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#shorts Introducing the new CND™ collection in a modern and charming palette: In Fall Bloom. Elevate manicures and pedicures this fall season by using vibrant hues to bring energy, optimism and romance to your nails. Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ brand gel polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ long wear polish, this earthy yet lively collection will be the perfect addition to any transitional season look. The fall arrangement includes Orchid Canopy, an incredibly bold magenta; Willow Talk, a golden caramel brown; Morning Dew, a serene, gradient blue-green; Skipping Stones, a soft gray with taupe undertones; Teal Time, a blackened blue-green, and Absolutely Radishing, a deep royal purple. Find your local CND Authorized Dealer: Find your local CND Salon: Create a CND™ Professional Account today: Access • Exclusive content such as CND PLEXIGEL™ Nail Art • CND™ Product Profiles • CND™ Step-by-Step • Early Access / RSVP to CND™ Education + Events Follow CND™ on Social Media – #cnd Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:

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CND™ In Fall Bloom Collection | Orchid Canopy
CND™ In Fall Bloom Collection | Orchid Canopy

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#CND #Fall #Bloom #Collection #Orchid #Canopy.


CND™ In Fall Bloom Collection | Orchid Canopy.

cnd fall 2022.

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