previously, I had bought the lapp Cheek Stick in shade # 01 Peach Pink I like the texture and finish result very much .
so when the brand is available here immediately, I bought another popular shade.

Shade no.3 is Rose color .

I do n’t need to write anymore about this stick type blush .
apparently, the texture is besides lapp with Peach Pink color .
It is very creamy, has fiddling glitters, and glides well on clamber like it is melting .

color variations for now :

Since I thought Coral wo n’t be desirable for my skintone ,
of course I would choose Peach Pink and Rose .
Coral is very orangey for me .

It claims to have long staying power, smooth on skin, glowing & natural .
For summer, it is well to use this Cheek Stick as a base blush
before putting powderize blush on top of it .
Using this creamy type bloom and get it match with lip color
to keep the sense flow .
Left it from buttock to ear to create a glad face .

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Transparent plastic packaging is a trademark of Japanese drugstore makeup.

Rose is suitable for mature look.

Even though it is a stick type, I don’t like using it without the help of tools / finger.

I need to blend it well because the cream is actually pigmented.

Compared to Peach Pink, the color for Rose is darker.

It is not the same color as I thought at first.

Color swatch on hand.

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It is a fallen rose color suitable for autumn / winter look.

Swatch it on my bare face.

It gives shiny look as always.

Same as previous Cheek Stick, doesn’t have scent.

The rose color is not a light, soft, and girly color .
That ‘s why the suggestion from Cezanne ‘s web site is using Rose
on the side of cheek to create mature look .
This color is more suitable for mature look ,
for people who want slightly pink but dark .

ever since I thought the Rose is more desirable to apply on the side of cheek ,
I always use it with that attack .
basically, I ‘d like to match it with ripe color lipstick excessively .
If I must compare between two pictures above ,
I would pick the leave movie with bold crimson lip tint .
It is more desirable with boldface color lipstick for me .

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But if I must choose between Peach Pink and Rose ,
I will use Peach Pink more much .
That ‘s because Rose tinge is particularly hard to use
and match with eyeshadow & lip color.

I must study more to match it well later .
But in the end, I like to match it with red color lipstick .
The mix of them creates a bright, mature, and mysterious atmosphere.
interim, if I use sheer MLBB brim color like the right pictures,
this shade will make my face look pale.
It was because the cheek semblance was brighter than lip color .

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