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Raquel Welch’s Chameleon is a versatile synthetic hairpiece featuring a monofilament base with a monofilament sheer lined front for styling versatility and three strategically placed pressure-sensitive clips for secure attachment. commitment to cut your hair. More details @ Adding bangs has never been easier! In addition to wearing this hairpiece as a clip in bangs, it is perfect for those who suffer from hair loss at the crown of the head. The chameleon hooks on and off in minutes. WEBSITE: Boutique ► CONTACT: Phone ► 800-581-2001 Hours ► MF 8am-6:30pm CST SOCIAL: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Pinterest ►

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Chameleon by RAQUEL WELCH | Hair Topper

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Chameleon by RAQUEL WELCH | Hair Topper.

raquel welch short hair.

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