2009 American film
Coraline is a 2009 american stop-motion animated horror film written and directed by Henry Selick and based on Neil Gaiman ‘s novelette of the same mention. [ 5 ] Produced by Laika as the studio ‘s first feature film, it features the part talents of Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David, John Hodgman, Robert Bailey Jr., and Ian McShane. The film tells the fib of its titular character discovering an idealize latitude universe behind a mystery door in her newly home, unaware that it contains a dark and baleful secret. The film was stagily released in the United States on February 6, 2009 by Focus Features after a populace premier at the Portland International Film Festival, [ 6 ] and received universal acclaim. The film grossed $ 16.85 million during its opening weekend, ranking third at the box office, [ 7 ] and by the end of its run had grossed over $ 124 million cosmopolitan, making it the third base highest-grossing stop-motion film of all time after Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The film won Annie Awards for Best Music in an animize sport Production, Best Character Design in an animated feature Production and Best Production Design in an animate feature Production, and received nominations for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.


Neglected by her workaholic parents, Coraline Jones struggles to adapt to her new biography in the Pink Palace Apartments in Ashland, Oregon. She meets the landlady ‘s grandson, Wyborne “ Wybie ” Lovat, and a isolated bootleg cat. Later, Wybie retrieves a button-eyed ragdoll that eerily resembles Coraline from his grandma ‘s trunk and gives it to her. The doll guides Coraline to a little door in the apartment ‘s living board that has a bricked up wall behind it. That night, a mouse wakes Coraline up and guides her to the door, which is now a portal vein moderate to a latitude universe that resembles the real number worldly concern. Coraline then meets her other Mother and Father, button-eyed doppelgängers of her parents who appear more attentive and lovingness. She returns home the next dawn, where Wybie recounts the disappearance of his great aunt. Coraline ‘s neighbors, Sergei Alexander Bobinsky, an eccentric Chernobyl murderer -turned-gymnast who owns a mouse circus, and retired burlesque actresses April Spink and Miriam Forcible, cryptically warn her about at hand risk. Despite the warnings, Coraline visits the other World doubly more. There, she, accompanied by the muffle other Wybie, is entertained by the proportion ‘s doppelgängers of her neighbors and meets the cat, who has the abilities to traverse between the real world and the other World and speak in the latter. On the one-third visit, the other Mother offers Coraline the opportunity to stay in the other World permanently, in exchange for having buttons sew over her eyes. Horrified, Coraline tries to escape back to her world, but the other Mother prevents her from doing sol and imprisons her in a room behind a mirror. There, she meets the ghosts of the early Mother ‘s victims, one of them being Wybie ‘s capital aunt, who all call her the Beldam. They recount how the Beldam used the ragdoll, each time designed after the victim in doubt, to spy on them and lure them into the other World. After they accepted the Beldam ‘s offer of having buttons sewn over their eyes, she robbed them of their souls. The ghosts tell Coraline that the lone way they can be freed is by retrieving the essences of the souls, which the Beldam has hidden throughout the other World. After Coraline promises to do so, she is rescued by the early Wybie, who helps her restitution home. Upon her return, Coraline discovers that the Beldam has kidnapped her parents, forcing her to return to the other World. Accompanied by the big cat, Coraline proposes a game to the Beldam : if she can find her parents and the essences of her past victims ‘ souls, they will all go release ; if not, she will finally accept the Beldam ‘s offer. The Beldam agrees and Coraline searches for the soul ‘ essences, during which she discovers that the Beldam murdered the other Wybie for his defiance. As she finds each of the person ‘s essences, parts of the other World turn lifeless, leading to the entire dimension, except for the survive board, finally disintegrating. Coraline then encounters the Beldam in her true arachnid -like imprint. One of the ghosts tell Coraline that the Beldam will not honor their bargain. Using this advice, Coraline tricks the Beldam into opening the door to the real populace by claiming that her parents are behind it. After Coraline distracts the Beldam by throwing the caterpillar at her and rescues her parents, who are trapped in a snow globe. Coraline narrowly escapes through the doorway with the Beldam in pastime and severs the Beldam ‘s correct hand with it in the march. Back home, Coraline reunites with her parents, who have forgotten about their appropriate. That night, the ghosts appear in Coraline ‘s pipe dream and thank her for freeing them, but warn her that the Beldam is still after the key needed to unlock the door. Coraline decides to drop the samara down an erstwhile well, but the Beldam ‘s sever handwriting attacks her. Wybie soon arrives and, after a conflict, destroys the hand by dropping a big rock on it. The duet then toss the key and the hand ‘s remnants into the well and seal it. The next day, Coraline and her parents host a party for their neighbors, including Wybie ‘s grandma, whom Coraline and Wybie prepare to tell her about her missing sister ‘s destiny .

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Voice cast


Coraline [ was ] a huge risk. But these days in animation, the safest bet is to take a risk. ”

– Henry Selick [ 8 ] Director Henry Selick met author Neil Gaiman merely as Gaiman was finishing the novel Coraline, and given that Gaiman was a fan of Selick ‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas, he invited him to make a possible film adaptation. As Selick thought a direct adaptation would lead to “ possibly a 47-minute movie ”, his screenplay had some expansions, such as the universe of Wybie, who was not introduce in the original novel. When looking for a design away from that of most liveliness, Selick discovered the work of japanese illustrator Tadahiro Uesugi and invited him to become the concept artist. One of Uesugi ‘s biggest influences was on the color palette, which was muted in reality and more colorful in the other World, similar to The Wizard of Oz. [ 9 ] Uesugi declared that “ at the begin, it was supposed to be a small project over a few weeks to just create characters ; however, I ended up working on the project for over a class, finally designing sets and backgrounds, on peak of drawing the basic images for the story to be built upon. ” [ 10 ] Coraline was staged in a 140,000-square-foot ( 13,000 m2 ) warehouse in Hillsboro, Oregon. [ 8 ] [ 11 ] The stage was divided into 50 lots, [ 12 ] which played host to closely 150 sets. [ 8 ] Among the sets were three miniature victorian mansions, a 42-foot ( 12.8 thousand ) apple grove, and a model of Ashland, Oregon, including bantam details such as banners for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. [ 11 ] More than 28 animators worked at a time on rehearsing or shooting scenes, producing 90–100 seconds of finish animation each week. [ 13 ] To capture stereoscopic vision for the 3D release, the animators shot each frame of reference from two slightly apart camera positions. [ 9 ] Every object on screen was made for the film. [ 9 ] The gang used three 3D printing systems from Objet in the exploitation and production of the film. Thousands of high-quality 3D models, ranging from facial expressions to doorknobs, were printed in 3D using the Polyjet matrix systems, which enable the fast transformation of CAD ( computer-aided plan ) drawings into high-quality 3D models. [ 14 ] The puppets had separate parts for the upper and lower parts of the head that could be exchanged for unlike facial expressions, [ 9 ] and the characters of Coraline could potentially exhibit over 208,000 facial expressions. [ 14 ] Computer artists composited separately-shot elements together, or added elements of their own, which had to look handcrafted alternatively of computer-generated – for case, the flames were done with traditional animation and painted digitally, and the fog was dry ice. [ 9 ] At its bill, the film involved the efforts of 450 people, [ 8 ] including from 30 [ 11 ] to 35 [ 8 ] animators and digital designers in the Digital Design Group ( DDG ), directed by Dan Casey, and more than 250 technicians and designers. [ 11 ] One crowd member, Althea Crome, was hired specifically to knit miniature sweaters and other clothe for the creature characters, sometimes using knitting needles adenine dilute as human hair. [ 8 ] The clothes besides simulated wear using paint and a file. [ 9 ]

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The soundtrack for Coraline features songs composed by French composer Bruno Coulais, with one ( “ other father Song ” ) by They Might Be Giants. The other Father ‘s singe voice is provided by John Linnell, one of the singers from the band. They had initially written 10 songs for the film ; when a melancholy tone was decided, all but one were cut. Coulais ‘ score was performed by the hungarian Symphony Orchestra and features chorale pieces sung by the Children ‘s Choir of Nice in a nonsense speech. [ 15 ] Selick mentions that the main soloist, “ a young female child you hear singing in several parts of the film, ” is coincidentally named Coraline. [ 15 ] Coraline won Coulais the 2009 Annie Award for best score for an enliven feature .

No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. “Sirens of the Sea” Michele Mariana  
2. “Other Father Song” John Linnell  
3. “Nellie Jean” Kent Melton  
4. “Dreaming” Bruno Coulais, Teri Hatcher & The Children’s Choir of Nice  


Coraline was theatrically released on February 6, 2009. [ 4 ]

family media

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States on July 21, 2009, by Universal Studios Home Entertainment. A three-d version comes with four sets of three-d glasses—specifically the green-magenta anaglyph picture. Coraline was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom on October 12, 2009. A three-d adaptation of the film was besides released on a 2-Disc Collector ‘s Edition. The DVD opened to first week sales of 1,036,845 and over $ 19 million in tax income. entire sales stand at over 2.6 million units and over $ 45 million in gross. [ 4 ] A two-disc Blu-ray 3D set, which includes a stereoscopic 3D on the first base disk and an anaglyph 3D image, was released in 2011. A new version from shout ! factory under license from Universal was released on August 31, 2021. [ 16 ]

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early media

The web site for Coraline involves an synergistic exploration game where the actor can scroll through Coraline ‘s world. It won the 2009 Webby Award for “ Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics ”, both by the people and the Webby organization. It was besides nominated for the Webby “ Movie and Film ” class. [ 17 ] On June 16, 2008, D3 Publisher announced the acquittance of a television game based on the film. It was developed by Papaya Studio for the Wii and PlayStation 2 and by Art Co. for Nintendo DS. It was released on January 27, 2009, close to the film ‘s theatrical exhaust. [ 18 ] The soundtrack was released digitally February 3, 2009, by E1 Music, and in stores on February 24, 2009 .


Box office

According to Paul Dergarabedian, a film business analyst with Media by Numbers, for the film to succeed it needed a box office comparable to Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which had grossed $ 16 million its opening weekend and ended up making more than $ 192 million worldwide ; anterior to the movie ‘s secrete, Dergarabedian think Laika Studios “ should be truly please ” were Coraline to make $ 10 million in its possibility weekend. [ 11 ] In its US first step weekend, the film grossed $ 16.85 million, ranking third at the box office. [ 7 ] It made $ 15 million during its second weekend, bringing its U.S. total up to $ 35.6 million, $ 25.5 million of which came from 3D presentations. [ 19 ] As of November 2009, the movie has grossed $ 75,286,229 in the United States and Canada and $ 49,310,169 in other territories, for a total of $ 124,596,398 worldwide. [ 3 ]

critical response

On the recapitulation collection web site Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an approval rat of 90 % based on 270 reviews, with an median rat of 7.80/10. The web site ‘s critical consensus reads, “ With its vivid stop-motion vivification combined with Neil Gaiman ‘s imaginative fib, Coraline is a movie that ‘s both visually stun and wonderfully entertain. ” [ 20 ] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 80 out of 100 based on reviews from 38 critics, indicating “ broadly favorable reviews ”. [ 21 ] Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four, calling it “ a beautiful film about several cruddy people ”, adenine well as “ nightmare fodder for children, however brave, under a certain age. ” [ 22 ] David Edelstein said the movie is “ a bona fide fagot fib “ that needed a “ touch less entrancement and a touch more … floor. ” [ 23 ] A. O. Scott of The New York Times called the film “ finely realized, ” with a “ slower pace and a more contemplative tone than the novel. It is surely stimulate, but preferably than race through always noisier typeset pieces toward a feverish climax in the manner of thus much liveliness aimed at kids, Coraline lingers in an atmosphere that is creepy, wonderfully foreign and entire of palpate. ” [ 24 ]


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