I love BB creams and cushion compacts made by Korean brands are filled with those. But I honestly distillery haven ’ triiodothyronine found a cushion compress that I truly love. however, I still haven ’ thyroxine stopped myself from buying one, hoping that one day it will be the one. You might be thinking, why ? Well, cushion compacts are actually convenient to bring around, plus they have a mirror so I don ’ t have to bring a pouch mirror that will take another space in my belittled bag ( I don ’ t like bringing huge bags like a typical Tita of the Philippines ). So is this the one ? Keep learn my A ’ Pieu Air Fit Cushion review to know more .
a'pieu air fit cushion review


A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion much comes with a limit edition encase like Doraemon, but this one I have is a Rilkumma edition which is one of the many Sanrio characters, precisely like Hello Kitty. It claims to have a double layer gunpowder that gives satiny skin cover, and flawless constitution expect. The powderize fits on the bark for retentive hours for clean constitution. It contains aloe vera, tea tree ingredient that gently sooth the hide. It is formulated with rose distill 28 % rather of water for skin care. It besides contains collagen and 17 kinds of the amino acidic complex that will give peel elasticity and vitality .
a'pieu air fit cushion review

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APPLICATION: Gently press the shock absorber blow on to the foam to get some product. And then pat it lightly all over your expression a lifelike toned-up skin.

SCENT: It does smell like a little rose water .
PACKAGING: The case is hardy and cunning ! And as expected from cushions compacts, the quilt and the overcharge shock absorber are separated. last, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to remove the credit card cover of the mirror, or else you ’ ll always look bleary .
a'pieu air fit cushion review

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RESULTS: The recipe of the A ’ Pieu Air Fit Cushion is non-sticky, so it ’ s good for those with buttery skin. if you don ’ triiodothyronine like a bedewed spirit, this might not be a shock absorber for you because it has a semi-matte finish up that ends up rather bedewed. Although, it does have a estimable coverage that doesn ’ thyroxine search cakey no matter how many layers you put on your front. Despite that, this is still not the cushion for me because it only has 2 shades ( N21 & N23 ) and the N23 which is the benighted shade is still excessively pale and ash-grey for my peel tone. last, this cushion is not for those with acne-prone clamber because it broke me out .
I ’ megabyte mindful that you have to be very hygeniec on using cushion compacts because the cushions can get bacteria and they kinda grow them ( gross ! ) when they got it, but I assure you I was identical cleanse whenever I use this. I don ’ metric ton apply this when I sweat and always with a newly washed face. But I still got a break after using this in a week .
a'pieu air fit cushion review

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PROS: It has a semi-matte end that ’ s a little bedewed so it ’ mho good for any skin type. It besides has a good coverage, non-sticky and doesn ’ thymine coat. It besides contains rose water system and collagen therefore this cushion doesn ’ triiodothyronine only make you look beautiful, it besides takes care of your skin .
CONS: A ’ Pieu only have 2 shades which are excessively pale and ash-grey for those with brown hide. This is besides not recommended for those with acne-prone bark because you might end up with a break like me .


You can buy this exact A ’ Pieu Air Fit Cushion set with Rilkumma subject in Style Korean for $ 15 only. They ship internationally and offer dislodge international shipping in a certain sum of order .

What do you think of this A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion review? Have you used a cushion compact before? What’s your favorite? Share it all below!

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