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Give it a chance!

When I first used this, I was n’t impressed at all, to be honest. It dried down to a matte/semi-matte finish and it left my combination skin feeling dry & compressed ; it did n’t feel whippersnapper at all. Despite this, I pushed forward & kept using it. Come to find out, my skin was getting well with extended use ! The problems I was having with it had nothing to do with the product, but with my actual skin. My skin was dehydrated ( not unmoisturized ) & overproduced vegetable oil in my tzone. Extended consumption of this product helped regulate that ( along with a proper skin care routine ). I looked deep and found the ingredient tilt rich people with hydrating ingredients like snail mucin & a blend of fantastic oils with brighten and assuasive properties, compounds that help retain moisture & keep my bark hydrated like niacinamide, and even things to help with my hyperpigmentation issues like hyaluronic acid ! I was shocked at how beautiful the formulation of this product is. We ‘re supposed to be using sunscreen EVERYDAY, no matter how short circuit you ‘re exposed to the sun – flush if it ‘s fair going to the grocery store storehouse ! We ‘re besides supposed to reapply sunscreen every two hours ( depending on our sunday exposure ), but doing so over makeup can be challenging. This product is perfect for just that ! It uses the beautiful ingredients Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to be a great no-white-cast physical sunscreen ! The product advertises itself as a “ full coverage cream ” which I found is slenderly mislead. If you think you ‘ll get full coverage with, say, barely one or two pumps, you ‘re in for a surprise. That being said, this intersection layers beautifully ! You can decidedly build up to that full coverage you might be looking for, but will placid look very natural. TLDR : Give this product a probability – not fair for a couple applications, but use it regularly so you can very see the fantastic involve it can have on your skin. decidedly buildable coverage, layers beautifully, and is a fantastic sunscreen ! Two thumbs up !

Most Helpful Critical Review

I really wanted to like this…

After watching rave reviews of this CC cream from some of my front-runner YouTubers, I had some highly high expectations for this product that were sadly not met. I have 40 year previous, normal/slight combination clamber with periodic dry patches. This cream would cling to my dry patches, oxidize leaving me with an orange hue after a few hours, and distinguish on top of my slightly oily T-zone. I tried applying this product with and without primer, with a initiation brush, with a smasher blender, with merely with my fingers and then I gave up. I passed it on to my 65 year erstwhile mother who turned right around and gave it back to me saying that it excessively emphasized her wrinkles by settling in them over time, and that it made the rest of her face look like an vegetable oil satiny. — My biggest regret is that I used up so a lot of this cream trying to make it work that I can not in good conscience return it for a refund.

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Reviewed by 15531 customers

CC+ Cream Foundation is a Winner

5 carol from Oxnard, CA I am 70 years young and want to look my best. The CC+ cream foundation is a great product on my peel and evens out the tones and glosses over my pores and wrinkles, without extenuating my flaws. This is the third gear meter I have bought this product. I highly recommend it .

Best full-coverage foundation!

5 JJA37 from Abilene, TX Best I ‘ve always tried. I keep going back for more. My daughter started buying it because when I came home from bring she said it looked like I had just put my constitution on and I had taught a unharmed day of classes ! big compliment !

Gorgeous Makeup

5 Kaitlin Smith from Cape Coral, FL Obsessed with this product and that it besides has SPF. I ‘ve never received sol many compliments on my foundation looking flawless. I did have to buy two colors to mix for the perfect shade. Blends beautifully with a makeup quick study and lasts all day .

It’s the foundation I keep coming back to

5 JJ from Orange, CA Best coverage, tried Pur and IL Makiage, very disappoint in the shades and coverage .

Color Too Dark; Doesn’t Match same Shade in Other Products

3 Rescue Mom from Gulf Coast, US I was about out of my Smashbox Camera Ready Bb product but they do n’t make it anymore so decided to try this Cc cream in the same shadow which I ‘ve used for all Smashbox hide products – Fair Light. The Cc skim was more fully coverage than what I was using but my publish was the color. It ‘s darker than other Fair Light products and you can see a difference from my peel tone. It does n’t precisely blend into my skin tone like the other Fair Light products. I did n’t open the Cc cream right away until I needed it therefore now I ‘m stick with a product I ca n’t use and ca n’t return. very defeated. Would recommend going a shade igniter on this token if you normally use Fair Light shade in Smashbox .

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New User – Love it!

5 West Texas Girl from North Carolina I have super dry skin. I went to my local Ulta shop and asked for a foundation garment that would n’t make my face besides dry. I was recommended this product, and after using it a few times, I actually like it ! It goes on smoothly, is moisturizing, and is long wearing. The first shade I took home turned out to be a bit besides light, but after I exchanged it for the adjacent dark shade, the color was perfective. Highly recommend !

My favorite

4 Liz from Lubbock Tx I love this product ! It covers nicely and love that it has SPF included. I get a long ton of compliments ! ! The only rationality it does n’t get all five stars is that it comes off on clothes ! Beware when hugging person .

Amazing coverage

4 Liz from Bay Area not to matte not besides bedewed just right, works well for my combination skin newton covers good like a medium-full coverage foundation garment !


5 Beach fan from Florida I love this milliliter cream ! Have been thinking about buying it for awhile and ultimately did and I should have bought it sooner ! Will decidedly be buying this again and again. I ‘ve constantly had a hard meter finding something that does n’t leave my bark feel and looking dry and this is it. This makes me bark look flawless and looks natural but still covers up a lot of imperfections. My lone downfall is im very light skinned and the lightest color is a tad besides dark but it still looks good and will buy again regardless .

Best Foundation

5 skincaredontcare from Kansas City This product is perplex. I am 30. I struggle with inflammation. This product masks my red wholly. It does n’t take much and it feels like I am wearing nothing. It leaves my skin feel hydrated and my complexion looks therefore legato. I have jazz band skin, and this foundation works all day for me. The sun protection factor is besides a huge bonus for anti aging benefits. I am indeed glad I found this merchandise and will continue to purchase .

Love this foundation! Have used it for years!

5 Jenhen from Greenville, NC Love IT Cosmetic products !

I love this product and will definitely purchase again.

5 Brighteyes from Yermo, CA IT* CC Cream with SPF 50, went on politic with full coverage. Applied with the foundation garment brush, the expression was legato. Full coverage and Light feeling. No patty feel. Stayed fresh on my oilyskin for thirteen hours. Did not use the mount powder. I used setting spray.

I would buy this product again

5 Nita from Mobile Al I truly like the full coverage of this two hundred cream .


5 adulteress from Los Angeles, CA I ‘ve used this product for years and have no purpose of ever changing to something else ! ! ! storm why the reviews are n’t well !

Best foundation ever!

5 million from Paso Robles One of my friends introduced me to this foundation and I will never buy anything else from nowadays on. I do n’t need to use more than one pump to cover my entire front ! It makes my skin therefore even toned it ‘s magic trick .

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Old dogs CAN learn new tricks

4 KID1670 from Charlotte, NC I have never been a sports fan of cream foundation- it constantly made me feel like I was suffocating. rather, I have been using translucent mineral powders for years ( I have had a good complexion for most of my life ). But now I ‘m my 50 ‘s my skin is drier than ever and the wrinkles are starting to become a sting more detectable. I asked my daughters for a tint moisturizer for Christmas ( Aveda Sweet tea to be claim ). rather they bought me this. I was disappointed at first. BUT I ‘m so gladiolus I have it a chance. It ‘s light and airy. Blends easily ( I apply it lightly with my fingers- do n’t yell at me ), apply concealer where I need a little excess coverage and then my translucent mineral gunpowder is applied with a kabuki brush and then I use a blender brush all over. The consequence is like I was airbrushed and I do n’t feel like I have anything heavy in my hide. I love it ! Old dogs CAN learn newly tricks !

My 67 year old skin looks beautiful

5 Grammy from Everett WA I use this product to cover dark spots. And to even my skin tone. Maura at Ulta matched the color to my skin shade, the inaugural time I ‘ve ever had anything like that done. The consequence is incredible ! The milliliter cream covers the spots all day and I makes my skin the most gorgeous golden color which obviously is my true skin spirit. Mind blowing product !

Love it

5 metric ton from Bend, OR Best foundation ever

I will use again

4 tam from SC Nice everyday foundation

I would buy this product again

4 Rosie from Wayne NJ It ‘s a dependable product, I never had a makeup that I did not need to constantly rubbing my face because it either itches, feels like thing are crawling on my expression or tingle .

It CC cream with spf 50+

5 Donna from Florida Love it

I love this makeup.

5 tam from Madison, AL It was easy to apply and I am new to this makeup thing

I want to love it!

3 Pammy22 from Marlboro, NJ I bought this because of how amaze and flawless it makes my sisters face constantly look ! however, when I put it on, it ‘s so streaked ( which is credibly my brush, I need something more dense ) and it makes my face look thus DRY. I am applying moisturizer right before putting this on so I am not sure why it looks like that .

i have used this product for a long time.

5 hyphen from Mentor, OH one use the intersection everyday as iodine see employees everyday and want to look my best. love the coverage. Hides alot ! Wish their were more shades that matched my skin tone more precisely

to chalky

1 betsy from computerized tomography one will return this item and go back to pure minerals

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