Some of you may know about my stream “ compulsion ” with Vitamin C serums ever since I finished my favorite Vitamin C serum. It was eye-wateringly expensive, but it worked therefore well for me. I ’ ve been toying with the idea of buy back, but at the like fourth dimension, wanted to try something new .
so, when I stumbled across the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% I did a double choose. I hounded Clinique before its handiness here in Malaysia because I was sol bloody curious. You would be besides, if I tell you that it comes in 1 week vials. Say what ?
clinique fresh pressed daily booster with vitamin c
The thing is, Clinique came out with 2 different packaging for this, and I understood why the moment I saw the price. Oh yes, the fully set was reasonably eye-watering .
The Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Vitamin C 10 % ( let me just call it the Fresh Pressed Daily Booster ) comes in a tamp down of 4, for consumption over 4 weeks. It besides comes as a 1 week option, with 7 days worth of the complemental Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser.

I was all ready to spring for the full 1 calendar month translation, but to be honest, couldn ’ t justify the monetary value. Locally it retails at RM315 for the entire size option ( yes, I had to pick my chew off the floor deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. It ’ s not a price I ’ m used to seeing at Clinique ) so, although I was disbelieving, I dug abstruse and jump for the Fresh Pressed 7 Day System, to see what I could discern from it .

First off, let me good make it clear that it ’ second in truth hard to see meaning results in just 7 days, unless the merchandise is in truth potent, or you in truth have a trouble that needs solving. The Fresh Pressed Daily Booster only contains 10 % Vitamin C. High, but not ampere high as my other serum that had 20 %. thus, if I ’ m to be honest, I didn ’ metric ton expect much of a result .
clinique fresh pressed daily booster with vitamin c You know what ? It turns out I was right. This did nothing for me, in that I saw no results after the 1 week I was supposed to be using it. Nothing significant anyhow .
But I have to explain a fiddling about it, to explain why I think it reasonably bang-up .

Clinique Fresh PRessed Daily Booster Vitamin C is pretty nifty!

The Fresh Pressed Daily Booster comes in a phial that you see above. Each phial comes sealed with the thwart as you see at the top. When you tear off the foil, you reveal an orange attic .
The logic behind this promotion and rescue organization is because Vitamin C is quite a volatile ingredient that oxidises easily on liaison with the air, and that can render it ineffective .
so, what Clinique has done, is to package it, thus you lone mix the active ingredients when you need it – hence the “ newly pressed ” concept. Like impertinently pressed juice .
clinique fresh pressed daily booster with vitamin c
When you press it down the foremost time, you can feel something “ separate ” and give. apparently, this is the vitamin C powderize mixing with the serum. We can ’ thymine see it, so I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate certain if it worked or if everything was blend improving. I pressed it a few times good for good meter 😛
After that, each time you use it, you must shake it up ahead for the commend 15 seconds. It ’ s a sin of a long time when you ’ ra count !. Be indisputable to keep the cap on, or you will shake the serum everywhere and create a mess. then, remove the cap, and depress 2 pumps into your moisturiser .

How to use the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Vitamin C

Using it is childlike .
first, remove foil, and depress the plastic dome to mix the active ingredients and shake it up. Remember to keep the cap on .
Each clock time, before using, leave the crown on, and shake a few times for 15 seconds to mix up the contents by rights, before dispensing.
then, remove ceiling, and depress the credit card dome to dispense 2 pumps into your moisturiser, or apply it directly onto your skin.

Can you apply it directly on skin?

Because this is a booster serum, you do not use it directly on skin, but you are supposed to mix it with your moisturiser of choice. The texture of the serum is a small like an emulsion, and has a very flimsy metallic smell. Nothing excessively annoying. I will warn you however, that it will thin out your moisturiser or make it feel deep, so it depends in truth, on how you feel about it .
I was tempted to use it on its own directly on skin, but I wasn ’ thymine sure I should do that indeed I abstained from being a brainsick scientist lest I cause myself more injury than good .

Note: I realized that using the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Vitamin C directly on skin yields full, more visible results for me. For this argue, if you are a season Vitamin C serum exploiter, then I suggest that you can use it directly on your bark, followed by early serums or moisturiser. however, if you have very sensible clamber or are raw to using Vitamin C serum, then use it the commend way i.e. mixing with your moisturiser .

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My experience with the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Vitamin C

But as I said above I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate visualize meaning, if any results from using this serum. I don ’ metric ton know if it ’ mho because it ’ s not used directly on my skin, or if it ’ mho because I ’ m used to a higher concentration of Vitamin C, or if it ’ mho because 7 days is good besides short to tell .
My skin didn ’ triiodothyronine look any clear or bright, sad to say. It ’ s actually quite a inadequate representation of a product for me, because I ’ thousand immediately not concerned in trying the broad 1 calendar month regimen. A lawsuit when the sample distribution puts me off.

The other matter to thing I noted is that while the phial is supposed to last you 1 week, I found that it actually lasts longer than that. I used it twice a day for the first week but because there ’ sulfur even intersection in there, and I didn ’ thyroxine want to waste my money, I ’ ve been using up the symmetry and thus far, it ’ randomness inactive going strong 2 weeks on, although I only use it once a day nowadays. The directions call for you to discard it after 7 days, but badly, why would I want to throw my money away ? 😛
so all in all, precisely based on this Fresh Pressed 7 Day System, I ’ ll say that I ’ m not sold on this Fresh Pressed Daily Booster serum .
It ’ randomness besides fiddly, it works out bally expensive, and I don ’ t know why they bothered selling a 7 day system because for me, it did nothing. That said, possibly if you ’ ve never used a vitamin deoxycytidine monophosphate serum, you may notice some results – importantly, bright more even toned hide. For me, I ’ megabyte moving on .

IN A NUTSHELL The Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Vitamin C 10 % is a vitamin C booster serum that you mix with your moisturiser. The product comes in a phial that you mix up before you start using, and it ’ s lone supposed to end you 1 workweek and then to be discarded. I find that the product is actually sufficient for up to 2 weeks at least, and it isn ’ thyroxine unpleasant. But it is fiddly, as you have to shake up the bottle before each use, and you must be careful as it can get messy if you don ’ metric ton keep the cap on. I personally did not notice a significant result after 7 days of practice, and not even 14 days late. I besides find the concept, while clever, expensive in the retentive footrace and finally unsustainable. I ’ m not sure where Clinique is going with this. I think the idea of a Vitamin C serum is a good one, but there are easier ways of working with it I ’ thousand certain. PROS: The 7 Day System allows you to try it before committing to the broad 4 bottle 4 week regimen, Product is restrain fresh until you want to use it which could make it more effective CONS: Expensive in the long run as each phial lasts lone 1 workweek, Fiddly mechanism, Can be hard to depress, It didn ’ metric ton show results for my skin WHO WILL LIKE THIS: possibly person who hasn ’ metric ton used a Vitamin C serum before, Anyone who is particular about their products being “ fresh ” PRICE: RM135 | US $ 27 for the Fresh Pressed 7 Day System / RM315 | US $ 76.50 for the 4 workweek system WHERE TO BUY: Sephora Malaysia single, Sephora on-line

If you ’ ra interested, here is the ingredient list
clinique fresh pressed daily booster ingredient list
You may be wondering if I tried the Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser. No I did not, because I wanted to test only the Daily Booster on its own. I ’ ll update if I try the cleansing agent. But honestly, I ’ m not sold on fiddly systems like this, preferring to use a regular cleansing agent. Just me. No comment on the product efficacy .

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Did you try the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster? Did it work for you?

I ’ d be matter to to know if it worked for you, because it did nothing for me. Considering the directions to discard the intersection after 1 week, I feel it ’ s equitable besides expensive to warrant a leverage. possibly if it works, that ’ s fine. But then I could barely drop a similarly eye-watering sum of money on a product that I know works, and that easily lasts me 2 months use and is all right to its very survive drop. That ’ mho probably what I ’ ll do 😛
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