Changwon Express is quite the oddity. This yellow-painted spot mere steps away from MRT Petchaburi ( Exit 3 ) pairs Thai craft beers with trending Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. Though little more than a hole-in-the-wall, the target bursts with character with its shipping-container measure, cartoon wall paintings and effervescent owner, Korean exile Ted Ahn. Thanks to his welcoming presence ( first name greetings, the odd barren soju ) —and possibly the best excerpt of local brews in township ( more on that subsequently ) —Changwon achieves a chat-friendly, after-work chill vibration that ’ mho otherwise missing in the concrete barren that is Asoke-Dindaeng Road. The food, created by the owner himself, has its charms : nacho, greaser and hot dogs with korean twists ( B160-200 ), plus standard Korean do like bibimbap ( mix rice, B160-80 ), topokki ( piquant rice cakes, B160 ) and bulgogi ( grill marinated gripe, B300 ). Of the fusion fare, we ’ re most taken with the Kimchi Taco ( B200/three greaser ), a soft tortilla filled with sweeten gripe ( or pork barrel ) bulgogi topped with kimchi. The kernel is flavorful, if a little one-dimensional—to remedy this, use a liberal dollop of gochujang ( a bolshevik, piquant and barbed sauce ), available in the Nacho Fiesta ( with guacamole and salsa, B160 ). The Dooroochigi Taco ( B200/three taco ) is a more Tex-Mex-like variation, with meat marinated in a blistering korean style slathered with salsa and gooey cheddar cheese. Refined stuff. The american Dirty Dog ( B180 ), with its plank pork barrel blimp, soft bun and mountain of sauce, is another easily negotiated handful.

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We ’ rhenium not as affectionate of the straight-up bibimbap, which packs all the right components but doesn ’ metric ton come served in a hot stone bowl, leading to cursorily cold and mushy rice.

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What ’ south most fun about Changwon is that it feels like a exercise in progress.The menu has had its missteps ( the Galbi Burger is no longer on offer ), but manages to just about transcend its knickknack component. The pocket-friendly prices avail.

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so, besides, does the beer. A couple months back Ahn installed six more beers on tap—all Thai and all coming in at under B200/pint. The changing blackboard lists popular local brewers like Sandport and Outlaw. There ’ sulfur even a Changwon IPA ( B180 ), made in collaboration with felicitous New Beer, which makes a perilously delectable session beer thanks to a junior-grade 4 % ABV. There may be better Korean and Mexican food in Bangkok, but as an have there ’ s nothing quite like Changwon Express. This review took stead in July 2016 and is based on a chew the fat to the restaurant without the restaurant ‘s cognition. For more on BK ‘s review policy, chatter here.

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