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Absolutely Gorgeous!

I purchased this in Ginger Pop. I am very clean ( with medium blond hair and embrown eyes ) and affluent well. This color is stunning ! A light touch brings my 40-year old clamber to liveliness ! It has a creamy texture that does not look powdery on my face. The color stays truthful for over 10 hours. The box in grave and the floral purpose is happy !

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Cream Pop & Cocoa Pop

Cream Pop is a scantily there semblance which takes a few layers show up on skin. Cocoa Pop is more pigment and is a darkness brown university which is great for the wrinkle. They take a small work to blend. I love how they look in the containers.. very cunning and chic.

Reviewed by 648 customers

Lovely colors

4 AJ from Washington One of my favorite blushes. It has a bit of shimmer, not excessively much though – just enough to make the makeup look fresh and natural .

keep me alive

5 lisa from New Castle The color of this blush is so pretty and makes me look vibrant and energetic. even if I do n’t have makeup on, using it and lipstick makes me look very refresh, the color is perfect for me, a small slice can last a very long time

Cheek Pop Blushes are Amazing

5 Calvsc from North Carolina I have 4 Clinique Cheek Pop blushes and they are Amazing. They ‘re pigmented but so easy to apply because you can use apply as fiddling or a a lot as you want or need. personally I am fair-light hide tone and I have to use a light hand with Ginger pop for model. Heather pop is my darling but again, I have 4 and enjoy them all

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Beautiful color

5 originate from Woodstock, Ga Blends beautifully

Just the perfect hint of color

5 Kim from California I purchased the nude impudence pop and I love it ! It is equitable adequate scantily there color to give my buttock some affectionateness. Just what I was looking for !

Natural glowy blush finally !

5 Naty from Whittier I loved this bloom. The tinge was not flat and cakey. Perfect everyday blush .

I will buy this again!

5 DK from Idaho Loving this color … the companion took A LOT of meter in helping me ultimately find good the right blush ! ! ! Ca n’t thank her enough😊

Natural looking

5 million from Moosic I bought a deep color besides that I use first ( for night ) and then apply this Clinique afterwards since it ‘s a moment swerve. But for day there ‘s no necessitate .

Pop blush

4 nanny from Gtwn. texas never used earlier. But I like it .

great product

5 ana from Georgia It gives my boldness a beautiful semblance


5 nanogram from PA If you love warm blushes, go get it. It is smooth, pigment and buildable. It is one of my most break blushed.looks beautiful on medium to deep clamber tones .

Fig Pop

5 tee from Tx beautiful ardent pink tone. For some reason, I was always anti-blush, but I LOVE these ! !

Love this

5 dds87 from Arizona I very like this product. It gives a natural color to my cheek .

Cola pop is gorgeous

5 Maria from New york By far one of my front-runner blush formulas I want to collect them all !

Love this

4 gg from AZ Love these so much, but I actually wish Clinique made eyeshadow versions of these for the US, I wonder why those were discontinued ?

Favorite Clinique blush

5 me17 from ohio This is the best rule blush from Clinique I ‘ve used yet. Melts into skin and is buildable. The melon is a alone and cover girl pinky-peach, a perfect and natural color for my picket, olive hide. I ‘m amaze that these are on your Bestsellers list, so far, have been discontinued, and are now simultaneously on your last Chance list — replaced by a group of leftover highlight colors. ? ? I ‘ll never understand the minds of the suits that decide to discontinue popular products .

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My favorite blush

5 ash from Louisiana These are the lone blushes I wear now. I love the glowy polish they give. They are subtle but besides buildable. I have pink, sissy, bare, and Heather. These are not heavily pigmented. They are well for a natural or no constitution front .


5 TexasLawyer from TX This shade is so buildable and legato ! I feel late to the party on these beautiful, practical little blushes. Highly recommend and hope to purchase many more !

Fig Pop on Pale Skin

5 Syd from U.S. I ‘m highly carnival with a aplomb undertone. I was gifted figure pop by a supporter and I ‘m very surprised at how courteous this color looks on me. To be honest I probably would n’t have bought the discolor myself. It ‘s a great color for fall and winter on me. The formula is smooth, not powdered. My lone dislike is how humble the promotion is, however I may have received a smaller size of the intersection. My brush does n’t truly fit in it well, and barely takes a short more attempt to get it on the brush .

So pretty

4 Kerilynn683 from Mchenry IL This blush is so pretty and sol pigment ! And I peculiarly love that there ‘s no descend out when dipping into the pan !

Super Pretty

4 Allison from Maine I purchased this in the shade Ginger Pop. It looks beautiful on my skin and stays on for quite awhile. My only issue is, it goes on a little bite patchy. early than that, I ‘d purchase this again ! Clinique is my go-to makeup brand .

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It gives my cheeks a beautiful color

5 E.S. from Armenia It gives a identical natural tinge to my cheeks and makes my confront more bracing and young .

Looks like healthy skin

5 Snow fagot from Minnesota I do n’t do much with the Clinic mark they do n’t in truth grab my attention. But I ‘ve heard then much good gorge about their cheek pops I went ahead and ordered two. Nude pop and melon pop. They have a shininess but alternatively of making my course look huge and frightful, it just makes my buttock spirit hydrated. I avoid confront products I have a shininess because they tend to merely make my pores look so bad. But these are actually quite reasonably on the skin. Make certain that you use the appropriate brush for this products Im using a natural bristle brush and it picks it up and blends out beautifully. If you use excessively easy of a man-made brush it ‘s not gon na be able to pick the product up. – when I swatch both colors on my arms I did n’t actually like the colors but since I bought this on-line I figured hey I ‘ll give it a sample anyways. On the confront they ‘re actually very pretty. I would surely be open to buying a pair more shades and adding them to my collection

A long time favorite

5 CaraM80 from NYC buttock Pop blushes have been a front-runner of mine for years. The bake gelee formula is pigmented but absolute, allowing the skin to shine through even if built up. They apply and blend like a powder but they ‘re not powdered or dry and there ‘s no glitter, shimmer or sparkle. The best way to apply them is with a potent synthetic duofiber brush or one with natural hair as delicate, downy brushes wo n’t pick up a broil gelee product. There are shades for everyone and I ca n’t recommend them adequate.


5 Ann from Washington Pigmented and decent colors

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