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McKenzie just had his first recital! She was amazing on that big stage! And so brave too, she even sang alone! See how we do her hair and makeup in a short tutorial! Subscribe to our channel: curl formers curl formers hook More Videos from McKenzie: Fun Time Yoga with Kenzie || ABC’s Home Art Studio Curriculum || UNPACKING! Last day of the first year || End of the year interview July 4 || Yoga fun time || For Kids Curl Formers Just like fudge, our family is mostly sweet but absolutely FULL of nuts! Watch as we share our family’s sweet experiences, wacky adventures, and real moments that just might make you go, “Oh, fudge!” Our videos feature our homeschooled family of five (soon to be 6) as we travel, visit familiar places, try new foods, and vlog about the daily craziness of our lives. Support us by shopping on Amazon! Follow us at Instagram- @thefamilyfudge Twitter- @thefamilyfudge

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Dance Recital || Make-Up & Hair TUTORIAL || Curl Formers
Dance Recital || Make-Up & Hair TUTORIAL || Curl Formers

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Dance Recital || Make-Up & Hair TUTORIAL || Curl Formers.

dance recital hair.

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  1. ayla says:

    I’m watching in 2020 and she looks absolutely ADORABLE 😍!

    Yes. I know what ya’ll are gonna say. “You copied other peoples comments!!”
    Your not 100% wrong. But your not 100% right. It looked like people were just giving compliments on how she looks from the year they watched it.

  2. molly lewis says:

    she did all the curls the wrong way like their ameant to curl out words not towards you face👁👄👁

  3. Sabrina Fauteux says:

    Covid-19 brought me here! She looks like a mini you with the curls and everything!! What a nice throwback to look on!!

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