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This is something Liz and I put together late one night two weeks ago after work as “Happy Holidays” from both of us… Enjoy the silliness and the singing… We love you! Xoxoxo Produced By: @Matt_Squire Video By: @Wuzgood Ps we weren’t even planning on having a video with him but our friend @WuzGood had his camera on there and so generously made this little video for you! Thanks Wuz!

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"Chestnuts"  Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz
"Chestnuts" Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz

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"Chestnuts" Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz.

ariana grande candle.

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44 thoughts on “"Chestnuts" Merry Christmas! Love, Ari and Liz | All knowledge related to ariana grande candle most complete

  1. Onichi says:

    😅 me creeran ustedes que Mel Torme fue reemplazado en chestnust por estas dos mujeres, en mi lista de musica de navidad en inglés 😅 es que las dos cantan muy bonitos, parecen cantantes de jazz con años de experiencia. 😄

  2. Eliana Forever! says:

    Definitely Best Friends! way these two look at each other is so sweet! They are both smiling the entire time, I listen to this all the time 😍😍🥰🥰

  3. Bella Boo says:

    Merry Christmas Girls!
    I love you both so much, so proud of how far you've both come…Such a real and loving friendship.. Your so lucky to have each other 💖💖🥺🥺❄️❄️

  4. roro sm says:

    Coming back to this almost 10 years later and it still sounds just as magical as it did when it came out. They’ve both come a long way, so proud! 🤍

  5. andy BP says:

    I'm probably a few years too late…
    But gawd Liz!!!! I can't…
    She's so gorgeous and adorable and that voice 🔥 goodness gracious I need an album of pure Liz!

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