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#bethdjalali #styleatacertainage #classicoutfits looking for sophisticated and elegant summer outfits? a timeless color palette will do the trick. Today I am sharing classic and elegant summer outfits. what I’m wearing: Diane Furstenberg vintage outfit #1 ——————– white pants – striped helmet – red mules – red bag – similar sunglasses – outfit #2 ——————– white linen pants – one shoulder blouse – strapless bra – sleeve blouse – sleeve blouse – similar scarf – similar sandals – similar bag – earrings – set #3 ————————- t-shirt dress (out of stock black) – sandals similar t-shirt dress – necklace – earrings – wicker similar purse – outfit #4 ————————- similar white jean skirt – similar black t-shirt – espadrilles – similar belted outfit #5 – – —————— white linen dress – similar gold sandals – handbag – bracelets – sunglasses – outfit #6 ——— —– —— white denim – similar black sweater – elastic raffia belt – sandals – similar bag – —- SOCIAL NETWORKS —– BLOG | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | PINTERÉS | —- EMAIL —– AFFILIATE LINKS: Affiliate links are used in this message, which means I receive a commission Music: Purple Planet Royalty Free Music or Premium Beat—- SOCIAL MEDIA – — —

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classic and chic summer outfits
classic and chic summer outfits

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classic and chic summer outfits.

chic at every age blog.

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30 thoughts on “classic and chic summer outfits | Cover the relevant content chic at every age blog The most detailed

  1. Julmad says:

    I love watching your style recommendations Beth. However, I have a bit more of a tummy than you and just feel that when I’m imitating your examples, I don’t feel as stylish. I’m soon to turn 60 and I would like to be more stylish, but what to do about my shape?

  2. Martha Winston says:

    Hi Beth! Just found you your great I just turned 62..not feeling good about it.watching you is definitely helping 😊 you are so beautiful!!

  3. Teresa Marietta Lara says:

    Summer is just around the bend…. I really wish to wear sleeveless shirts and tops.

  4. Lynn Matthews says:

    Am in Australia so have to adapt the seasons. Thanks so much for all your useful tips. Love the videos. Many thanks

  5. NCV says:

    Just the looks we need in South Texas, Ms. Beth. You look stunning in that black blouse. Thank you for all you do.

  6. brigitte balimann says:

    Waouh, quelle élégance, quel chic! Vous êtes le parfait exemple comment rester jeune et belle sans chirurgie ! J’adore votre style et vous êtes une inspiration pour les femmes. Bravo. J’écris en Français comme je sais, que vous le parlez. 😉🙂

  7. Elidia Etsuko Tominaga Leme Da Silva says:

    Olá Beth! Adorei todos os looks apresentados! Estilosos, clássicos e elegantes! Você também linda cm esse cabelo! Chic!😍😍🇧🇷

  8. Nariskotch G says:

    The red shoes paired with a red bag – I can see this as a powerful combo for any season and is a head turner. I’m taking notes, wonderful style!

  9. Elizabeth Harrell says:

    do you have a closet tour on videos? or how do you store items like t-shirts, etc…lovely outfits and another good video, thanks

  10. Fatima Cabrera says:

    Me gusta mucho su manera de vestir, se ve hermosa ….. me puede decir dónde comprar un brazier como el negro sin tirantes que mostró en el video 🙏🏻 yo vivo en Las Vegas Nevada, gracias

  11. Debi Cachu says:

    I like the black blouse you're wearing (at least I think it's a blouse) much better than the one shoulder top. It's much more flattering.

  12. Helen Urwin says:

    WOW! How very CLASSY & GLAM do you look in that shiny black halter-neck with pussy bow! Just beautiful.

  13. Connie Pleasant says:

    I just love your outfit videos, I get so many ideas. I purchased two very nice quality T-shirt dresses this year from JCP/St John’s Bay. They have a slightly longer bottom back side with a short slit & pockets with short sleeves. I found black & navy with a breton stripe. Beth, do you have any recommendations on a nice white shirt, cotton. It can be plain or eyelet. I cant seem to find a nice one. I’m a 14/XL and everything I’m finding has got some sort of spandex. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Ronald Carpenter says:

    Dear Beth, I've been following and enjoying your post's for a time and recently I started binge watching previous video's much to my enjoyment! You're so classy and elegant yet relatable. I can't dress like you but I am inspired by you! May I kindly make one small suggestion; consider updating the photo on your youtube banner, the one where you're wearing a beige blouse and longer hair. That photo from a former season does not highlight how chic and stylish you are or flatter your amazing style.
    FYI am a female , I just use my husband's you tube page hence the weird pic to the left.I'm a true admirer from CA:)

  15. WyomingHome says:

    The one outfit I take issue with is the black one-shoulder blouse. Classic is symmetrical and balanced, so anything that adds detail or visual weight to one side – one shoulder, one bow, one pocket, extra pockets/pleats, etc on one side – is by its very nature not "classic." Quite apart from that I've never thought that one-shoulder styles look good on women, even on Nancy Reagan who popularized that style when she was First Lady. You have to have wide shoulders, an even tan, and no extra flesh to even come close to looking good. Maybe Dorothy Lamour.

  16. Sharon Tharp says:

    The #2 outfit just overflows with femininity. I find myself loving tapping into that look more and more. You look stunning in that gorgeous outfit. The elegance and confidence you exude just commands respect. I could just imagine myself entering a room wearing that outfit. That’s the feeling I want to have on my occasional night out. I have put all the pieces in the shopping cart….. now to just make the move to have that look

  17. Patricia Godwin says:

    Love all 6 outfits especially orange bag. I like orange in spring and summer too. Pat in NC

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