results in natural home remedies handed down from generation to generation. The proven ancient home remedies that worked for generations are now being lost from the people due to greed, the systems of government, are simply draining the people like vampires of whom thirst for blood has no limits.
    The hogs are becoming greedier and greedier than ever, so they put together their panels of propaganda specialists and send them out to speak to the lost souls to simply confuse their natural train of thought to be brainwashed to the point where they remain dependent on the system for direction like sheep 🐏 to a slaughter.
    Whoa unto the shepherds that lead my people a stray, your judgment is nigh said the Lord.

  15. TiffanyD. says:

    I love how dumb they think we are. As if we haven't been known about acv. They just want people to keep paying the medical industry.

  16. LadiVamp says:

    Good morning America is more like good morning “just take our word for it” Americans … nah I don’t think I will subscribe… too bad u won’t put this effort into some real news and benefits Americans need, especially today in 8/2022

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