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The Continental MAXContact MC6 has been officially launched, and naturally it replaces the MC5 which has been a widely practice product as a surrogate tire and OE adjustment. The most important advancements given to the fresh MC6 are reduced braking distance on dry and wet roads, superior handle, and better mileage .
The other improvement added is that the MC6 now has a sporty put compared to the old MC5. This was demonstrated during the launch event/tyre screen earlier today held at Sepang where the product was fitted to the Mercedes GLA and the more athletic BMW 330e and Mercedes C Class .
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The MC6 is however another generation 6 product from the german sur manufacturer after last year ’ second UC6 and CC6. The MC6 is made in Alor Setar, Malaysia, and by early next year should be available in the entire crop of planned sizes of between 16 edge and 20 edge ( the latter is imported from Europe ). But most sizes are already available at retailers or tire garages .
Product highlights of the Continental MAXContact MC6 :
Multifunctional Tread Design : enhances grip and handling while reducing braking distances in besotted and dry conditions. Its practice enables utmost fascinate where condom count, and cornering amphetamine. It besides helps to give maximum stability and shorter braking distances .
Adaptive Grip Compound : enables superior bobby pin levels that interlock with the road ’ s open. The compound is claimed to work into the road surface at nanometer scale .
Xtreme Force Construction : during hard corner and high speed drive, the stiffness of the Xtreme-Force ply material reduces tyre flexing and provides utmost dominance and better cover. At lower accelerate the adaptive ply material retains tractability for a more comfortable drive.

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Short tyre test: first impressions
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Hardly a surprise that rival tyres are used as benchmark during the MC6 exploitation, but the MC5 was besides a establish to work with. For that, we can say for certain that the new MC6 is decidedly better during braking on a wet surface .
The wet braking test of the new sur was done against the MC5, which clearly revealed – one guesstimate here – a short required braking distance by at least a meter. May not sound like much but in an emergency position it could be the dispute between safety or collision. Or worse, life and death .
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early tire test exercises included a slalom course and laps around Sepang ’ s confederacy track. For this we were equipped with Mercedes GLAs, not quite the machinery desirable for this type of work but the MC6 was up to the tax. Again, it would be better if there was more meter for a proper screen, but the signs are good. And if there ’ second precisely one quality that impressed me most, it would be wet brake. The MC6 is merely a clear step up from the MC5.

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Continental tire was cryptic when it came to this. Their argue is that they ( Continental ) does not set a monetary value for the dealers/retailer, therefore prices will vary at the different shops or outlets. For now, we ’ ll have to take their word for it. personally, I see a price increase for the elementary excuse that that ’ s one argue why new products are introduced in the first invest. [ * We ‘ve received word that tire companies can not set prices as this is against the Competition Act. ]

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