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Have you taken the time to calm down and know that God is with you through the difficulties of life? Can you find peace in the midst of all the chaos around you? This song is especially meaningful at a time when people are going through major changes in their lives due to a global pandemic and social unrest. The lyrics to the song, which was written by New Zealander Shirley Murray, were published in 1992. Since it first appeared in modern hymns, it has become a touchstone of peace and spiritual calm for many communities of nuns. The text of the hymn has found its way into informational pamphlets on maze and prayer garden walks, chapel dedications, personal devotional materials, and many worship services. The first verse speaks of our deepest desire for peace in the midst of the storm. It is well suited to be a call to worship, a call to prayer, or a central experience. Reading all the verses, individually and together, it is obvious that finding the quiet center of our being is only the beginning of the journey. The second verse opens with a journey inward, embracing silence and slowing down the frenetic pace of life. It is an invitation to focus on the most intimate parts of our being, invoking the name of God who “speaks to us and names us”, who “knows our being, touches the bottom”. On the next line, however, the focus moves. We are still working within ourselves, but instead of just being, we are preparing for the work ahead of us, as we prepare to meet the challenges of faith. It is a reminder that while it is tempting to remain in the safety of these reserved moments of peace, life’s challenges remain, and ultimately we must prepare to meet these challenges with a new sense of strength. The third verse sends us with the Holy Spirit into the world of pain, love, and fear as it reminds the traveler that when we are “open to another’s pain” and when we “let our loves and fears unravel,” we gain space. for the novelty of being. We are not called to live in isolation with our peace and quiet, but to share the fullness of life’s experiences with others along the way. By sharing the pain, joy and fear of life, there is “room for the deepest dreams” and, with the Spirit, “there is always room to share”. He shows us the gift of peace in chaos, but then asks us to draw strength from this peace, from this connection with the Spirit, to face the challenges and triumphs of the Christian journey. This arrangement of “Come and Find the Quiet Center” has a Celtic feel to it and was performed by 70×7 founder BJ Collins on July 31, 2020.

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Come And Find The Quiet Center
Come And Find The Quiet Center

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Come And Find The Quiet Center.

come and find a quiet center.

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