TOKYO — ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — istyle Inc. ( TOKYO : 3660 ), the Tokyo-based hustler of @ cosme, one of Asia ‘s largest smasher information and review sites, announced the best of this class ‘s smasher trends with “ @ cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 ” on Dec. 3, 2019 .

About @cosme:

@ cosme is a beauty information websites with a patriotic exploiter base of japanese women. The data and reviews posted on @ cosme are an invaluable resource for everyday beauty, earning the web site far-flung patronize .

The awards rank cosmetics and beauty products that have had the most friendly reply from consumers over the course of 2019, based on @ cosme member reviews written during the year.
Created from the perspective of the consumer, the award-winning intersection batting order showcases goods that have attracted attention from cosmetics industry insiders alike.

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The Grand Prize goes to Cezanne’s “Pearl Glow Highlight”
Of all the products eligible for this year ‘s awards, the merchandise to receive the most positive reply from consumers was Cezanne ‘s “ Pearl Glow Highlight, ” which won the 2019 Grand Prize. In 2019, consumers have become more mindful of the condition of their bark. As a result, this year ‘s gain batting order included many products featuring keywords like the natural “ no-makeup look, ” the bedewed “ wet count ” style, and the clear up “ tone-up effect. ” To appeal to consumers, these products emphasize their effect on the complete and overall condition of the skin. This drift seems to be driven by the widespread use of photograph retouching apps, which allow users to edit images in order to achieve their ideal front. As a solution, consumers want their appearance in actual life to reflect what they see in retouch images.

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Cezanne ‘s “ Pearl Glow Highlight ” exemplifies this drift. Its polished bone shimmer gives the skin a bedewed radiance that struck a harmonize with skin-conscious consumers. As an add benefit, this highlighter works well in combination with eyeshadow or blush, all at a low price that even tempts customers who might not otherwise use highlighter products. It besides received a set of buzz after news of the highlighter selling out went viral on social media, which factored into its popularity.

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Simultaneous Announcement of “2019 UrCosme (@cosme Taiwan) THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS”

As a member of the @ cosme Group, the min cosmetics review web site “ UrCosme ( @ cosme Taiwan ) ” announced its 2019 UrCosme ( @ cosme Taiwan ) THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS simultaneously. a lot like the @ cosme awards, UrCosme ranks the cosmetic products that have received the most support from taiwanese consumers over the course of the year. This class, the UrCosme ( @ cosme Taiwan ) Grand Prize went to Clinique ‘s “ Cheek Pop. ”
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