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HEY GOLDEN SOULS ✨👋🏾 P roducts used: Mizani Moisture Fusion Shampoo Adore Shades: Paprika #72 Intense Red #71 #naturallyendia #colortransformation #naturalhair Follow my social networks to follow me 🤟🏾 Previous videos: TWIST OUT Curly PATTERN BEAUTY REVIEW TEINDRE LES PELO IN RED WITH HAIR PAINT WASH & GO PERFECTLY DEFINED BLONDE CURLY HAIR ROUTINE Hair Color Transformation SEND ME PROMOTIONS, SPONSORSHIPS, COLLABORATIONS ❤️

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rich amber hair color.

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41 thoughts on “COLOR TRANSFORMATION on Natural Hair| UNDER $10 | Summarize the content related to rich amber hair color the most complete

  1. Ashley Toussaint says:

    I do love it it’s so beautiful your hair is amazing. I’m wanting to do this tone for the fall so beautiful

  2. Jessica Keel says:

    😍 you are pretty and I love this color hun!! Brought the two colors and will be trying them out on Saturday morning.

  3. Mercedes-BenzBentleyRangerover says:

    Oh dear, please I was busy looking at comments and missed Thank God I can watch again, I watch 4

  4. Mercedes-BenzBentleyRangerover says:

    I have lot of grey hair, will this working for grey hair? But it is beautiful for you😩😩

  5. d1mples91 says:

    Very beautiful, that color came out great on you. That color it suits you. I was going to color my hair also. I was going to go for a purple and Rudy red color.

  6. Katrice Jones says:

    I literally just got done doing everything u did and my hair still looks black . Looks like all the color got rinsed out . My hair looks completely black and idk what to do because I don’t want to bleach my hair

  7. Katrice Jones says:

    My hair is black . Do you think I will have the same results ? Or should I buy a blonde hair dye to lighten my hair then do the adore dyes ??

  8. FeedmeJuice says:

    Lol I’m about to do this tonight and I’m already scared 😭😭😭😭 my hair is super full but it’s only shoulder length. I better look just as cute. Also I had no plans to do this, this just happen to be on my TL 😂 already got my dye

  9. Evern Dickerson says:

    i really love that color hope mine turn out like that cause my hair is Black. dnt like bleaching.

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