Continental UC6 vs MC6 Continental UC6 vs MC6: Continental ’ s soap contact 6 is a well known product which serves the touring segment with tire sizes predominantly from 17″-19″ column inch. While the extremist contact 6 serves besides the 16″-20″ edge marketplace. Hence it is ineluctable that there will some overlap sizes. From our price table, we found out there is a sum of 10 tire sizes which both UC6 and MC6 overlapped each other. therefore from consumer detail of see, how would you choose ? Let ’ s have a closer expression in the main differences of both tires in this station. The comparison below shows the EU label comparison which was taken from the label number of the UC6 & MC6 tires in Korea .

Wet Braking

Continental Ultra Contact 6 ( UC6 ) : B Continental Max Contact 6 ( MC6 ) : A

With both UC6 & MC6 boasting their short wet braking distances in their market material, which one is better ? MC6 is one class degree above UC6 being the better wet braking tire compared with UC6 .

Rolling Resistance

Continental Ultra Contact 6 ( UC6 ) : C Continental Max Contact 6 ( MC6 ) : D In regards to rolling resistance, UC6 is has the upper bridge player here being 1 course higher compare to MC6 with a tag “ C ” rat. hence when it comes to fuel saving UC6 has more potential compared to MC6 .

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UTQG wear rating

Continental Ultra Contact 6 ( UC6 ) : 340

Continental Max Contact 6 ( MC6 ) : 340 Both of them have the lapp UTQG wear rating. Hence it I would expect the UC6 & MC6 to be slightly similar in terms of their wear performances .

Price (Aug-2021)

215/50R17 Continental Ultra Contact 6 ( UC6 ) : RM 435 215/50R17 Continental Max Contact 6 ( MC6 ) : RM 445 MC6 is priced RM10 more compare to UC6 when comparing the tire size 215/50 R17. This is somehow justifiable by its commodity wet braking performances and besides current premium touring tireline condition. For the latest bore price comparison, be certain to check out price board or app.

Is Continental UC6 quiet?

Based on the revue from UC6 matches the lapp noise level as the Michelin ’ s and most of them think it is a silence tire .

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overall, both tires are very good in wet brake while the MC6 is a class better than UC6. Things were slenderly flipped when it comes to rolling immunity as UC6 is one classify flush better than MC6. While MC6 has a higher UTQG wear rat, it is a more expensive compare to UC6. In a nut shell, if you can spare a copulate more bucks and moisture brake is identical authoritative to you than MC6 is your run down choice. If not UC6 ’ randomness performance is not besides moth-eaten either. 🙂

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