Children chattered in the middle of the playground.

My teeth were chattering from the cold.

Birds chattered in the trees.


heard the chatter of squirrels

pleasant chatter over morning coffee

holocene Examples on the Web : verb

The time on the range was extended by Billy Horschel, who came over for a big hug and began to chatter away.

Steve Dimeglio, USA TODAY, 3 Apr. 2022

In the United States, there were 6.8 million fewer golfers in 2018 versus 2003 and 800 courses closed in the past decade, leading to chatter about how to repurpose the open spaces.

Leia Larsen, The Salt Lake Tribune, 23 July 2021

Note when your brain starts to chatter with anxiety and bring your focus back to your body.

New York Times, 20 July 2021

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She’s not one to chatter on about her woes to a customer.

Liz Balmaseda,, 7 Mar. 2021

Fashion fans frequently congregate on forums and Facebook groups to chatter about their favorite brands.

Jacob Gallagher, WSJ, 1 Mar. 2021

That translates to an overly rigid ride that’s prone to chatter and reduced edge hold.

Marc Peruzzi, Outside Online, 22 Feb. 2021

Indeed, right up until the nose starts to chatter off line, Subaru’s new coupe is gifted with exceptional balance and clairvoyant reflexes.

Car and Driver, 18 Nov. 2020

But with fewer opportunities in physical work spaces to idly chatter, being an office busybody requires more effort.

Reyhan Harmanci New York Times, Star Tribune, 7 Sep. 2020

late Examples on the Web : noun

On stage: Plenty of chatter about the prospect of a recession, and what that could look like for jobs and the economy.

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Jena Mcgregor, Forbes, 3 June 2022

There’s also been a lot of chatter about those 19 police officers — who were in the hallway of the school awaiting orders to enter the classroom — being cowards.

Art Acevedo, CNN, 2 June 2022

In bursts of chatter on an open radio channel on Tuesday, local ambulance drivers were directed to reports of injuries at a dangerous situation at the school, but cautioned to give law enforcement space to do their job.

Mark Berman, Washington Post, 26 May 2022

There’s plenty of chatter out of CinemaCon that there’s just not enough being put into theaters.

Mia Galuppo, The Hollywood Reporter, 22 May 2022

Entering this series there was a lot of chatter about the Panthers not winning a playoff series in 25 years and high-scoring teams historically not faring well in the postseason.

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Chris Perkins, Sun Sentinel, 12 May 2022

The upcoming show has been in the Top 10 before, however this week most of the chatter was sparked by the decision to release the series theatrically in Pakistan, where Disney+ is currently unavailable.

Meredith Woerner, Variety, 9 May 2022

From the transfer portal to NIL, there’s plenty of chatter about where the sport is heading.

Michael Casagrande |, al, 5 May 2022

There’s always a lot of chatter about gowns and getups at the Met Gala, and understandably so — the night is all about fashion.

Marci Robin, Allure, 2 May 2022

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