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Every nox before bed I would look at my face and say that I am besides bore to wash my face and my confront should n’t even be dirty. This farce is charming. It ‘s firm & easy. I did n’t wear any makeup and was n’t outside at all today and I wiped my confront with this intersection on a cotton pad and this is what it looked like.. NASTY, but atleast the merchandise got my front feeling cleanse again ! ! P.S- my skin is not greasy at all

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Ugh, the floaters!

I was ticket with this intersection when I first used it. It does its subcontract well – cleans your face thinly and smoothly without overdrying. The merely problem is that after that first function, my bottle began ‘growing ‘ little white bizarre colonies of floaters. I ‘m surprise this happened. I work in healthcare so I ‘m well-aware of contamination of bottle products. When I first used the merchandise, I did not touch the opening in any way – I merely poured it on to a cotton ball ( did not place the cotton ball in contact with the open ). silent, contaminant seems to have occurred. I can only surmise that the floaters are bacteria or something of the like. If anyone else has any penetration into this, please let me know. I have n’t used the merchandise since that first use. I ‘m besides fearful that the things floating in the water system may be harmful to my hide.

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Reading: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover | Ulta Beauty

Reviewed by 1346 customers

i love it

5 kiaraliz from nyc this is actually the best. i have highly sensitive skin and it never gives me irritation. the blue one leaves an greasy feel which i do n’t like and the rose one is identical dry and besides is n’t a effective. literally the best constitution remover .

I love it so much

5 Lex from Spring Hill, FL I absolutely love this stuff its so ennoble and takes constitution off so easily and is thus much better for my skin than makeup wipes. Highly recommend and the bottles last constantly !

My favorite for removing makeup

5 Stephanie from Ohio Love this for makeup removal and I ‘m on my irregular big bottle. I am susceptible and sensible to fungal acne and just in general acne prone with certain ingredients and oils. Micellar water is the best solution I ‘ve found for makeup removal. I always rinse and cleanse afterwards but evening when I ‘m extra lazy and do n’t, my skin is never irritated or clogged like it might be with a rub or oil cleansing agent. I have n’t tried other micellar waters like the more expensive ones but I do n’t see a reason to as this product does the job very well. I can see myself repurchasing this for the foreseeable future !


5 Ruth C. from Hialeah love sleep together love it


5 Ruth C. from Hialeah love love love it

The Best.

5 south from PA The BEST micellar urine ! hydrate, non-stripping, and takes everything off .

Godsend for sensitive skin

5 Kaite from Grove City, Ohio I have extremely medium skin and this stuff is amazing ! No tingle or hide irritation !

so good!

5 dahlia from raw york i constantly repurchase this ! it ‘s amazing & leaves your skin feeling super scavenge and refreshed. iodine love it paired with baby wipes, alternatively of on a cotton round, but it works well with those as well. lasts a long time & a little goes a long direction ! 10/10 would recommend .

Great remover

5 Annie the Grannie from Kettering OH Mascara is normally heavily for me to remove. This made it very dim-witted, very easy. Did n’t dry out my face. Love it !

I use this on a regular bases as an eye makeup remover

5 Et-cetera from Central Indiana When I inaugural started purchasing this, I used it as a full confront constitution remover. For the last year or so, I ‘ve specifically used this to remove eye constitution. I just wipe this lightly before using a constitution removing cream and then face cleansing agent following that. I find that this product helps to loosen up any sturdy to remove eye makeup without much tug or pull. This works just equally well for me as actual eye makeup remover without leftover residue being left on my medium eyes. The smaller bottles are used when traveling, and larger bottles are kept with my regular face cleaning products .

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Miracles are real

5 Emma from TX Hear me out, I started using this in my teens as constitution remover and stopped for whatever reason around college. For the final 2 years, I ‘ve had the WORST acne and the hundreds of products I ‘ve tried made no difference ( refractory, atrocious, cystic-like zits, mind you ). 6 months ago, I randomly gave it another go. aside from a few dark spots that are fading now, I HAVE MY TEENAGE SKIN BACK IN MY MID 20s. I have pale, dry-leaning jazz band skin that is ( WAS ) acne prone, and I use this nightly after greasy and sweaty restaurant shifts to remove makeup/oil and then rinse in the shower. I use no other cleansing agent, kiehls extremist skim in the mornings only, and my skin is somehow perfectly balanced. I ‘m credibly saving hundreds because of this aureate. Folks, give it a shoot ( or a second casual ) – I ‘ll never stray again .

my favorite way to remove makeup

4 aurelia from Texas my favored room to remove constitution and sunscreen since most cleansing balms my bark does n’t like and this micellar water does work

Would purchase again!

5 em from Franklin park Amazing removed everything !

Best Makeup Remover of all time!

5 Robyn : ) from Michigan I use this product as a constitution remover, since hex hazel never worked for me. This product is easily portable, and lasts everlastingly. I would buy this product over and over again. It ‘s preferably cheap, besides, so it ‘ll constantly be in my budget – so worth it ! ! ! !

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SO Soapy

3 Georgia Mom from Marietta, GA In stead of my regular Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Cleansing Water, I bought Garnier ‘s upon the recommendation of a friend. unfortunately, this water is SO SOAPY. No other micellar water I ‘ve used has ever been buttery. I use it to get off from unhealthy soaps. That said – this cleansing agent is effective and does n’t irritate my bark. I entirely use it when I ‘m not wearing constitution though .

Love it!

5 Laine from Charleston It made my skin luminescence ! And got my makeup off so fast

The best!

5 Fernanda from Kansas I love this Micellar water ! ❤️🤌

Love it!

5 Sharon from Omaha I use it to remove my constitution at night, and as a refresher course in the good morning

Better than I thought!

5 Ulta customer from Wa I ‘ve been using Philosophy cleansing agent for years and decided to try out early products. While shopping in shop, one of the reps recommended me the intersection. Because it ‘s water based and did n’t need to be rinsed off, I did n’t have any high gear hope for it. And it turned out very impressive .

It was like water took me 3 days to get the mascara off

1 roarer from ID Did n’t work at all !


3 Kim from CA The product is overall good and brassy a well .

love it

5 lily from oklahoma takes off my mascara and does n’t burn my eyes

love it

4 alyssia from San Francisco it ‘s truly beneficial for removing constitution and oil but it kinda burns my eyes

Super clean face!

5 Casey from USA This product is amazing. Great total of product for money. Pills make off in one swipe. Makes hide feel ace refreshed and clean. No problems on sensitive skin ! Love it !

Must have for eyelash extensions

5 Soulsmokingg from Maine so I have been getting my lashes done for a few months and she suggested the miceller water well I was getting the blasphemous bottle which has a slurred sludge of petroleum with it ! Do not buy any other one expect for the pink. No oil leave on my face or lashes they have been staying on for weeks now ! ! ! besides removes my constitution like a ambition .

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