We independently research, quiz, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Below, the best cream blushes on the market, nowadays. cream blushes besides come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can find them in adhere form, vitamin a well as options that come in little minor pots. then there ‘s diaphanous, long-wear, and cream-to-powder formulas in good about every color and at every price point. To help make it easier to find the right one for you, we hand-picked the top options across all the board. If you ‘re looking to achieve that fresh-looking, lit-from-within glow, cream blush is a must. Creamy formulas make it easy to add a natural-looking bloom, and unlike their powdery counterparts, they ‘re hydrating, much nourish, and super blendable. Plus, many can be applied with your fingers, which makes them ideal for on-the-go makeup.

If you want something that ‘ll last all day ( and possibly even all night ), we suggest this blush stick from L’Oréal ‘s infallible line. This long-wear cream blushing mushroom is formulated to hold solid for up to 24 hours. It wo n’t cake, furrow, or fall flat throughout the day, and you can count on a beaming, flushed complexion for hours on end. For a flatness effect, scope for this double-sided blushing mushroom from Nudestix. The soft cream glides onto your skin and leaves a non-greasy, velvet smooth finish. After dabbing it onto your cheeks, flip it over and blend with the attach brush. Glossier ‘s Cloud Paint is the best sheer cream blush around. The user-friendly, buildable gel convention contains blurring pigments for a placid, soft-focus effect. “ It wo n’t set, so it allows you to move it and stretch it the way you want and can be applied on top of foundation or bare skin, ” says Ali. This bloom comes in eight seriously sandbag colors and goes on sheer. It leaves you naturally flushed, glowing skin, like you stepped outdoor good as the sunlight was setting. With 12 highly pigmented color options ( including purples, reds, oranges, pinks, browns, and golds ), Vision Flush decidedly offers the best range of shades. But that ‘s not all this blush has going for it. The highly pigment creamy fluid formula can be used on your impudence, eyes, and lips. It goes on smoothly and creates a semi-matte, satiny complete that highlights your best features. These Brushes Are Guaranteed to Make Your Blush Look Better Sugar Rush Beach Cheeks is a great pick for those with fair complexions. It comes in two pink shades—one blushful and the other peachy—that leave your buttock with a flirty, flushed eat up. With avocado oil, shea butter, and mango source butter, this cream blush leaves your skin ultra-soft, hydrated, and ready for your close-up. This two-in-one product from Stila works as both a skim blush and a lip color. It comes in a few colors, including a brown rose, a nude mauve, and a peachy brown, which flatter medium bark tones. And the fresh pigment blends into your cheekbones for a beaming flush. We ‘re besides big fans of the multi-tasking blush and illuminator stick from Wander Beauty. The coral pinks and berry-inspired shades are ideal for olive skin tones. They go on diaphanous but are notably buildable, so you can get the arrant insidious or graphic coloring material you crave. then you can use the light-reflecting highlighter to enhance your complexion with a bedewed shininess. For those with black clamber, we recommend the Multistick from HAN. It comes in several flatter, berry-inspired hues with bronze, pink, and purple undertones. With shea butter, acai oil, argan oil, coconut cream, and other earth-sourced ingredients, it ‘s hydrating and actually good for your skin. The covenant stand by is ideal for on-the-go applications, excessively. Ali appreciates the clean convention and unique box of this versatile merchandise. “ It is packed with pigment, can be used on the buttock and lips angstrom well, with fingers or with a brush, ” she says. This multi-purpose skim blush comes in a chic short compact. Though it ‘s notably bantam, a little goes a long way. besides, it ‘s made with minimal ingredients and does n’t contain any man-made preservatives like sulfates and parabens. Like all products from Honest Beauty, the ingredients in Crème Cheek have been cautiously selected. This natural, cruelty-free product is made with alimentary castor vegetable oil, beeswax, and yield extracts to moisturize the skin while delivering the perfect touch of color. It blends easily and comes in a few versatile, buildable colors. You ca n’t talk about the best blushes without mentioning NARS. The stigmatize is well-known for its Orgasm powdered blush, but if you have n’t tried its cream blushing mushroom, this might be a effective time to add it to your arsenal. The Multiple comes in a handy little perplex and is available in six colors ( including the shimmery golden-peach Orgasm tad ). It ‘s easy to apply, blends effortlessly, and leaves your cheekbones with a velvet smooth, warm radiance. This illusion blush from Clé de Peau Beauté is on the costly side, but it might be worth a splurge if you can swing it. The high creamy formula contains a low-viscosity vegetable oil, a medium-viscosity oil, and a volatile oil to deliver the smoothest finish. As for the color, each of the four shades offers a perfective kiss of a natural-looking flush. You can create a bluff, limber effect or build up to a more strike imbue. Another low-cost cream we ‘re loving is Maybelline ‘s Cheek Heat. This water-based rouge glides effortlessly onto your skin and leaves behind a diaphanous hint of pigmentation. “ The mousse formula will give the boldness precisely a top of semblance, ” says Ali. It wo n’t actually heat your cheek, but you can expect a flirty flush effect like you ‘ve been sitting by a fire or have just finished a cocktail. On a budget ? No sweat ! The monochromatic Multi-Stick from e.l.f. comes in a handful of stun colors and provides your cheek with a soft, slightly shimmery partake of color. You can besides dab it onto your eyelids or lips for a cohesive glow. This blush is besides favorite of MUA Andreea Ali, who appreciates that it ‘s available in a “ antic stove of colors, has a satin finish, is extremely easy to use, and blends like a dream ! ” From purples and oranges to pinks, peaches, and bronze browns, there ‘s something for every skin tone. Rihanna ‘s makeup and skin care lines have been dominating the cosmetics market as of former, so it should be no storm Fenty ‘s offer is our number one option. This non-greasy, never sticky, brilliantly lightweight cream bloom melts onto your cheeks and enhances your complexion, leaving a natural-looking blush of color in its wake island.

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Final verdict

The best cream blush overall is Fenty Beauty ‘s Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush, on account of its ultra-lightweight, non-sticky formula and natural-looking, complexion-enhancing color options. Having said that, e.l.f. Cosmetics monochromatic Multi-Stick is a reasonably impressive product besides. It delivers a cushy, illuminating hint of color and will alone set you back a few bucks .

What To Look For in a Cream Blush


When selecting a cream blush, the most crucial thing is finding a flatter shadow. Some people like to switch up their bloom color depending on their outfit or climate, but most have a go-to color. “ Get a cream blush that complements the skin shade, ” says makeup artist Kemi Kings. “ The black the clamber, the deeper the cream blush. ”

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Another important expression of cream blush is the finish. When choosing from unlike textures and formulas, consider your skin character, a well as the look you ‘re going for. “ When choosing a skim blush, just like with foundation, you need to tailor it to your own needs … You can have different finishes like matte, satin, or slenderly shimmery, so it all depends on your preference, ” says Ali. “ If you have greasy skin, I suggest you use formulas that are a bit more acute in pigment because oily skin tends to ‘melt ‘ all cream products. ”


additionally, you ‘ll besides want to opt for a buildable recipe. even identical highly pigment blushes can go on plain for those who prefer a insidious effect and allow you to slowly lend merchandise for a more graphic flush .


  • How do you apply cream blush?

    You can dab it on with your fingers, tap it on with a makeup mooch or use a traditional blush brush. many come in sticks, which makes them super slowly to apply to your cheeks .

  • Can you apply cream blush over powder foundation?

    generally speaking, cream blushes should be paired with liquid foundations, and powder blushes should be paired with powderize foundations. however, if you ‘re using a powder initiation or a put powder, it ‘s best to apply your cream blush first to avoid coat and wrinkle .

  • How do you make cream blush last longer?

    While we do n’t recommend applying a cream blushing mushroom on top of a powder initiation, you can apply powder blush in a similar hue over your cream blush. exchangeable to setting powders, this will help lock in the color and provide you with a long-wear finish up.

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