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A lot of people consider the Contax T2 as one of the greatest covenant point-and-shoot film cameras always created. Its balance combination of style, performance, and quality makes it one of the most sought film cameras tied up to this day. Just think — a camera still being sold at a resale value that ’ s sometimes higher than its original cost. few cameras have that lasting effect on the market .
Contax T3 © Tomohisa Suna via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license
But that ’ s not where the report ends. Contax decided to do a follow-up to their wide successful point-and-shoot television camera and the resultant role was the Contax T3. It ’ s a compact point-and-shoot film camera that stays truthful to the design ethos of its harbinger. The T3 ’ s body is made of titanium, making it incredibly light and durable. While it is a little television camera, the T3 still manages to feel substantial in the hands. Controls are relatively easy to find although they may be a bit finical to adjust given the size of the buttons .
The T3 had to do good by the bequest of its older sibling so Contax decided that the newer iteration of the T2 had to carry a good lens. And it did. The Contax T3 has a 35 millimeter f/2.8 Zeiss Sonnar lens that creates images with exceeding quality. Photos taken with the Contax T3 are chip and clean. Paired with its manual control and you ’ ve got a quite dependable everyday shot. The T3 besides comes with a variety of control settings like exposure compensation, a clear finder, and a responsive focus system that adds to the overall inject experience.

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Contax T3 © Wutthichai Charoenburi via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license
The Contax T3 is the very definition of “ point-and-shoot. ” It ’ s a authentic musical composition of gear that comes with different modes that you can set advance. Set the mode to the shooting stipulate you ’ re in and you ’ ra set. No need to worry about your images that much. The Contax T3 will do the workplace for you. While that may sound pleasing for a batch of people, they may get dismayed by the monetary value of the camera. A unit today can set you back equally much as 1000 to 1,500 USD depending on the quality of the camera. costly ? Yes, but to some collectors and fans of the Contax compact cameras, it ’ mho just price they have to pay to enjoy this finely tune camera.

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Photos Taken by Our Community with the Contax T3

Technical Specifications

Type: 35 mm in full automatic lens-shutter autofocus camera with built-in flash
Image Size: 24 x 36 millimeter
Lens: Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 35 millimeter f/2.8, 6 elements in 4 groups
Aperture: f/2.8 to f/16
Focusing Range: 0.35 megabyte to eternity
Shutter: At “ P ” sic : 16 sec – 1/200 second ( 1/500 secant at open aperture f/2.8 ), LT setting 1-180 secant
Exposure Control: Programmed AE, aperture-priority AE
Automatic Exposure Range: EV-1 -EV18 ( ISO 100 )
Metering: Two-part external ignite meter with SPD element
Exposure Compensation: +/-2 EV ( in ⅓ EV gradation ). Can be set to ½ EV step in custom functions
Film Speed: Automatic adjust ( by DX contacts ) in range ISO 25-5000. Non-DX film mechanically set for ISO 100.
Focusing: External passive autofocus with AF help light and focus lock function. Can be set to manual focus by mood button.
Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean finder, Magnification ratio 0.5x, Viewfinder coverage : 85 % of actual video area ( at 3 meters )
Viewfinder Display: Picture sphere frame of reference, closeup frame, macro indicator, focus frame, exposure recompense indicator, concentrate display, dart indicator, shutter speed
LCD Monitor: Flash manner indicator ( car flaunt, car red-eye reduction dart, no flash, stand-in ostentation, night portrait flare. )
Operating modes : exposure compensation manner and compensation value ; self-timer manner and stay meter ; custom function manner and token no ; long-time manner and set time ; focus setting mode and set distance ; barrage power display ; exposure counterpunch
Film Loading: Auto load, automatic advance to frame no 1
Film Transport: Automatic single-frame exposure
Film Rewinding: Auto-return, auto-stop, mid-roll rewind possible
Exposure Counter: LCD display, automatic-resetting additive type
Self-timer: Electronic type with ten-second or two-second delay, cancellable
Flash: Built-in ; flashmatic and guide-number control
Recharging Time: About 3 second ( at convention room temperature with newfangled batteries ; in accordance with Contax testing standards )
Custom Functions: 1 ) film leader condition after rewind ; 2 ) lens focusing placement hold clock time ; 3 ) exposure compensation accommodate prison term ; 4 ) exposure recompense step ; 5 ) AFL button function ; 6 ) focus lock halt time ( AFL button ) ; 7 ) manual concenter have time
Camera Back: Opens via camera back spill knob
Battery: 3V lithium barrage ( CR2 ) : 1
capacity : about 12 rolls of 24-exposure movie ( at normal room temperature with raw batteries ; in accordance with Contax testing standards ), 50 % flaunt
Data Imprint: Date, time
Dimensions: 105 W x 63 H x 30.5 D
Weight: 230 thousand without battery
All information used in this article was sourced from 35mmc, Shoot Tokyo, Broken Camera Club, Trenton Michael, Contax Cameras, and Butkus Camera Manuals .
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